Navigating thru digital content with the new normal

As many brands are gearing to come back to work under the new normal, marketing to customers can be challenging but not impossible.

After over 3 months of closure and stores being closed to customers, getting back to business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. With the new normal in effect, brands have to adapt to social distancing as well as educating their customers on how to shop at their locations with minimal interactions with their staff and other customers. Simple things, such as trying on clothing may look different under the new normal.

When we are looking at ways to ease the shopping experience for customers, it’s clear that shopping thru an online experience is the safest way. However, some customers may still want the actual browsing and in-store shopping experience. For those customers, brands will have to work hard to gain their trust, and while doing so, keep the marketing of their offering effective. We see a few main usages for digital signage, the main one being customer education and digital content around social distancing and safe shopping . The second one is allowing the customer to engage the content in a new non contact way with QR scanning and voice activated controls. Here at Popshap, we’ve added a third way to allow customers to interact with their favorite stores and businesses, by filling out a quick form before entering your location. It’s a quick and easy way for your brand to monitor the information coming in, and giving your customer a feeling of security by answering a simple, easy to use questionnaire. For more information on this easy to use technology, visit us at

This new normal and non touch digital marketing, can also lead to new opportunities for both the business and the consumer. By providing content that engages the consumer and leads to longer virtual interaction time with them, you are also capturing the customers data and information. By utilizing something as easy as a QR code, you are allowing your customers to not only scan your QR code, you are letting them take the digital content and experience with them wherever they go. This can lead to your customers shopping online and utilizing the custom questionnaire. With your customer receiving your email questionnaire, the customer can then provide vital information and feedback to you, which can then be used for tracking and marketing offers at a later date, engaging the user once again and revisiting the experience with the brand.

Look for alternatives to adapt to the new normal that the COVID-19 will leave

History has shown that after each difficult period, new traditions are generated, others change, and in general terms, nothing returns to the way it was before. This doesn’t necessarily have to be bad if you can see beyond what is presented to you today and seek to adapt to the new situations that are presenting themselves. 

There is no point in hiding under a rock and waiting for the storm to pass because this is not a momentary thing, the coronavirus has been a before and after in all our lives and it is necessary to find the best ways to adapt to ensure that you are not trapped in the past. A lot of businesses have been affected by this quarantine, but a solution is possible shortly.

Automate disinfection procedures

COVID-19, as well as most viruses, is transmitted through contact and travels in the saliva particles of carriers or infected people. Therefore, contact between people should be kept to a minimum so that it is possible to reach a routine that is not dangerous for anyone. Both restaurants and hotels are places that receive dozens of unknown people daily, so it is not possible to establish control based on the people who arrive. For these cases, the best thing to do is to acquire a Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser Kiosk, which is nothing more than a separate dispenser that will allow people to disinfect their hands without the need to touch anything. This will considerably reduce the possibility of contagion.

Also, by having a special area for disinfection, you will be letting your clients know that their safety is the most important thing and that you have advanced and improved your service to protect them all from this and any other disease. It is very likely that we will not be able to return to the social contact we are used to, so it is necessary to offer all possible comforts to our clients. It is not a question of making radical changes, but of adding the tools that can truly provide solutions without generating panic or stress to your clients or patrons, because the intention is that they continue to come thru your doors.

Monitor your staff safely

Working in places where there are large concentrations of people (call offices, universities, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.) makes it very difficult to evaluate them all effectively, especially for the person who has to do the monitoring. These particular businesses and essential employees should work with an automated system that is independent of any human person who might be infected. The COVID-19 Kiosks may be the solution you are looking for, to help protect your staff and patrons that you are most concerned about. You can protect everyone who enters your company without having to risk anyone’s life, and without invading the personal space of your visitors or employees. 

It has been difficult to adapt to the new situation we face, but there is no point in getting stuck in the past as this only separates us from progress. These moments have not been easy anywhere in the world and the best thing we can do is to maintain prevention and continue to offer truthful and timely information to each person since the greatest enemy is not a disease but ignorance. If each person is aware of the disease and how it could be a focus of infection, he or she will work towards this and protect himself or herself and others.

Don’t lose heart at this time

Many businesses have been affected by the coronavirus and the strong protective measures put in place, especially in quarantine areas. It is normal to feel the world coming at us. It is always important to remember that economic crises affect us all equally, but only those who are willing to do something about it can get through and stay on their feet after the storm has passed. Take advantage of the tools you have at your disposal, as well as the ones we have to offer, to face this crisis in the best possible way.

The value for the returning workforce of a body temperature kiosk.

As many businesses are gearing up to going back to business and to the “new normal”, what are the steps to get employees and customers back to your business? Is a body temperature kiosk the right solution?

For many businesses the decision on how to get back to work relies on essential and necessary steps placed by local government and CDC guidelines. With the economy starting to recover from COVID 19 and businesses such as retail, hospitality, and manufacturing getting ready to welcome their employees, it’s important to take those protective steps to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Some of those steps are as simple as the enforcement of people wearing face masks or checking their body temperature, while in some cases and some states, a log for body temperature screenings will have to be taken to allow for audits and reporting.

So what is the most effective way to get someone’s body temperature and how do you make sure they are wearing a mask? Well, the simplest way is to have a person testing people for fever with a simple fever checking point gun with IR thermal scanner. Literally, someone has to stand there for a full shift and in some places over 3 shifts and perform that test. On top of that, he/she has to log every visitor. Besides the fact that it could be very costly, it’s also a very inefficient and slow process. The records recorded in the respective date logs could be sloppy and wrong. Bottom line, too many human error points. So what is the solution? Body Temperature Kiosks. Yes, you read that correctly. You may be asking yourself, what is a Body Temperature Kiosk. A Body Temperature Kiosk, is a self-serving kiosk that can take not only check a person’s body temperature, but can also check for a mask and keep a log of every visitor or employee. However, that’s not all. It does a lot more than that. With advance face recognition technology it can also identify employees vs a visitor to your building, track the scanning log, can show the bypass or fail status of the individual, and generate a report log to give to a supervisor or someone in the building. The Body Temperature Kiosk has many other features as well, that can be pivoted and used to integrate into a security access management system or HR system as well and give your employees a sense of security, as they can use the user-friendly tools and programming, to deal with the return to the workforce and office in a much more comfortable and cost-effective way.

Here at Popshap, we understand the value of automation and efficiency so with our vast experience in kiosk technology, we’ve pivoted and added a new line of Body Temperature Kiosks to help a business get their employees back to work faster. We have also added software tools that can work in a network environment and not just as a stand-alone Body Temperature Kiosk unit. By doing this, we can help companies look at the data log not only from one central place but remotely as well.

CoronaVirus Exit planning

What should retail and hospitality prepare for post Covid19


Some officials and large companies executive branch predicting an economic boom once stay-at-home and other restrictions are lifted but some are more reserved and think that the economy is likely to remain subdued until the threat of the coronavirus recedes, in either case both sides agree that the exit strategy from this horrible pandemic should be gradual and over a period of time until it’s proven that the chances of an uptick is minimized.

So how are business getting ready for the day after CoronaVirus?  For businesses who believe that until there is a full proof vaccine available, business should be limited, are going to take it slow and for them re-opening of their locations will be extremely slow.  The transition over time will be easier and perhaps provide those businesses a more calm and organized approach where for other businesses that are trying to get back to normal as fast as they can to stay in business such as restaurants and hotels, some measures of consumer protections will have to be in place and along with that some employee guidelines and training will be necessary.

Fever checking kiosk

Many manufactures such as Popshap are creating digital hardware and software solutions to allow business the ease of operation post Coronavirus by adding body temperature kiosks and self service hand sanitizers , industry leaders hope that with some of the solutions coming to market businesses and specially small business will gain the customers’ trust and start a long process of returning to normal, that is , the “New Normal” .

self service Hand Sanitizing Kiosk

It’s hard to predict how post Coronavirus steps will effect the economy and how fast businesses and officials will start implementing those procedures but Popshap and companies a like are getting ready to support those efforts so we can all get out of this pandemic stronger and resume to as normal life as possible.



CONEXPO overcomes the Coronavirus


While events are being canceled faster than FOX’s Almost Family, there are still some conferences that popped off under the radar before the coronavirus could shut them down. One such event is ConExpo, the largest Construction trade show in North America held in Las Vegas March 11 – 14.

The once every three-year event is a massive collection of the latest equipment advances and newest technology in the industry. One of the leading exhibitors is Popshap client, Bobcat, who has taken over a sizable space and completely transformed their brand experience with 20 – 32″ interactive touch screen kiosks. With technology as sophisticated as Bobcats, simplifying it with Popshaps’ high-resolution screens using clear digital text, and large-bright images help to make the customer experience more enjoyable.

Trade shows and exhibitions like ConExpo are becoming increasingly digital with apps, contact scanners, and immersive experiences throughout. Brands who aren’t only keeping up but innovating are being overlooked, even with the potential customer walking right by your booth. 

How can Popshap help you catch their attention at your next event? 

NRF Show Recap 

The 3-day Popshap experience at NRF2020

Whenever we participate at a large trade show we have the same expectations and overall we either meet them or do a bit better, the nature of NRF which is a show we exhibited for the first time is to separate the big companies from the small ones which are smart, however, Popshap is a unique example of how a small company can showcase big technologies, especially because of the type of projects we have done in the past two years and the scale of our clients. The most asked question at the show was how come we had such a small booth and the answer was clear, Retail for us is all about the specific experience and we exhibit at NRF to showcase specifically how we can impact the future of retail with our hardware/software winning and complete strategy.

After 3 long days I can sum the experience as educational, you may ask why, but for me and my team it’s important to be educated about the retail world needs and specific to each brand so we can come up with creative solutions using our technology, we LISTEN to our customers and potential customers in every vertical but in retail, you have to, in many cases, solve a problem and when you solve that problem you have to show the process, the data associated so you can impact on some level and increase sales, brand awareness and more.

I wanted to thank everyone that stopped by our booth and learned more about Popshap and we look forward to serving you in the future.



Event Check-In Kiosks: Why Every Event Should Have One

The Forgotten Part of Event Planning

There are many components to events.  There’s the logistical planning beforehand, searching for the proper venue, hiring the right catering crew, compiling the guest list (and making sure no one was forgotten), and providing the ‘wow factor’.  There’s one aspect which many people tend to overlook and that is how to check their guests into the event.


There are many ways you could solve this dilemma. You could set several computers up on a table and have the event attendees input their information or you could check the guest’s names off of a list as they enter, or use another method.

None of those are ideal options. Typing your name out on a computer and checking names off not only takes time away from your guests enjoying the event, but it also creates long lines with restless people.  

But what if we told you Popshap could provide an acceptable event check-in method and your event’s ‘wow factor’ rolled into one idea?

Enter, Popshap’s Event Check-In Kiosks!


about our company event check in

What is an Event Check-In Kiosk?

What is an Event Check-In Kiosk? That is an excellent question. An Event Check-in Kiosk is a digitally interactive device that makes checking into an event a breeze. What makes this touchscreen unit unique to checking in is that it provides guests with several options to to check in.

The first two options are relatively standard, entering in an email address or confirmation number. But the third method is which makes this device stand out. Since the Check-In Kiosk has a built-in camera, the guest would receive a QR code on their phone which they could then flash in front of the camera and be checked in in under 30 seconds!

The Layers Behind the Kiosk

How does the Event Check-In Kiosk operate? That is also a great question! There are a handful of steps our development team and the event planners have to take even before the digital touch screen kiosk comes into the picture. First Popshap’s development team would create a special event tab within their admin website. Once the tab is created, the client hosting the event uploads all the necessary information on their end such as name, time, location, description, and media to accompany the text.

After the main information is detailed, the client uploads their guest list from a spreadsheet and the data is automatically converted to an email list, which is then distributed. The guest receives an email and a text message with the time, date, and, location, in addition to a link to the website. Once this is created, the guest will receive a link to the website where they can input their name, email, and company name. They would get an email that includes their unique confirmation number and QR code.

event check in screenshot

At the event, a guest would approach the touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosk and either scan their QR code or input their confirmation code or email. Then, depending if the host wants it or not, a name tag sticker would print out next to the kiosk and the guest is successfully checked into the event.

Why are Event Check-In Kiosks important?

As discussed before event check-in is an area of event planning which people tend to neglect. In reality, this part of the process is actually quite important. By checking in the guests, it marks down who actually attended the event, which is key for analytics later on after the event.

With the provided examples of event check-in, the first two provide the data but are highly inefficient when it comes to managing the long lines. Since Popshap’s interactive touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosks allows the option of scanning a QR code, it dramatically shortens the wait time, thus making this digital device efficient in both collecting analytics and optimizing the guest’s time.

If you would like to see more about how Popshap’s touchscreen Event Check-In Kiosks work, please visit to learn more!   

Self Service Kiosks can help you customer checkout faster during this holiday shopping season.

Get the most out of the Popshap technology and start the process or installing self service checkout kiosks, the reward and value can transition your business to the next level and make your customers happy.

In the last 5 years it’s evident that the retail industry has adapted the Self Service Kiosk concept with open arms, more and more brands are using the Touch Kiosks technology to allow an easy and faster checkout experience for their customers. Using a simple UI/UX design and Touch Screen hardware customers can easily scan their products and pay which makes going to the store for a few small items a much better customer experience.
With the Holiday season around the corner these type of Touch Screen solution can be a major improvement both for the shopping browsing experience and for the actual checkout process, in aisle and mobile checkout systems make the shopping experience fun and easy which can create an uptick in sales in a time when lots of customers are mostly looking for the online experience.  Brands know that bringing a customer to a retail location will result in a larger spend and therefore they must invest in the customer experience and eliminate the crazy lines and massive headache called the “holiday retail shopping”.
The other advantage of Self Service Kiosk is the ability to track customer shopping behavior and customize product placement based on those customers actions, making the shopping experience more personalized. With a minimal investment , in Aisle checkout system are on the rise and more retail brands use them as a browsing and checkout tool which can also increase the saving on personal and staffing needs.
Popshap is working with some of the leading brands and retail chains in the world to make the Self Service Kiosk experience affordable and easy to integrate with the local POS or your online website, so whether you have multiple locations, or just one location, we have a solution that can be customized both from the hardware and software experience.

Popshap 2018: A Year in Review

2018 Has Been a Huge Year for Popshap

One of the key dates on the Popshap calendar is the month of September. A number of years ago, a new digital interactive kiosk rental company called Popshap popped up on the radar and took the New York community by storm. Now, in 2018, we have further developed our clientele and increased our inventory tenfold to continue to bring you the utmost quality for your events.

This past year has been very exciting here at the office. With clients like Nielsen, Tytocare, DJI, Unisys, Elf, Webair, SHRM, Cognizant, DSWS, and many more, we have been able to put to the test and truly display our team’s capabilities. To learn more about our clients and projects visit our website.

popshap kiosk projects 2018

Client Relations is the Key to Any Success

We have been able to achieve these feats because of our superior mindset and exceptional staff. At Popshap, we personally care about our clients and projects. Our employees put 110% into customer relations and customer service to ensure that at the end of the day, our clients are completely satisfied with what we provided them.

However, it is not solely our superior customer care that got us to where we are now. The kiosks we rent out is truly what gives value to our company.

Our Products Provide Value

Our state-of-the-art equipment has given us the opportunity to grow so much over these past years and work with such amazing clients. Popshap employees can be as supportive and helpful as possible, but it is ultimately the product that drives customers to keep returning for our services.

Popshap interactive kiosks 2018

It is evident from the projects we worked on and the industries we worked in, that we have provided exceptional service to our clients on both fronts. Based on our prosperous previous year, we cannot wait for what the upcoming year has in store for Popshap!

The Best Time for Hosting an Event Is…?

Hosting an Event in the Fall is better than the Spring

When you think of a prime season for hosting an event, your mind probably jumps to the spring.  The temperature is beginning to get warmer, there is more activity outside, people’s moods are shifting from dull to excited.  All this may be true, but there’s another key time for event hosting, and it’s closer than you think.

hosting an event in fall

The fall—from September until the last few weeks in November— is also just as perfect of a time for hosting an event due to its convenient placement on the calendar. Let’s quickly break down the specifics:

In September, the summer has just ended and everyone is back in the office, refreshed and ready to go for another exciting corporate season.

In October and November, there’s not much need to worry about running into major holidays. With Halloween at the end of October and Thanksgiving at the end of November, that leaves plenty of time for you to schedule and/or attend an event.

The only question left unanswered is: how do you go about properly preparing for your events? How will I make an engaging event for my guests?

Exciting Event Solutions Provided by Popshap

We here at Popshap have a simple solution: Interactive Touch Kiosks and Digital Signage.

hosting an event in fall

With our state-of-the-art touch kiosk technology, you can truly impress your guests and give them something interactive to keep them entertained.  Our touch kiosks can serve many functions at events such as, interactive quizzes and games, a stand with information dynamically displayed, a sign-in station, a digital signage display to show off your brand, and much much more.  With our exceptional team of designers and programmers, any idea you could come up with is possible.

Each Event is Different

We have a variety of styles to offer, each geared towards a specific purpose.  We could provide you with kiosks for corporate event solutions, trade show event solutions, fundraiser event solutions... any kind of event you could think of, we have you covered.

It is never too early or too late to book your engaging event-stopping interactive kiosks.  Call or email us with any request you have!