The rise of retail interactive displays

With advances in the world of technology, the consumer expectation and level of comfort with interactive touchscreens in the retail space has gone up and it’s in all time high, in fact, consumers experience is defined by the content that a retail store has to offer with the retail’s goal that the experience stays with the consumer.

Large screens for retail

In the last 6 months we have installed and tested a few ways to deliver high quality content using our video wall, touchscreen kiosks and interactive wall mounted screens and the results are amazing, we are seeing an increase of 30% in sales related to digital content displayed on the screens and 50% user interaction with touch kiosks, leading also to more sales and user capture and future engagement.

mounted touchscreen kiosk at greenfig / Yotel

The trend is only going to grow and create more opportunities for retail chain to educate and engage even more with the consumer on higher digital level and that’s why interactive digital solution will play even a larger role in brand’s marketing in the next few years. to learn more about our retail solutions and ways to expose your brand in this digital interactive edge click here.

Unisys Captivates Audience with Popshap’s Touch Screen Tables

Unisys Demonstrates Cyber Security Capabilities with Popshap’s Touch Screen Tables

During this year’s Black Hat cyber security conference, Unisys blew crowds away using Popshap’s touch screen tables.

For over 20 years, the week long Black Hat conference in Las Vegas has showcased revolutionary developments and trends in information security research. Not only does the convention have a phenomenal show floor, but every year a handful of leaders in technology give informational lectures about valuable industry topics.

Blackhat image

The Black Hat conference also hosts a training section to the event, that offers individual training courses to test out applications and technology to better inform the attendees how to efficiently utilize security attack and defend programs.

The convention is perfect for IT specialists, security software developers and analysts, risk managers, consultants, professors, students, and those who have a general interest, to learn all there is to know about the important developments in cyber security.

Unisys, an information technology company who was attending the Black Hat conference, came to Popshap seeking to develop a unique booth. They wanted an interactive and engaging way to inform the convention’s attendees of their advances in security software.

We agreed that using our 32” touch screen table featuring an interactive digital quiz that demonstrated the capabilities of Unisys’ products and services was the best way to communicate what the company has to offer. Working through the obstacles of limited internet, our team at Popshap developed a localized network program on the 32” touch screen tables, that not only engaged but also properly informed guests of what Unisys is and the services they provide.

In the end, the booth was a major success. Using the customizable technology of the touch screen tables, Popshap was truly able to exhibit the software capabilities of Unisys.  



It’s “Go Time” in Event Planning

Every year in the event world, event planners and producers gear up for May, also known as the Super Bowl of the event and trade show season.

As spring is upon us and the weather is warming, we are reminded that trade show season is here. Annually, May brings the largest event and trade show numbers; it’s no different this year for our team here at Popshap. On average, Popshap handles about 7-10 events and trade shows each month. In May, we triple the amount of projects, providing our touch screens, touch kiosks and touch tables all over the world – from NYC to Singapore and everywhere in between.

So why is May such a perfect month for events and trade shows? It’s simple, almost everywhere in the U.S. you will find the most agreeable weather of the year. The ease of travel increases the chance of a successful event that much more. The second reason is the fact that each event – when planned correctly – takes time to plan, and normally brands start the planning around January or Q1 of each year.

27 inch Touchscreen kiosk

In May of 2019, Popshap will be renting over 150 touch kiosks, 80 touch tables and over 20 video wall setups. Year after year we look to our amazing partners to manage the work, and we would not be able to get it all done without them! Stay tuned for amazing images and also a video reel showcasing the month of May.

Optical Bonding For Touch Screens Displays

When thinking about advancements in touch screen displays, often our thoughts turn to the awe inspiring – displays that make headlines at CES and other major trade shows. However, there are improvements that are introduced with less fanfare but have more direct applications for the average user.

Optical bonding is a new adhesive process that is enabling touchscreen displays to keep up with the demands of new uses in environments and settings not ideal for digital displays. While adhesives might not sound so exciting, the result is brighter, clearer visuals, making screens look more vivid and of a higher quality.

kiosk touch screen technology touch capacitive

Traditionally, the touch screen displays is attached to an LCD display using an adhesive gasket frame that sits between the touch-responsive cover and the actual display, creating an air gap. Optical bonding adheres the touch screen cover to the LCD display with an optically clear adhesive, eliminating the air gap. So, what does that mean?

  • Improved visibility in sunlight – Using traditional methods, sunlight refracts on the air gap between the display and glass cover.
  • More rugged, durable touch screens displays – With optical bonding, there is no space for dust or condensation to accumulate between the display and glass cover.

True Eagle photo booth kiosk popshap

Touchscreen kiosk rentals for use in outdoor settings or humid locations should be fabricated using optical bonding for the best performance.

When renting a touchscreen display through Popshap’s custom kiosk installation service, we assess your desired location for the kiosk to match the environment’s demands with the proper hardware components. We have optical bonded touchscreen displays available for rent when your next event takes you outdoors!

Popshap is live at HIMMS 2019 in Orlando!

Typical Health care conferences consist of the normal exhibitors and attendees, but this year is different. We’re noticing about a twenty percent of the exhibitors are displaying exciting and new innovations. This includes technology from robotic surgical arms, all the latest healthcare technology, to the new wave in touch screen kiosks utilizing our stand up and table top interactive kiosks.

Popshap is here informing the healthcare industry that it’s not about just having a booth at HIMSS, it’s about making your booth a destination. Custom touch kiosks make a difference at large conferences like this.

All the talent, innovation and experience here today will create strategic partnerships between individuals and exhibitors attending that will culminate in solutions that can only be dreamed of.

Come check us out! We are at booth 2687

Popshap at HIMMS 2019

Each year the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, (better
known as HIMSS) conducts a conference/trade show bringing together over 45,000
health information and technology professionals, executives, market suppliers and
clinicians from all over the globe. This year, HIMSS 2019 is being held from
February 11, 2019 through February 15, 2019 at the Orange County Convention
Center in Orlando. Industry leaders will gather to display, meet and discover new
ways to utilize innovative information and technology aimed at continuing the
advancement of the healthcare industry on all levels. Attendees will have the
opportunity to take part in over 300 educational sessions and meet with over 1300
exhibitors/vendors, giving them the chance to discover and become knowledgeable
on all of the cutting edge products and innovations.

As the industry evolved, providers have learned that better interaction with patients
and visitors is of paramount importance. Through the use of interactive touch
screen technologies, providers have made an increased effort to keep patients and
visitors better informed. By using both tabletop and stand up interactive
touchscreen kiosks, hospitals can now provide patients and visitors with locations
map/way finders, doctor and facility biographies and other important
announcements and information. Hospital staffs now have the ability to change
information, as desired and needed from their desks. Customized interactive touch
screen kiosks are also being utilized to permit patients to check-in, schedule follow
up appointments and make payments on their own, freeing up nurses to better
assist doctors in their practices. Industry research has concluded that when patients
are better informed and educated, not only in diagnosis and treatment but in the
overall experience, that knowledge will create a happier patient and a less stressful
environment for health care providers.

When attending HIMSS, stop by booth #2687 and check out our new technologies.
Discuss with our medical division, how we can design a custom, engaging and
interactive touch screen experience to assist your hospital and/or doctors office
utilizing table top and standing touch screen interactive kiosks to bridge the gap,
between provider and patient, now and for the future.

4 Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade show booth ideas can open you up to harnessing long lasting clients. So it’s time to deck out your custom trade show booth and show those potential clients how it’s done.

Definitely get paraphernalia; pens, tablecloths, lip balm, chewing gum, portable chargers, really and cool gadgets that are branded. People really love getting free things, more than that they now have your brand in their pocket.

Trade Show Booths Must Be Beautiful!

Beautiful trade show setups

Pay attention to beauty. Beauty is the language of attraction. People literally have a natural instinct to engage with that which is beautiful. If you don’t feel competent with what is appealing bring in a specialist! It’s of paramount importance. At the end of the day, you want to know how to make your trade show booth stand out. And no matter what you use, your trade show display needs to pop.

Marketing at Trade Shows

Trade show displays offer an interesting array of marketing skills. First of all, the interpersonal skills. You have to be inviting and outgoing to draw people in with upbeat energy. That’s pretty obvious though. The best trade show booths are not only the ones with the best gadgets but also the ones with the best people.

Second is brand identity. At a trade show, you need exactly what you are and what makes you stand out. And you have to do all that in a short period of time while you still have potential clients attention.

Third, you have to be creative. If people were looking for something simple they may not travel all the way to whatever obscure hotel you happen to be setting up shop in. They would just look on google. It’s a great source of information. But they didn’t they came to find something that is unique. So polished deliveries and clear brand identity is crucial.

Speak in Smiles

Your trade show booth design is very important. But you have to actually want to meet people. Genuine smiles are much more likely to get genuine results.

kiosk smiles

Trade show booth ideas should be to make your brand stand out. That’s the most important thing at a trade show because trade shows are like speed dating. You meet a whole bunch of different potential partners in a short period of time, trying to figure out whether there is potential to work together. Obviously, you’re going to remember the ones who stand out. That’s human nature.

Trade Show Kiosks

trade show kiosk popshap

Trade show kiosks are a multi-faceted machine that can boost trade show booths appeal on a number of different levels. They create a modern look to your booth that now belongs in the current century. Touch screen kiosks create a platform of engagement for your client base to not only get a chance to look but actually get a chance to touch as well.

Trade show booth displays are designed to create immersive experiences that people will walk out of thinking ‘I need one of those’. Translate your trade show advertising to an interactive experience. Trade show booth design ideas must focus your point around the consumer. And touch screen kiosks do just that. They give the consumer something to engage with on his own terms. A user can walk right up and interact with it as they wish. I mean within reason. Hopefully, they don’t light it on fire or anything crazy like that.

Custom Trade Show Booth Ideas

trade show booth ideas kiosks popshap

Make sure your booth screams your brand at all times, and large inviting custom display screens can do just that. They serve as brand advertisement, client information collection, product information education, and most importantly they look super cool. I mean a booth with and without a kiosk are hardly comparable.

Trade shows can make it or break for long lasting clients. Now is the time to make sure that you are capitalizing on all resources available. So if you want to know how you can make your trade show booth stand out, try a method that incorporates a kiosk. They always stand out. No, literally they are like 6 feet tall and very hard to miss. Remember the best trade show booths are the ones that leave a lasting impression.

In summation. Just a few trade show booth ideas;

Bring some little, branded things to give away.

Make sure you smile truthfully.

Pay attention to beauty!

And bring a kiosk to tie it all in together.

What is a Kiosk

A kiosk has a few meanings, so simply asking what is a kiosk? May not get you exactly what you are looking for. So what I’m going to do, is answer on every front I’m aware of.

Mall Kiosk

Mall kiosk popshap

First of all, there is the more classic mall kiosk. Those are open ended small vendor shops. They’re used generally for selling very specific products at very specific places. It was a unique kind of shop because they are built of unique area design. Like if you have a large space then you can stick one in the middle.

Information Kiosk

Ok, so I’m not sure you were looking for any information on that, which was by the way made in 1976, but, next is the more common information kiosk. These kiosks were made more to focus on informing people in an area. They are similar to the vendors in the sense that they are a mostly enclosed small space that has someone in the middle operating. 

information kiosk

These kiosks you’ll find at a touristy area or an amusement park or maybe an airport to help people navigate the landscape and find what they are looking for. They also may provide interesting information about the place itself.

Both the mall kiosk and information share at least one component: that being it is a small space that when people want something they can come over and get it from there.

So when we would ask about a kiosk meaning something, it would probably fall something in that kiosk definition.

Summer House Kiosk?

summer house kiosk

I have checked on Merriam Dictionary and apparently, a kiosk can also mean an open pavilion or summer house… not really sure what to do with that one. Also, I have never heard anyone speak about it like that before.

Interactive Kiosk

Then we are brought to the most modern answer to what is a kiosk. An interactive kiosk. A touchscreen kiosk. A digital poster. A self service kiosk. All these terms are what people are asking about.

Well, that’s the thing about the modern definition of a kiosk, it’s become very diverse in its functionality. Even all those terms – while they are referring to a similar device – are speaking about different functions.

Funny enough the first electronic kiosk was made in 1977 by a man with the name Murray Lappe. He was a pre-med student at the University of Illinois. It was made to inform the students on campus about news in the University. So the information kiosk was what drove the beginnings of the modern definition.

Versatility of a Touch Kiosk

The touch kiosk that we use incorporates all kiosks that predate it. It has a few different versions. There’s the tall standing kiosk, the touch table kiosk, the double sided kiosk, the outdoor kiosk. And honestly more, they’re creating new designs all the time.

interactive kiosk

This creation has manifested into industries it originally had no business in. The kiosk is now used in airports, restaurants, events, parties, retail stores, buildings, and of course, malls. Since kiosk software has become effective for more utilities, new industries have found reason to invest in some. 

The word kiosk now has taken on a whole new meaning and it’s a broader definition. It entails perhaps, a photo booth, or a virtual directory, or simply large digital signage on a dynamic custom display screen. And at the rate kiosks are being bought and expanded upon, the word will only continue to find new areas of meaning to infiltrate.

Kiosks are Similar to Phones

Kiosks are like phone

Much like the phone. We all used to know what a phone meant. It was the device you called people on, done. Now, well, what can’t you use it for? It’s the instant-information-device, or the camera, or the compass, or the GPS. The functionality of the phone has created an entirely new relationship to how we speak about it and what we mean when we use the word phone.

The same will happen with the kiosk, it’s also an open-ended source, that’s potential will be brought out more and more as the market invests more into it.

What is a kiosk?

interactive kiosks popshap

So to answer what is a kiosk? This will have to do, but if you ask in a few years, who knows what it will mean.

Why Custom Kiosks Are Becoming the Number One Method of Event Marketing

Parties, events, get-togethers, these have dated back centuries. Utilizing these meetings for marketing and networking has also dated back centuries. Many great partnerships have been formed throughout history at events. Custom kiosks can help you capitalize on a trend that has dated back to the beginning of partnerships.

Now, of course, they are not the answer to all. And nothing is a certainty. But people go to events with an openness to meet people or be introduced to ideas they haven’t seen before. So events are a pretty unique opportunity to get some business. I think this trend has been recognized because companies invest tremendous sums of money into events.

Custom Kiosks as Custom as Your Company

Being the age of technology has changed the way humans interact, it has changed events. At events now we must be displaying some tech to be up to date. Of course not just any tech, it has to be tech that offers some value to the client, as well as tech that is related to the event at hand.

custom kiosks at events

On top of all of that, now you need to show your party-comers what your brand is all about. That’s where custom kiosks come in. A custom kiosk is designed to cater to your brand’s specific needs and theme. Each element of the kiosk can present another aspect of your company’s message. As nuanced and detailed as your company is, a custom kiosk can be.

Custom Kiosks at Events are Sky Rocketing

Events all over the country are capitalizing on this unique opportunity even with just a photo booth that has their brand name on it. Those type of associations can stay with people for a long time. It can even be hung up on their refrigerators for years to come.

All these events try to capture a moment of positive association people can connect with you. Each custom kiosk will provide answers to address each piece necessary to provide a good avenue to show clients what you are all about.

Custom Kiosks Have Custom Functionality

You can get a branded photo booth option, or a digital poster that has all your latest photos passing through, or a face recognition trivia game that informs the users about your brand. If you can think it up it can be put into an interactive kiosk.

Custom kiosks are gaining momentum in the event industry rapidly. Many companies have recognized this trend that gives greater outreach at their events. Each person that is attracted to their kiosk – which is always many – will leave their information to follow up with.

custom kiosks

Your brand requires a beautiful encasing to give it a positive association. Every smart marketer will tell you that marketing is mostly psychology. A slick custom display broad screen will send the message that your brand is modern, and keeping up with technological trends. Companies all across the country are updating their events to include custom brand broadcasting to elevate their presence within their potential customer base. This is why they are doing it, because it’s been effective continuously.

Self Service Kiosks 5 Reasons Why They Are Growing Rapidly

I believe that most of the reasons here will be ones that people already feel. The reason for writing it though is to put it into a concise chewable expression so you can understand the nature of the trend. Self service kiosks have been a growing phenomenon around the world for the past 10 years and here’s why.

1. Much of the technological advancement of the age we live in is centered around empowering the individual.

self service kiosk empowerment

For instance, all social media accounts are to give each person their own digital space. In essence, it makes everyone feel like they have their own website that people can visit and check out.

The ever-increasing functionality and accessibility of cell phones reinforce this pattern. With each new vista, the cellphone becomes capable of utilizing the user gains control over. They have access to every map and piece of information around the world in their pocket. In essence, it increases their ability for independence.

Touch screen kiosks with self check in services of course fit right in line with this trend. It gives people the self involvement that is increasingly being demanded by the public. It allows them to access the service or information without requiring someone else’s involvement. So it in essence gives more power to the individual.  


2. Many of the places that have self service kiosks, often run into problems of congestion.  (Don’t we all ???? )

self service kiosk congestion release

Fast food joints, airports, doctors offices, large events, are all places that need to be highly efficient. All these places attract large crowds in short periods of time. Even hospitality kiosks at times for hotels. I mean try getting lunch in the middle of the day in New York City and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Each of these places needs to provide quick ways for check in or order, and then move on.

Even on the other side of the equation, people enjoy it more. People like quick interactions and getting what they need at lightning speed.

All these interactive kiosks have popped up and efficiency in those locations has gone up almost across the board. Airport check in has become simple and smooth. Well, for the most part. And kiosks are in large responsible for that.


3. Touch screen kiosks are not intimidating.

self service checkin kiosk


There have been many studies of people saying they were discouraged to purchase because of a salesman. The salesperson was either being too pushy, or looked intimidating, or was awkward, and buyers felt uncomfortable and pressured.

Self service kiosks just stand there. Anyone who interacts with a kiosk does so willingly. They volunteer their time to purchase or receive information about products. Touch kiosks give all the power to the customer. And the customers always want to be right. Even if you have a nice salesman he will still only appeal to a certain number of people. More than that the salesperson still makes the customer dependent as well. All of these reasons as I’m sure you noticed also correlate to the first one.


4. Kiosks don’t take off of work and show up on time.

self service kiosk punctuality

Touch kiosks – while yes they do malfunction from time to time – are much more efficient than your average worker. They are always where they need to be, that is if you placed them where they need to be. And they don’t take breaks.

Stores are always trying to create more efficient incomes revenues and cut down on costs. Kiosks are cheaper than an employee doing the same job and they don’t talk back or mess up as often. This has created an optimal situation for both the company and the customer. Which is what they call a win win.


5. Kiosks are attractive and serve as advertising as well.

self service kiosk beauty

All touch screen kiosks also have digital poster capabilities as well. That being large posters that change pictures and attract crowds with eye catching advertising. So each company gets an employee that not only works harder but also acts as a large moving advertisement.

People are also attracted – because the age we live in – to technologically advanced environments. They feel like they share more a store that is cutting edge. Self service kiosks have provided storefronts with a digital landscape to bring a brick and mortar platform into the digital age. It is bridging the gap for stores to provide the feel of the internet to the practicality of the physical.

Touch Screen Kiosk Implications

Ok so now I would like to address something on the side of the implications. More kiosks in stores will mean fewer jobs for humans right? While that is true, every time throughout history a machine has taken the job of a human it forces humanity to evolve.

It makes humans reconsider what truly makes them human. We thought only humans could do real math. Well, that changed real quick. Every time we create something that can work better than a human we must consider again how we can make ourselves useful and competent in an ever evolving society. Just something to think about.