Tips for Making Attendees Feel Comfortable at Trade Shows

There is a ton of stuff to think about when planning live trade shows and events while COVID is still a thing. The one thought that can’t be ignored is that many attendees may have a certain level of worry about gathering in large groups—regardless of how yielding trade shows are with CDC guidelines.

Take these apprehensions seriously, and ease the attendee’s fears at trade shows with the following tips.

Openly communicate safety procedures—but don’t make it all an attendee thinks about 

Your attendees and your team need to know that their safety is being taken seriously—though there’s a fine line between communicating safety measures, but also not making COVID the only thing an attendee sees when they look at an event’s invite, website, or marketing resources.

Interactive kiosk
body temperature kiosks for trade shows and events

Make sure attendees are aware of any screening procedures before they register

Whether you’re necessitating proof of vaccine, rapid COVID tests, and/or health surveys and temperature checks, make sure all attendees know that right off the top so they can decide what they’re comfortable with—and what they’re ready for.


Install Body Temperature Kiosk with Face Mask Recognition

Eliminate labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener, and give yourself and anyone entering your show a visible reminder that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.  These body temperature scanner kiosks require no physical interaction.  Look at the camera and get the automatic temperature reading in 1-3 seconds.

Be steady with your messaging. 

Whether you have a landing page or are sending email campaigns to guests, it is crucial for the messaging emphasizing the safety precautions to be consistent across the board. By sharing any pre-event marketing communication, it will also help estimate the interest of potential attendees and give them the self-assurance to attend—particularly when sharing the precautions and steps that will be taken during the event to safeguard guest safety.

In Closing

Sending out an email poll to the event attendees is super useful in gathering their reaction and learning if they felt at ease attending the in-person event if they felt the safety procedures that were communicated were correctly executed and if they would attend another in-person event. At the end of the day, it is our goal to win back the self-confidence of guests to attend in-person events.

Popshap Empowers SECO 2021 With Body Temperature Kiosks Check-Ins

Initially, scheduled for Feb. 24-28, SECO 2021 took place April 28 – May 2. As previously planned, SECO 2021 was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta and offered as an in-person event, with options for virtual attendance.

When the expo was first scheduled Max Raynor, OD, president of SECO International, said. “We look toward 2021, our priority is to deliver a safe and successful meeting where we can come together to access emerging eye care trends. And explore the latest technologies, gain hands-on training, and forge new connections with the eye care community.

Because of our wonderful relationship with Shepard’s, we were able to donate our body kiosks to the event. Ensuring a safe and successful meeting for attendees and exhibitors alike.

Our strategy for this event was simple.

We installed a Popshap kiosk wherever people enter your building, such as at the main reception lobby and employee entrance. We worked with event organizers and set up markers to keep a six-foot distance between people waiting to be screened.

One of the most effective ways to prevent outbreaks at trade shows is to make sure that no one enters the venue with a fever. Use a self-service kiosk stand to conduct fast, accurate, and efficient temperature screening of every vendor, staff member, and attendee, every time.

Following discussion with the board of trustees, input from members, and feedback from our key partners. The final sentiment indicated a strong desire for a rescheduled in-person event later in the spring. We are unified in our decision, adjusting the date will allow SECO and the industry to host more successful meeting”.

SECO International also implemented several infection control and prevention guidelines and followed recommendations from public health specialists and standards set by the federal, state, and local governments.

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How to Responsibly Deploy Temperature Screening Kiosk

In the push to reopen offices and workplaces, there has been a noticeable uptick in new office safety efforts. Leading among these is the temperature screening kiosk with facial scanning software, whose market is anticipated to grow soon. But in the rush to get this kiosk up and running, business and city leaders should not do away with caution in the face of convenience.

As with any workplace digital device, facial temperature screening technology must be deployed in the correct way to have its desired result. This is particularly the case with medical technology. The FDA’s official direction is very clear on this point:

The available scientific literature supports using thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to detect elevated temperatures. These devices have many benefits, but they must be used properly to get accurate readings.

Here are a few ways that those deploying temperature screening technology can get it right the first time:

Set up the temperature screening kiosk at ALL building entry and exit points.

Most importantly, it’s necessary to position the kiosk so it can detect the temperatures of everybody entering the building. Also, for the kiosk to work, make sure that it’s not blocked by any objects that might weaken its screening function.

Protect information privacy and rights.

Due to the bad associations with personal information capture inherent with health screening technology. Facilities managers must safeguard the data collected by such devices does not invade in any way on national data privacy laws.

Choose a temperature screening kiosk that delivers constantly accurate results.

For counter-virus procedures to work, worker temperatures must be screened frequently. For temperature checking to be more than a safety brace, managers should guarantee that their screening technology can consistently measure body temperature. Popshap, for example, is accurate within 1-3 seconds, allowing it to route large groups of employees fast and accurately. Without the capability to screen effectively for this COVID-19 symptom, office re-opening plans will only be met with a letdown.

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Keep Your Business Safe With Temperature Screening Kiosks

With the covid19 pandemic we have learned to adapt to the new environment, businesses had to come up smarter and safer ways of reopening. First came handheld temperature scanners, however that still involves face-to-face interaction. Finally, then came temperature screening kiosks that completely changed the game.

They have become the new normal and are being installed in hotels, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, airports and events. Body temperature kiosks provide a quick and easy process to check people’s temperature and stay safe. They are truly contactless and eliminate that person-to-person interaction.

What are the benefits?

Let’s start off with the fact that they are convenient and easy to set up, our team has traveled to hospitals, trade shows and schools to set up numerous body temperature kiosks and they come with the fully equipt software with face recognition.

These kiosks make detecting fevers and potential symptoms of sickness easier especially in places where many people are conjuring together. These have become a requirement in places such as hospitals for employees and patients and schools for students, they are completely touchless and take 1 second to screen for potential symptoms.

Our software can detect if a person is not wearing a facemask and will remind the person to put one on. This is extremely helpful to enforce facemask policies for all industries. With the pandemic still at large these are preventative measures to continue facemask wearing.

If a person does happen to have a high temperature ensuring they have a fever a red light will appear on the kiosk that shows they cannot enter the facility. With the Smart Pass Application installed onto the kiosk can be programmed to send out real time email notifications.

These technological advances are truly keeping people safe and very easy to manage, even with many people getting the vaccine, this gives a sense of security for businesses and for those who have yet to get the vaccine.

Touch screen kiosk rental

Are you interested in learning more about temperature screening kiosks and how they can keep your business safe? Click here to learn more.

Changing How America Checks Temperatures Could Help States Catch More COVID-19 Cases

Throughout the pandemic, the odds are that as you enter a restaurant or doctor’s office, somebody will point a thermometer gun at your forehead in order to evaluate your temperature. Your temperature is being measured to try to recognize whether or not you have an increased body temperature, which is symptomatic of fever, one of the primary signs of COVID-19.

What many companies have found is that using infrared thermal body temperature kiosk work better. They are quick, unassuming, and non-invasive. You can quickly screen many individuals without troubling them, for example, travelers moving through an airport or folks entering a bar.

But let’s be honest… we still need to find a way for an even more precise mass-screening process, and yes infrared thermometer kiosks are already very popular, what can else be done to develop their precision?

We know that our body’s extremities are more sensitive to the overall thermal profile of the body – that fingers, for instance, increase or decrease their temperature relatively a lot as deep body temperature increases and declines a little. In contrast, the head – specifically the corners of the eyes – are more dependable and reflective of deep body temperature.

interactive kiosk rental with scanner

Observing these parts of the body and the difference in temperature between them could offer a more accurate signal of whether deep body temperature is elevated due to fever. This would work because in numerous scenarios in which deep body temperature surges, the temperature of the extremities also surges – for example in exercise, when drinking alcohol, getting hot when wearing too many clothes, and so on. As a result, the variance between the temperature of the eye and fingers decreases.

This wouldn’t be flawless. Other circumstances can also increase this alteration, including some age-related circumstances. And, as we’ve noted, not all ill people cultivate fever symptoms. But it would be a stride in the right direction, and so is worthy of further contemplation. We’re doubtful COVID-19 will be the last pandemic, and we owe it to upcoming generations to learn what we can from this one to help organize for the next.

4 benefits of Touchscreen Technology in Healthcare

Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen an increased demand for digital touch and touchless technology. Many businesses are finding solutions such as touch screen kiosks, digital posters, and body temperature screening kiosks to improve their customer experience and business efficiency.

body temperature kiosk for events

One of the biggest industries looking for these touchscreen technology solutions is the healthcare industry. There’s no doubt that healthcare provides work hard, with their long hours and crazy schedules, that’s why we do everything we can to make their work more efficient and productive.

In this post, we will outline some of the benefits that come with touchscreen displays as well as body temperature screening kiosks.

Touchscreens Improve Productivity 

Digital touchscreen displays and monitors make it easier to access patient records, it also allows easy check-in. No more need for paper and hard copies, touchscreens allow doctors and nurses to find patient’s records quickly and efficiently and keep everything up to date. With healthcare providers time is of the essence and touchscreens can help make that time more sufficient, it also improves communication between patients and staff.

Save Time and Money

Interactive screens are convenient and straightforward, they keep patients informed and with easy access to information that takes less time than waiting for someone to answer your questions. These touchscreen kiosks can be placed on waiting rooms and lobbies and also make checking in much quicker. With multiple kiosk stations, more patients can check-in without waiting for available staff and can disclose information in a more private way.

Safer for patients and staff

With body temperature screening kiosks, walking into a doctor’s office is now safe and proactive. Without having to take off a mask the face recognition makes it easier and faster to get screened.

Wayfinding and Information

Digital signage is a great way to provide tips and directions for patients and staff. Often Hospitals, medical offices and clinic can be tricky to find certain locations, and with digital maps around these locations would make wayfinding simple and effortless and decreases face-to-face interaction. These digital screens can also be effective ways of providing information to patients, with tips and information that reduces patients getting up and asking a healthcare provider.

Overall, touchscreen technology and digital signage are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and making it easier for healthcare providers. They are sanitary ways of providing information, saving time, improving productivity, and last but not least safe. Click here to check out some of our healthcare products.

Are Stores Safe Using Temperature Screening Kiosks?

While almost every industry has been affected by the pandemic in some way over the past year, some have faced greater setbacks and limits than others. Businesses as a whole and restaurants, particularly those that traditionally center on offering a dine-in experience, are amongst those most affected. Consequently, many companies have been required to get creative which is why many are turning to temperature screening kiosks.

In some instances, delivery, carryout, and outdoor seating choices that may not have otherwise been presented became restaurants’ only options for remaining afloat. In other cases, eateries were forced to stop operations completely until their particular states began easing limitations.

As the U.S. closes in on an entire year of being affected by the virus, many states are well into their reopening stages — and several of the above-mentioned restrictions have been or are in the development of being lifted. In fact, just the other day, New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced plans to dial back some of the limitations on indoor dining within New York — a huge step for New York which has been one of the area’s most severely impacted by the virus.

In addition to social distancing and imposing capacity restraints, one of the most common actions being used by restaurants in New York and beyond is temperature screening checks — often through the use of a body temperature screening kiosk.

Intended with health and safety in mind, body temperature screening kiosks offer a totally contactless temperature check experience. Customers are scanned one at a time by placing their faces in the frame specified on the screen of the kiosk. Their temperatures are then read by a thermal sensor and displayed on-screen for the user to view and confirm. The procedure is straightforward, precise within 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit and proficient.

In fact, the whole temperature scanning process only takes about two seconds per individual, less time than it even takes for guests to check-in for a reservation.

Temperature Screening Kiosks for rent

Why are they ideal for stores?

While welcoming consumers back safely is clearly a top concern for stores, it’s equally significant that their personnel are equipped to fulfill the health and safety necessities set forth as well. Flexible in design and easy to implement, temperature screening kiosks are obtainable in many different formats, from standalone podiums to countertop and wall mounts, making them perfect to use in both the front and back of the house. Just as restaurant-goers can use the kiosks to check their temperatures before being seated for their meals, restaurant workers can also use the check-in kiosks to check their temperatures before reporting for work.

Additionally, to promoting a safe and hygienic environment, temperature screening kiosks can assist stores in remaining federal, state, and local regulations without conceding the time and energy of their staff. A totally unattended solution, temperature screening kiosks can use audible signals to attract an employee’s responsiveness without requiring their presence and attention on the temperature kiosk at all times.

For an update on how the pandemic is affecting your industry, click here.

3 Key Methods To Enhancing Hospital Experiences with Healthcare Kiosks

As the pandemic rolls on, patients of all ages are discovering themselves spending more time in the offices of their medical providers in front of healthcare kiosks.

Certainly, COVID isn’t the only reason patients are visiting hospitals. In fact, according to a report by Forbes, the typical American visits their doctor at least four times every year—that’s a lot of tours to the reception desk, paperwork to fill out, and energy spent in a waiting room.

Healthcare Kiosks

Regardless of whether they’re coming in because of COVID-like symptoms or just for a yearly wellness visit, one thing is for certain, patients, for the most part, want their experience in their healthcare provider’s office to be painless and straightforward. Intended to take on an assortment of tasks—from patient check-in to digital signage charging and electronic medical record management—self-service healthcare kiosks can be applied to guarantee that the experience of patients and those escorting them is precisely that.

Here’s how hospitals can improve with healthcare kiosks:

While self-service patient check-in kiosks can be used to accelerate the check-in and waiting method for patients and those escorting them, most still pass some time in the waiting room before being seen. Intended to make the time spent waiting to pass a little faster, digital signage charging kiosks can include a large format screen to share pertinent information and assets with patients.

  • Streamline Patient Check-In

For the most part, patients favor the healthcare check-in process with disgust—after all, for many, it’s a process often related to long lines, masses of paperwork, and drawn-out procedures. Intended to progress efficiently throughout the first step of the appointment, check-in healthcare kiosks can provide a protected platform on which patients can check-in for their appointment, fill out important medical forms, and alert the needed parties—all on the same self-service kiosk.

  • Modernize EMR Management

While patients only obtain a restricted amount of time with their healthcare provider, they often get a plethora of info during their visit. Intended to improve the time patients spend with their provider, EMR management healthcare kiosks can allow doctors and patients alike to securely update and share data in one easy-to-use and easy-to-reference place.

From the time being a patient comes and checks in to the instant they leave, and all the time the patient spends waiting in between, self-service healthcare kiosks of all kinds can be modified and implemented to increase the patient experience. To learn more about Popshap’s healthcare kiosk hardware solutions visit

As Companies Brace for a Second COVID Wave – Here’s How to Respond

The strain of COVID-19 on businesses, not to mention our human lives, will be felt for many months and perhaps years to come. Supply chains are still declining. The travel industry is still struggling to get off the ground. Offices and storefronts don’t know whether to stay open or close. More staff than ever before is working from home; many of those workers are trying to balance efficiency with caring for loved ones and possibly supplementing their child’s virtual school.

And of course, many industries have had to shrink their operations or pivot to other means of staying sustainable, and many, many folks are out of work altogether.

COVID event kiosk

But, even as the attitude and timelines to getting back to normal change every day, how do you create value when demand is stagnant, margins are thin, and the future is more uncertain than ever?

  • Refine Digital Tactics

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we’re more dependent than ever on modern technology than ever before. Even if you’re not situated to make substantial investments in new digital tools, you should continually evaluate the digital approaches and technologies you already use. Now is the perfect time to do so in training for “the next normal.” James, a marketing expert at Popshap, recommends that corporations take this time to optimize what’s working and explore new self-service solutions and ideas.

  • Stability Planning

This type of planning needs a flexible framework and management system to soften evolving business impact risks. It provides an organizational structure to recognize probabilistic impacts to an organization, develop a measured tactic to protect employees and operations, and cut risk and exposure while achieving a state of business elasticity.

Self-service and contactless solutions are two perfect examples of this.

  • Build on Customer Service

Even if you’re not selling goods or closing deals at the same pre-covid rate, you have plenty of chances to create important interactions with your customers. For starters, you should keep open lines of communication and plainly articulate how your business is answering and adjusting to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. Let customers know what you’re doing to keep employees safe and what you’re doing in a different way now that things are, well, different.

Fantastic customer service has always separated the best businesses from the rest… Especially during COVID!

  • Uplift Your Employees

Numerous companies have been forced to lay off workers, limit hours, or make other tough personnel decisions in order to endure. Perhaps you have, too. You should be making every effort to safeguard the individuals who have stuck with you during the disaster know you appreciate them—and there are amply of ways to do it.

One of the main ways is ensuring a safe working space.

In 2020, industries have learned that value creation involves more than fulfilling a market need. It’s a product of commercial actions that affect staff, customers, and all other stakeholders. The more value in those areas that you build today, the easier it will be to continue building it tomorrow.

Covid and the Great White Way

“They say the neon lights are bright, on Broadway”.  That famous opening line from The Drifters hit song “On Broadway”, summed up everything about “The Great White Way” up until this past March.  Magic, suspense, excitement, all of it could be said while walking past all of the different Broadway theaters at any time, day or night.  For over 91,000 people, they called this area their home 6 days a week.  8 shows a week for every show on Broadway.  A vibrant industry.  A staple for any tourist visit to NYC.  A special date night for the locals in the tri-state area.  In short, a very special and amazing part of not only the New York scene but live entertainment as well.

event kiosk for venues

Enter March 12th.  A day no one in the industry would forget.  Complete shutdown of an industry that supplied so much for so many, due to an invisible virus that no one could see, but could and would feel if they caught it.  They said it’d last a month… It’s now the middle of October, some 7 months after initial shutdown, with no rebound in site.  Winter ended, Spring has sprung, and the dog days of Summer have come and gone.  Fall is now in the air.  The curtain has yet to rise, and now, unless something major changes, the curtains and lights will stay low until the end of May, 2021 at the earliest.  That is something that no one could even fathom when the shutdown started in March.  


When the curtains do rise again, what changes will us, the patron be subjected to?  Will there be a body temperature kiosk checking temperatures on the cue line outside?  Will it be in the lobby?  What if you want to buy a ticket in the theater or a souvenir?  Will there be a desktop body temperature kiosk there?  How about one at the concessions stand?  Now, you’re ready to go to your seat and you’ve touched so many things already.  Will the way to clean your hands be with a wireless hand sanitizer unit or a wall mounted hand sanitizer one?  


Now the show is over.  One of the biggest parts of Broadway is waiting by the stage door at the end of the show to meet your favorite actor or actress.  What will the precautions be back there?  Will there even be a meet and greet allowed?  Will there be a body temperature kiosk there for all to use?  If so, who’s job would it be to make sure everyone indeed did get their temperature taken by the body temperature kiosk?  So many questions, no answers in sight.

touch screen tables rental with covid testing

So the curtain stays down for now, but sooner or later, “The Great White Way” will be back, bigger, and brighter than ever.  The magic will be back, the suspense will be greater, and the excitement will be worthy of a curtain call that will last forever.