Steps to Getting the Most Out of Vision Expo West 2021

This year Popshap has seen amazing success in the optometry space. We attended SECO 2021 and Vision Expo East earlier in the year and the response we got from optometrists was wonderful!

Studio Optyx Interactive touch kiosk at vision expo west
49″ interactive gaming kiosk for Studio Optyx

Now we will be attending Vision Expo West with a ton of excitement.

Popshap empowers optometry practices to thrive in the digital age by attracting and converting patients, vendors, and new clients at tradeshows by improving the attendee experience while streamlining your tradeshow marketing process.

With a deep understanding of the consumer psychology of an attendee, our results-driven digital technology will compel users to engage with you and leave their contact info.

Strengthen and Expand Your Lead Acquisition Strategies

Modern technology instantly builds trust and trust is what you need to form and maintain a solid client base. Many practices fall short when it comes to delivering the right marketing message about their services to the consumer through interactive technology.

How It Works

We create branded and cohesive interactive content for your brand to use with our digital technology. Your brand, your image, your story – NO TEMPLATES. We will create all of the tradeshow marketing tools you need to educate your target audience on your service(s), practice, and the options you offer getting patients closer to YES!

We work with Ophthalmology and Optometry practices at tradeshows to optimize interactive technology and expand their new lead acquisition strategies.

Leaders in Practice Growth

Our interactive technology is cohesive, memorable, and moving. And we are preparing you for long-term growth as well – by looking to the future with our technology we are engaging tomorrow’s patients today!

Universal Scheduling

Make it easy to book an appointment with you, wherever they feel like it.

Attract More Leads

Stand out with high-performing, professional technology that looks great at any tradeshow booth.

Reputation Management

Popshap helps you improve the quality and quantity of reviews across the apps and websites that matter.

5-Star Experience

Offer the best attendee experience every time.

Engage people at multiple points and deliver relevant messaging in the moments that match their need or reason for attending.

If you are going to be at this year’s Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, so will we! We’d love to show you a demo of the possibilities. Let’s get started!

Can Interactive Tradeshow Kiosks Drive Attendee Satisfaction?

Do attendees want to talk to live sales agents? That’s always going to be an ongoing debate. You’ll in fact hear opinions on both sides of the corridor. Tradeshow attendees are generally self-reliant people who are progressively looking for quick, do-it-themselves ways to get a question answered or find out more information.

If there’s a stat to emphasizes this, it’s your lead retention rate. For those already offering interactive tradeshow kiosks, be sure to track your lead generation and note your rates between those who went to your interactive tradeshow kiosks and those who don’t. You’re probably going to see higher retention rates among attendees who have chosen to simply and quickly get more info without having to speak with a sales representative. If you have yet to take the interactive tradeshow kiosks plunge, it might be time to rethink your tradeshow strategy.

self-service interactive tradeshow kiosk

Trust us, your agents will thank you. Here’s how you can master the art of using interactive tradeshow kiosks at your next show.

Successfully Use the Digital Content You’ve Created

Corporations can spend hundreds of hours fine-tuning their brochures and tradeshow marketing materials, which could also mean help center articles, FAQs, case studies, and the like. While this content is still gold, no attendee has the time nor wants to sift through pages upon pages or a 20-minute lecture to find the answer they are looking for. So, how can you promote your digital content in a more effective way?

Recognize and Fill in Your Information Gaps

It’s critical for brands to locate any pain points that are present in their knowledge bases. This includes knowing where event attendees are getting hung up on going through content or deserting the digital kiosk because they can’t quickly find what they are looking for.

When it comes to your brand’s tradeshow experience, you want to ensure your target audience is able to access the marketing material they need and when they most need it. With the help of next-gen event technology like interactive tradeshow kiosks, this becomes a reality.

Key Takeaways From the Himss Tradeshow in Las Vegas

Popshap was thrilled to help exhibitors at this year’s HIMSS tradeshow, and we’re pleased so many folks made time to stop by our booth and fill out a contact form.

Attendance, in general, was down due to the Delta variant, but there was massive pent-up energy from those who joined to meet with old contacts and make new acquaintances—of course with masks on and hands sanitized.

Here are a few things we learned from a memorable conference:

The Digital Revolution Has Arrived

Digital and virtual healthcare were major buzzwords at past tradeshows, but the pandemic has brought them right back to the forefront—and there’s no turning back now.

The virus is also accelerating the shift to virtual care and telehealth, which will necessitate investment in AI competencies that ensure specific patients are matched with the right health services and care surroundings.

Facts Must be Integrated

Fully linking medical and pharmacy information was another common subject in many of the conversations we had at the Himss tradeshow. There was obviously frustrated with outdated data warehouse vendors’ contributions when it comes to integrated, cross-benefit breakdown. Over and over, leaders talked about the need to answer initial questions, like how involvement in one benefit (such as drug obedience) affects other benefits.

It was exciting to hear so many front-runners talk about their promise to finding new ways to work with their associates across healthcare to answer these demands so that all patients can have the right of entry to the therapies they need.

Popshap interactive
Using Popshap’s interactive touch screens, trade show exhibitors offer an unforgettable experience for guests

Thank you again to all those who made time to link with us in Las Vegas at the Himss show—we hope to unite again (or for the first time) at HIMSS22 in Florida!

For a free interactive technology consultation with our team of specialists, reach out to us at

The Major Benefits of Having a Photo Booth Kiosks at Your Next Event

Photo Booth Kiosks

In the existing world, photo booth kiosks rentals have become an attractive factor for numerous events. From weddings, and trade shows to corporate meetings, photo booth kiosks can be a perfect party favor no matter the event. The photo booth kiosks can be a whimsical idea to grab people’s attention while having print-out pictures to look back on.

Many event planners recommend having a photo booth kiosk in the event for many reasons. And if you are cynical of the benefits they offer, then that is why we are here to help. Let’s discover the benefits together of having a photo booth kiosk at your event.

It Fills Your Event With Enjoyment

We all can come to an agreement that photo booth kiosks will amuse most of the people present at the event. It suggests they’re ideal for pretty much every event you can think of. Besides holiday gatherings, you can also include them during an office party, birthday bash, wedding, or brand activation.

Friends, family, and associates who will go to your event can gather for a photograph. This, for instance, can be an unbelievable method to appreciate everyone’s attendance and to create a loving and long-lasting memory.

They Make for the best Memories of Your Event

Utilizing a photo booth kiosk rental and receiving some photos in return can be a blessing in itself.

By taking photographs and pairing them with some fun props, they’ll have the option to get some wonderful souvenirs for your event. In this way, you don’t need to plan and purchase extra gifts for visitors.

It Is The Best Approach For Business

In case you’re a business owner when you are hosting a noteworthy event, including branded photo booth kiosks can be a convincing promoting procedure. The photo booth kiosk can also send a marketing message out about your products or services. Through this knowledge, you can make an impact from the photo booth kiosks that fit the theme of your event.

Whether you’re planning a trade show, a wedding, or a corporate event, you can always use a photo booth kiosk as something that captures precious and fun-filled memories throughout the event.

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Technology for Your Business

The use of interactive technology, digital kiosks, and touch screens in today’s vibrant business environment can give you an advantage over your competition. Popshap is here to provide interactive kiosks for your next event, trade show, building, or complex, helping you convey appropriate information to your consumers and visitors in an easy-to-use, modern way. From dropping costs to cultivating communication and customer happiness, touch screen digital kiosks can considerably enhance your brand in a wide range of ways. We will search 5 benefits of using digital kiosks for your industry below.

Digital Kiosks Can Help Cut Business Costs

Interactive kiosks can help your company save money by eradicating the necessity of employing a big customer service crew. This lets your employees focus on tasks that are critical to your operation. A self-service kiosk will work as a substitute for an employee, freeing up cash you would have otherwise spent on a salary and benefits.

Touch Screen Kiosks Aid Business Proficiency

Touch screen kiosks are industry solutions that can be utilized 24/7 without the need for breaks, sick leave, or holidays. They deliver a steady, high-quality user experience that will severely reduce time spent by employees answering routine questions, providing easily accessible data, and facilitating transactions, which will give your staff more time to focus on cultivating business practices and managing pressing tasks.

Digital Kiosks Will Boost Your Company’s Sales

Maybe the most appealing motive for using digital kiosks is the uptick in sales that they can help expedite. Interactive kiosks are extraordinarily effective marketing tools that can help sway your customers into purchasing certain products through the use of advertisings, packages, markdowns, and other tempting offers. The active interaction with consumers will inspire them to spend more money than they had expected and progress your bottom line.

Digital Touch Screen Kiosks Offer Fast Return on Investment

As a result of your improved sales, digital kiosks will rapidly provide a return on your investment. With touch screen kiosks able to instantly have an impact on your sales income, you will be capable to pay for your new interactive addition within no time, meaning lingering cost benefits will all be directed into your business’ reserves.

Interactive technology

Interactive Technology Allow Real-Time Message Updates

Digital signage kiosk allows you to update data in real-time, cultivating the communication channel between you and your visitors and customers. If you have status or promotional update, building directory change, or flash sale you would like to publicize, you can rapidly reach your targeted customers by revising the display from the comfort of your home or office.

How Interactive Kiosks Are Changing Major Cities

interactive kiosks rental

The City of Miami has unveiled the first in a series of interactive kiosks, to help upgrade the pedestrian experience and offer extensive connectivity.

The initiative could see up to 150 interactive kiosks installed city-wide. Locations for the kiosks, dubbed (interactive kiosk entertainment), consist of Overtown, downtown, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Little Havana and Allapattah.

“As the City of Miami continues to grow into one of the country’s leading technology hubs, we are so happy to add digital kiosks to our rights-of-way to build on our pledge to smart city initiatives and strengthen our role as innovators,” said Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami.
The double-sided interactive kiosks have two digital touchscreens and a suite of interactive applications intended to engage and drive discovery and movement. Each interactive kiosk serves as a free wi-fi hotspot and is location-aware, exhibiting information specific to the neighboring area.

Multilingual digital content includes comprehensive wayfinding, listings of area businesses, cultural organizations, events, civic resources, job listings, and social services such as homeless housings, addiction recovery programs, and food support. These wayfinding features are designed to turn data into action by helping users navigate to their endpoint, either walking by providing multimodal transportation trip opportunities.

interactive kiosks displays

The goal is to further activate the pedestrian experience while lessening the digital divide through widespread connectivity and equal access to data. This type of interactive kiosk platform is designed to add value to the towns in which they do business and everyone is excited to serve the residents and guests of Miami.

The program is delivered, operated, and maintained at no cost to taxpayers. All aspects of the program are funded by rigorously controlled advertising content that is exhibited when the interactive kiosks are not in use.

The Town will receive a constant stream of the revenue produced by media sales and distributes a percentage of those dollars to five key quasi-governmental establishments, proportionate to the number of interactive kiosks installed within their confines.

The City says that the interactive kiosks will also frequently exhibit new projects by local and international entertainers in collaboration with some of Miami’s most recognized cultural organizations.

Why Interactive Displays Are Perfect for Business

There was a time when merchandising displays broke the mold with simple video loops or motion sensors encouraging audio call-to-actions. Building on the foundation of these features, many of today’s interactive displays go even further with unique ideas to showcase and demo goods.

It’s no wonder to see pioneering brands implementing unique features into their merchandising plans. Not only does technology offer information collection abilities, but incorporating entertaining modules excites shoppers and encourages buying. Eventually, interactive displays can lead to deeper customer education and brand faithfulness.

self-service technology with interactive displays

Interactive displays with touchscreens

For over a decade now, touch kiosks have revolutionized our everyday capabilities. We use them to order food, pay for parking and check bags, so it’s easy to forget that touchscreens weren’t always the standard.

Because the technology is deep-rooted and widely used today, some companies have improved merchandising displays with touchscreens to give customers a hands-on, self-service experience. Uses often include shopping a never-ending aisle, looking up additional product information, or tailoring merchandise.

When online goes offline

Omnichannel, integrated marketing, call it what you want. The point is, we’re pretty familiar with the process of spreading our shopping experience across an assortment of digital platforms now. And with the customer’s eagerness to resume in-store shopping as the pandemic declines, once-digital brands are ramping up partnerships with traditional brick-and-mortars to reach a larger group of consumers.

As these associations continue to flourish, watch for more experiential interactive displays from companies looking to capitalize on the customer’s comfort level with interaction and digital networks.

touch kiosks and interactive displays for rent

Overall, all interactive displays are a significant component to a brand’s successful marketing plan, calling attention to a brand’s goods and building a loyal buyer base. Furthermore, interactive features that both stimulate and enlighten can go even further to set a brand apart from the competition. And with interactive displays of the future, technology will play a considerable role in providing a tailored and educational customer experience.

Popshap x ATL CBD Expo Recap: Interactive Technology Stole The Show!

On June 10th we flew a team down to Atlanta to set up interactive technology for the CBD Expo which is the largest CBD and hemp show in the country!

This year would be no different.

Out of all of the trade show that we have been to so far, this one by far had the best turnout of the year.

trade show kiosks

Our job was to provide remarkable interactive digital signage throughout the event. This gave attendees and exhibitors the ability to do a variety of different things but most importantly provide interactive information.

Popshap was able to incorporate the customized software to design a layout for all the information vendors and attendees needed. It entailed four categories, Agenda, Speakers, Navigation, as well as Show Specials. When attendees clicked on Agenda, they got to view all the CBD expo’s events with times and locations. The Speakers tab included all of the guest speakers, with a brief description of them and when they are speaking.

The navigation category was called “Find Your Way” which helped attendees view exactly where exhibitor’s booths were located as well as their logos and a map of the show floor. The last tab, Show Specials informed people of all the deals and discounts for the brand’s products.

interactive technology

Interactive kiosks have shown to be a great asset for many brands at trade shows, two exhibitors which were clients of ours proved this to be true.

Both rented our 49-inch white interactive kiosks to display facts about their brand and products for attendees. People at the booth were able to follow the brand’s social media and engage in games and activities. One of the most popular games was the wheel of fortune, Popshap software allowed attendees to add their emails and spin the wheel to win a prize. This interactive game was a great way to attract individuals to the booth, start a conversation, and generate leads.

Our photo booth software was another engaging activity that was displayed on the interactive technology. This provided guests with an interactive way to make long-lasting memories with permanent images. Adding this interactive technology to the trade show booth allowed them each to generate over 1,000 leads.


A Few Significant Event Features for The USA CBD Expo in Atlanta

  • Wayfinding
    • Our interactive technology came with wayfinding features to help exhibitors and visitors navigate the trade show floor easily. An event filled with so many people it’s bound to get confusing, our software displayed a map of the floor along with the exhibitors’ booths and their logos. Two of our interactive kiosks also included charging stations, with cords that were compatible with all mobile phone devices.
  • Agenda
    • With our interactive kiosk’s people were able to easily find out what significant events were coming up and where they would be held, by simply pressing the agenda tab.
  • Self-Service Technology
    • The organizers at this event were looking for solutions cut down on person-to-person interactions at the entrances of the show. Our body temperature kiosks and face mask recognition software allowed guests to do a self-check-in that was quick and efficient while reducing the danger of spreading illnesses and viruses among attendees.

Common Video Wall Mistakes Most Brands Don’t Think About

video wall technology

When installing video walls, brands can run into a wide assortment of difficulties. This blog aims to provide answers for common mistakes when executing this technology.

Pitfalls To Dodge When Using Video Walls

Whether your idea is to rent video walls that are in a prime position, or purchase them and install them at your own business or event space, the cost is often easily offset through the sheer amount of exposure you can accomplish in a short period of time. There are, though, some common pitfalls to think through and evade. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to produce a flawless video experience.

Not Understanding The Goals Of Using A Video Wall

Before doing any type of visual implementation, the brand must consider the company goals associated with this approach. How will a video wall increase and promote your marketing message versus the promotion you’re currently doing? For instance, in an event atmosphere, a video wall is tremendously useful for exhibiting event sponsor content, directing guests to various areas of the venue grounds, and keeping visitors entertained with appealing visuals, among other things.

Not Understanding Your Space

Before even thinking about implementing a video wall, it’s vital that you understand the space that you’ll be inhabiting. These aspects will come into play when defining the appropriate size, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution, and power supplies of the video wall you have. Also, contemplate the other components that will be present in the space – if you’re preparing for a trade show and only have a small booth, a large video wall may be overwhelming to attendees and take away from your main marketing message.

Not Realizing The Technical Capabilities Of Digital Content

Videos, pictures, audio, text other digital content will need to be optimized for the type of video wall you’re working with. Nothing makes a video wall look more unprofessional than minuscule, unreadable font and low-resolution visuals. Both should be big and clear enough to easily comprehend. Remember: Even though digital content looks awesome on a laptop; it might not render to the massiveness of video walls. Always build digital content with big video wall-sized screens in mind.

Not Knowing Common Digital Content Problems

There are numerous problems that individuals without design experience can run into when creating digital content for video displays. Let’s explore a few.

  • Digital content is too long
  • Small, illegible text
  • Forming visual hierarchy
  • Crafting a unified display

Not Using Interactivity

While an interactive video wall isn’t a requirement, it can make for a wonderful end-user experience and improve event engagement. You can implement interactivity into a video wall, either by using a touch screen display or via an application on a mobile device that augments the digital content.

As a business, it’s your duty to view your video wall setup through the eyes of your intended audience. How will they best benefit from a video wall’s interactivity?  Contemplate the types of digital content that will be displayed on the video wall – whether it’s a virtual product demo, in-house network programming, social media feeds, audio-visual augmentations, or static pictures.

How Major Brands Monetize Self-Service Technology

self-service technology for trade show

Redbox, Coinstar, and Five Star Food Service all share one big goal: to monetize their self-service technology whether it’s an interactive kiosk or digital signage.

Leaders from the three brands, which are implementing DOOH (digital out of home) media technology, shared an understanding of their unique methods at the self-service innovation summit.

Starting with programmatic DOOH. Programmatic speaks to the buying and selling of advertising through software. The tactic originally began with online display media before spreading into mobile and video networks and now traditional advertising channels containing TV and radio.

Despite strong automation abilities, programmatic DOOH isn’t something that’s just set it and forget it. The human component, as well as a brand’s media and marketing approach, both play a dynamic role when it comes to an effective programmatic campaign.

When done effectively, it can deliver a new way to reach your targeted audience, connect with shoppers and increase revenue.

For us, self-service technology has always been about generating engaging and exciting consumer interaction and bringing that to life. We remove outdated digital signage and bringing in exciting concepts to boost sales and engagement.

At Redbox, the movie rental the core of what they do, but they are also focused on leveraging their kiosk screen space for ad revenue.

A few years back Redbox began looking at advertising across several platforms, such as programmatic ads on the self-service kiosks, more notably the banner ad space at the top of the kiosk screen’s user interface.

That presented a real opportunity given the 100-million-plus impressions a month Redbox was getting. The key step was to use the influence of entertainment to advertising at the point of retail.

One facet that may often be misinterpreted when it comes to DOOH is that it entails tons of internal assets and tons of individuals and a big pocket full of money.

But, that’s a huge fallacy.

When we think about how everybody is all various phases, you can still have victory without having a huge team. You can construct on a small sort of footprint and go from there.

A major key to the success of self-service technology is ensuring the DOOH effort has both the support and participation of marketing, sales, and the company’s operations crew.

We recommend using both a one-to-one and one-to-many ad methodology as it has both opportunities to leverage for your business.

Digital signage can be used in the marketplace as that one-to-many strategy, as anyone almost anywhere in the facility can see the ad displayed. The interactive kiosk is one-to-one and you can tell when somebody is there.

And that — the best of both worlds — is eventually where every brand wants to get to.