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How Touch Screen Kiosks Can Help You Reach New Customers

touch screen kiosks

If you are looking for methods to build up the buyer base for your business, then the touch screen kiosks our business offers may give you new possibilities to do that. Modern interactive displays allow you to offer marketing material and services in ways that were not useful in the past. Our interactive touch screen kiosks provide an enticing technique for potential consumers to find out more about your brand while also dove-tailing in with services that the user may find valuable. Here are a few concepts for ways that our digital technology can be used to let your business reach new buyers.

Grab sidewalk traffic

If your business is on a busy sidewalk then touch screen kiosks or interactive digital display boards placed within the grasp of passers-by can help you reach new consumers. Folks love to interact with audio-visual displays and a display that offers them beneficial functionality will be appealing for most people. This affords you the opportunity to enlighten casual visitors about your business or product and subtly introduce them to the answers that your business can help them with.

Event advertising

If your business repeatedly advertises at events to find new consumers, then interactive touch screen kiosks may let you take that advertising an extra step. In addition to providing material about your business, you can also take the opportunity to use the kiosks to provide handy information and functionality for the events themselves. Folks love to buy stuff but hate to be sold to, so merging your advertising with useful and appropriate services can be a far more effective way of presenting them to your business.

Better Customer Service

Once you have a decent shopper base the easiest and ultimately the most fruitful method to help that customer base grow is to hold on to the consumers you have already amassed. If you provide a service for those consumers that meets their needs and gives them no cause for complaint, then they will have no reason to look somewhere else.

Interactive touch-screen kiosks give you many methods that you can improve the shopper experience. Touch-screen systems allow you to offer clients interactive approaches to rapidly complete their tasks. This allows them to easily find out more data about their choices with those tasks. And they help them find out about other difficulties that your business can resolve for them.

There are a vast number of ways that interactive touch-screen technology can be applied to help your business grow. Popshap can help you with new concepts and the hardware (or software) and expertise vital to convert those concepts into reality. Let us know what digital signage or touch kiosk-related problems that you need explained and then we can talk about the answers that we are able to provide to you to help your brand expand.

Recap: Popshap at Vision Expo East with Studio Optyx

Last week we had the pleasure of curating an interactive experience for Studio Optyx at this year’s VEE in Orlando Florida.

This year’s show flourished as exhibitors and attendees alike donned the latest in eyewear fashion.

With no holding back, Studio Optyx showcased three of their main brands in style! Complete with branding videos, prize wheel, and photo booth. Studio Optyx generated over 100 leads just from our interactive trade show touch kiosks.

Did you know that 64% of trade show guests are not existing clients of exhibiting companies? This number shows how important these events are in promoting your business and improving your income generation potential.

These trade shows are great opportunities to meet up with vendors and prospects.

But here’s the thing!

There are other participants in your line of business striving for the same attendees’ consideration. In such a situation, you will need to do your very best to keep the trade show partakers coming to your trade show booth with innovative touch tables and interactive kiosks.

This speaks volumes about the importance of marketing your booth. By adopting these touch screen kiosks or video walls, you can be well on your way to success in attracting maximum attention, engagement, and conversion with well-crafted and well-promoted trade show kiosks.

How to Find the Most Profitable Locations for Your Touch Kiosks

Anyone who owns an interactive touch kiosk knows how vital it is to put these prized assets in locations that will harvest the best return. But how do you decide where these “best places” will be? It is not as stress-free as choosing high-traffic sites, because if that traffic does not match well with your target customers, you will just have a lot of folks walking right past your touch kiosk.

Building a viable location space specifically for your touch kiosk type is important to capitalize on revenue per touch kiosk and achieve a faster return on your investment. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or you already have touch kiosks in place. Either way, this blog will help you ensure your interactive kiosk is as productive as imaginable.

So, where do you begin? You begin with what you know and what you have.

trade show touch kiosks

If you already have touchscreen kiosks in the market, you have real performance data and you have a working infrastructure. Consolidate the following data:

  • Which touch kiosks are performing the best and the worst? What do those places have in common with each other?
  • Did some interactive kiosks take longer to ramp up? Why?
  • Are any kiosks unsuccessful? Why?
  • How far apart do your touch kiosks need to be to offer good operational density while not cannibalizing each other?

This data gives you a starting point. You have a feel for what is functioning and what is not. You also have operational geography to construct out from.

Guidelines for beginners

But what if you have not placed any touchscreen kiosks yet — in this case, start with answers to the following inquiries:

  • What type of goods or services are you vending?
  • Who is your target market — demographics, behavior traits, etc.?
  • Which section of your target audience will be involved in securing your product or service via a physical kiosk?
  • How often will your touch kiosks need to be serviced/replenished? Who will be doing that work?

Then, you’ll need to layer on other statistics to help you narrow down all the possible placement choices for your interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Recognizing the best touch kiosk locations is key to your overall ROI achievement. It is imperative to take the time to do the essential research before committing to a place and expanding your network. Think about each potential site from your perspective as the business and from the point of view of your customer. A knowledgeable business location tactic will guarantee you find the best and most profitable place for every one of your touch kiosks, freeing you to quickly grow your business with self-confidence.

Brands are switching to event kiosks for improved customer service

Event Kiosks have been around for a while now.  Though, more recently these types of interactive kiosks started to gain momentum and solve numerous problems in day-to-day business operation activities.

Lately, there have been many successful deployments in event kiosks in various industries. Successful touch screen kiosk utilization needs to replace an existing service that is presently being carried out with manual labor or meets the demand for a business or operations service that is not currently happening.

touch screen event kiosks

Touch screen kiosks offer sessions that combine data and hands-on (or off) experiences to make your digital content noteworthy, personal, and striking. The following concepts will help you draw in guests, hook them with your smart interactive kiosk strategies, and then convert them into buyers!

Registration – for company events, speedy registration is an outstanding start to a fruitful gathering. Visitors need to be able to instantly access their accounts, input their data, obtain their tickets or badges, and be on their way as soon as possible! Registration kiosks, event registration arrangements, on-site badge printing, tailored agendas, and visitor guides are the perfect opener to an event or trade shows.

Entertainment – for almost any event, interactive kiosk rentals can deliver exciting and important digital content that lets guests shop, receive free resources, view and accept promotions, enter contests, hear music, or watch videos. Brainstorm about offering e-books, PDFs, free trail, workshops, webcasts, podcasts, and streaming content that can put some fun into breaks and idle time.

Digital Document Library – This is a valuable data portal that lets attendees get downloads for information and convenience. Remove the cost, misunderstanding, clutter, and waste of print collateral—making it easy for visitors to access exactly the information they want, no matter how comprehensive or technical. Better still, the kiosks will gather data that offers respected insight into the information that visitors found most interesting.

Our touch screen kiosk and software technology is quickly becoming the standard for retail sites, institutions, commercial buildings, roadshows, trade shows, exhibits, and so much more.

Charm your attendees with event kiosks!

Why Every Trade Show Booth Needs a Kiosk

With events and trade shows starting back up again, we want to encourage safety as well as a more convenient and efficient way of advancing your booth. That’s where kiosks come in, they are perfect for any event and trade show. Touch screen kiosks are perfect for displaying your product in a modern way that will have guests fonding over your booth. Below are four advantages of having a kiosk at your trade show booth.

 Trade show touch screen kiosk rental

Self-service Registration

Self-service kiosks are making checking in and out easier than ever, with the press of a button and no lines you can easily register for the event and booth you want. QR codes are another great way to promote your products as well as making it easier for the audience and customers to access information on your brand from their very own phones.

This also decreases the amount of people gathering in front of each booth, social distancing guidelines make it difficult for lots of people to gather and listen to you talk about your products. QR codes are solving that problem by making it easily accessible to give your customers all the information they need without having to gather in large groups.


Digital touch screen kiosks make advertising and marketing your product all the better and increase foot traffic. With these digital displays you can sponsor messages and create captivating images on your kiosks which will attract an audience to your booth.

Having free charging stations are also great ways to attract people, when they come over to your booth to charge their phones it gives you the opportunity to sell them on your brand.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is big with trade shows and with interactive kiosks you can enhance your social media presence, while keeping customers engaged. Touchscreen displays allow you to have your customers and audience answer questions, give feedback on your products and services while keeping them entertained.

Data collection

These digital touch screen kiosks make it easy to attract as many customers as possible and analytics on the customers who are interested. You can get a kiosk with a camera which tracts the amount and the type of people who are visiting your booth. You can also link apps to the kiosk, and make it easy for visitors to input their names and email addresses. When the show is over you can log into these apps and access all of that information.

Surveys are another great way to get insights on customers and having a QR code that links to a survey on your digital display will make it convenient.

For the last couple of years Popshap has been working with numerous brands to display their products and services at trade shows. We have kiosks of all kinds and can be customized for your brand, click here for more information on our trade show kiosks.


How Self-Service Kiosks are Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

With the growth of smartphones and other technology, many professionals in the hospitality industry are beginning to recognize the importance of convenience for customers and staff. This is where self-serving kiosks come into play.

Self-service kiosks offer the ultimate customer service experience and provide safe ways of communicating information. This doesn’t mean eliminating that human interaction completely, it provides a balance of technology and human interaction to improve and keep the industry safe. Below are the top benefits of self-service kiosks for the hospitality industry.

Reduce wait time with easy check-in and check-out

First impressions are lasting impressions, no customer liked to wait in line for long periods of time, especially after hours of traveling. With self-service kiosks, you eliminate wait time and provide quicker service. These kiosks can be placed in hotel lobbies and can also keep children entertained while parents check them in. Kiosks can be used as sources of entertainment as well as information.

Checking in and out will forever be changed with self-service kiosks, not only do they reduce wait time, although this wouldn’t reduce personal communication. It gives guests an option, they can still go to the front desk or go to a kiosk.

Improve customer service

Self-service kiosks provide a personalized experience, guests have the opportunity to make decisions and have choices from the fingertips. With PMS systems, customer information can be stored and used to provide a personal experience. This will allow you to service them better for their next visit. With stored information, email marketing can be used to create a loyal customer base and build long-term relationships to ensure their return.

Some kiosks even have the option to select multiple languages, so anyone traveling from overseas can have a smoothing check-in process.

Overall, we can predict that in the next couple of years the rise in kiosk technology will become the new normal for checking in and out of hotels or simply ordering digitally at restaurants. Get ahead of the competition and order self-service kiosks for your business.

Self Service Kiosk: Doing More with Less

You have seen self service kiosk around for a while now, but only in the past couple of years have they grown in popularity amongst business owners. From fast-food chains to automated services at the bank and airport, self service kiosk helps to accelerate customer service questions, purchases, and assist with other important information.

Self-service kiosk allows your employees to do things that would normally require them to interact with customers or guest questions. Instead of standing behind the counter, associates can be reassigned to the more important tasks, such as payroll, HR, and logistics.

self service kiosk

Let’s discover some of the many gains of self-service kiosk and see how this unbelievable technology can take your business to the next level.

Help more customers

Because self service kiosk is easy to use, customers often find it faster and more suitable to use them than going to the counter. This has the added advantage of creating a positive customer experience that leads to positive word of mouth. If a customer has had a wonderful experience with your self-service technology they’re likely to tell other individuals, growing your potential customer base. Not only are self-service kiosks allowing for a quicker, more resourceful serving of customers, they’re also changing customer behavior in a vital way.

Better profits

In spite of the preliminary investment that self-service kiosks carry, they offer a strong return on investment for your organization. As your status for fast, convenient service surges, your customer base will also grow, creating more streams of revenue. Self service kiosk also offers enhanced upselling abilities compared to traditional methods of service, improving the chance for increased profits.

Saves time

As a business owner, self-service technology can save you time by shifting some of the HR tasks – like updating contact info – to your team. This lets you to focus on more tactical aspects of running your business, like looking for new ways to grow revenue. (which Popshap can help with)

It can also help your team work more resourcefully by allowing them to access their information whenever they need to. They can update their personal info, check their time-off balance, or review your company’s handbook from any device. They won’t have to track you down to submit a request or get an answer to a simple HR question.

Yes, technology can be automated.

Self-service technology is fast becoming the trend for reasons other than the pandemic: it helps to advance many tasks in our everyday lives while also allowing more freedom for customers. Even though creating a digital kiosk program may seem intimidating at first, self-service is a digital trend that almost every industry can and most likely will ultimately adopt.

Want to learn more about how self-service kiosks are changing your industry? Schedule a demo now!

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive supplier of self-service for your organization, look no further than Popshap. We’ll take you through every step of your plan, so you can start appreciating the benefits of self-service kiosks in no time.

The Future of America’s Economy is in the Hands of Self-Service Technology

So much of what is emerging from the tech world right now is supporting self-service technology options for consumers to be able to ‘get stuff done in ways that would have before always meant speaking with another human being.

This isn’t just AI, airport-style kiosk computers, and chatbots (though it does contain all three); this is self-service technology where organizations have worked to construct automation layers into their business so that self-service ‘tickets’ for IT can be executed without a service agent needing to actually engage, or show up at a user’s desk.

Self-Service Technology and kiosk software

It is also the extended use of AI to ‘talk’ to humans, the capability for social media platforms to communicate with you on increasingly direct (but fundamentally automated) interactions… and for IT systems to remind you to be at the dentist by text message and so on.

Of course, not all self-service technology examples have a place in every business. That said, every public-facing sector of the economy has found numerous uses for the sort of self-service technology you will see listed below. If you want to find out more about the sort of modernization that is going on in the field of self-service and automation, then read on.

Automated Service

Slowly but surely, the hotel and retail industries are adopting self-service technology. Many hotels have check-in and check-out kiosks to make guests ‘arrivals more enjoyable and less turbulent. More appropriate, digital self-service cannot be ignored in the modern world.

Self-Ordering Technology

This technology is a growing trend in the restaurant industry. This kind of technology rises operational effectiveness as well as increases customer service by taking off the burden of standing in a line.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest names that already adopted self-service technology. Their kiosks have been in test since 2003 in the United States and as of this year, they will be installed at all U.S. locations.

It’s progressively hard to find retail shops, restaurants, and public spaces that don’t use self-service technologies in some form. We all want to get things done fast, without having to strain over how the service will be. That is why more and more regularly, businesses are employing self-service applications to expand their customer service and reduce costs.

Moreover, if you are still not absolutely convinced that self-service is the best way to be assisted, many companies are implementing the combination of self-service technologies with human customer service. That way, they please both needs of customers: speed and personalized service.

Wedding Planning Event Ideas


Your big day is coming up, or you’re wedding planning and these big days come up all the time. In any event, the question of how to make the wedding as precious as the occasion is always present. And if you are in the position to be calling shots then we may have something to talk about. Regardless of your family traditions or what it is you imagine this day to be like, there are certain factors that are utilized at every event.

Wedding planning kiosks

Everyone Looks Great

Firstly everyone comes to a wedding dress to the 9’s at least, more often than not it’s the 10’s. When anyone looks and feels like a 10 there is usually one responsible for that. Picture time. And while selfies are nice they don’t capture the whole figure and they’re awkward, especially in a formal setting.

People Who Look Great Love Pictures

wedding planning with photo booth kiosk

The photo booth kiosks smoothly and easily take an inconvenience and turn it into an opportunity. Instead of people isolating themselves on their phones from the rest of the party, you have created a magnetic social hub, where there is room for everyone. Pictures are captured and sent directly to emails. Which of course makes thank you emails easier to organize. Not to mention that the photo gallery which will undoubtedly be put online now has a central location for finding fun shots.

Wedding Kiosks

Now though things get really interesting. Let’s say that you want the best of the best, after all a wedding is not the sort of event to scrimp on. You can even customize your own interactive touch kiosk to have content for the bride and groom. Take pictures and videos from the dating period all the way to trivia about the new couple.

wedding planning with event kiosks

Let people share in their story and details they may not know about to enhance the event for each attendee. For wedding planning, this is a beautiful sentiment as it gives each person a piece of the bride and groom. At a wedding everyone wishes, they knew more about the bride and groom, they are the center of attention. This is a beautiful way to inform the crowd and create amazing memories while understanding the bride and groom are the busiest people ever right now.

Weddings Unify People

Wedding events are shared experiences. Interactive kiosks at weddings bring that to the surface. They take why everyone is there and gives them a way to interact with the cause. Ask the couple a few questions beforehand and let people guess what their answers are. They are an explosive amount of potential options with a device like this. You can even give small profiles for each groomsman and bridesmaid. Have people guess who the bride and groom are from family pictures. Really the potential is endless.

Be Original

Most people if they get any kind of kiosk at all, just get a photo booth kiosk. This is great and people love it, like seriously, the whole night everyone is waiting to take their picture. But with the potential available it’s a minimal utilization.

Whatever you can think of to make that day as special as it can be, it can be created. Event kiosks for weddings are the perfect way to have people come and enjoy themselves as they wish.

New Years Business Resolutions

All endings, which are usually followed by a beginning, always entail a great deal of introspection. You begin to wonder about your current state of affairs and the activities that have been enforcing them. Now once you do that you begin to make resolutions about the upcoming year to try to bring the sought after results.

Business Framework

Coming at this from a business perspective, fortunately, can lead to very actionable answers. Business is simpler because the goals can be simpler. Businesses try to make money whereas in your life your aiming for a much more complex goal, happiness. But in business, you may have brilliant ideas about how to increase revenue. You have an incredible projection of what your brand could be. Great. An idea is a start, but how can you bring those ideas to life? And almost equally important, how can you make other people believe in those ideas?

Marketing is Packaging

Precious things need precious wrapping. Imagine getting served the most incredible meal on the most disgusting looking plates and plasticware. You probably wouldn’t even eat it. Ideas work in the same fashion they require the proper packaging. You could have the most brilliant idea, but if you pitch it to someone without appropriate casing it won’t get off the ground. What’s really crazy is how this works in the inverse. How we have seen time and time again, that really pathetic and unoriginal ideas, get fantastic marketing, AKA packaging, and do unbelievably well.

Touch Kiosks

Creating a Solution

This brings me to the selling point right? Well yes, but it should bring you to the resolution point. I have a product that encapsulates ideas and brands extremely well. It comes equipped with a large custom display screen. A sleek design, clean formatting, and content generated by you, as in your idea getting appropriately presented. That would resolve a lot of business resolutions. The problem changes from how to present the idea, to how to execute it.


Large touch screen kiosks. They are firstly beautiful in appearance. But what really adds to it is the interactive quality. Your customers, or potential customers, get to put their hands on your brand. We’ll help you design content specific to your event or store, so it grabs the attention of people. With a dynamic screen and a range of interface options, spanning the spectrum from simply digital posters, to picture taking, to facial recognition, the options are entirely up to your imagination.

So now when you ask this year about what you can do to increase productivity in your income, one thing should stand alone. Kiosks. They bring the interactivity of smartphones to a public domain. They link what people search for on their phones to social interaction. Bring one or two kiosks to your next event and see how the audience responds.