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3 Good Reasons to Have a Touch Table At HIMSS 21

Today it is normal to find a touch table in exhibition areas, for instance in museums or galleries, or in educational establishments, as an aid to education. But you can also use them at trade shows and events such as HIMSS 21.

touch table and digital screens
Popshap digital touch screens reduce paper and a great green alternative for the trade show experience

Now Popshap does offer a wide variety of interactive screens and devices, the touch table occupies a special place, for a series of tangible advantages. We have recognized 3 main ones.

It arouses interaction

The spot in which it is most pleasant for us to read, write and draw is certainly sitting. When we read a book, or play a game, we are seated at a table. The interactive touch tables combine the ease of the position, its wide viewing angle, and the involvement of the touch interaction, which in most cases does not require instructions or teaching. Simple intuitive motions are enough to interact with the digital contents, stimulating participation and extending the stay.

It improves surroundings

In addition to being an exciting digital experience, the touch table also doubles as a wonderful piece of furniture: its minimal design and customization possibilities make it able to increase any trade show booth. Also, being intended for thorough use, it is generally built with tough and safe materials: it, consequently, offers a steady and resistant support surface, which can be used in many ways. For instance, in a trade show booth, we can keep cards, forms, and tools on the table while continuing to work on the table.

It streamlines processes

The quick spread of interactive tables at trade shows and events is due to the huge advantage they offer in terms of generalization and speeding up of the service. Instead of having to write down every new lead that comes by the booth. Use our touch tables to invite guests to play games and enter their information in themselves.

To keep it plain and simple touch tables enhance your space. And build ways to easily target your key attendees. It inspires production and simplifies the lead generation process. It also increases the customer experience, engaging and charming attendees like never before.

5 Reasons to Consider Touch Table Rentals

In-store technology is no longer something set aside for only high-end, excessive companies. Fast food restaurants, mechanic shops, malls, and every industry in between can now embrace all types of in-store technology using interactive touch table rentals and more.

Touch table rentals exist as stand-alone touch screen tables or kiosks, wall-mounted screens, or tablet-sized devices, and they serve as a digital marketing and development tool for empowering you and your consumers to control the experiences they have in your establishment.

People love touch tables and anything interactive

As the demand for consumers to have digital experiences continues to cultivate, interactive touch table rentals allow companies to give consumers what they want.

Touch screen tables are fun, engaging, and attractive. They help customers and patrons connect more deeply with your brand, guide consumers through their buying process, and create outstanding moments.

custom touch table rentals

Companies can set up interactive touch table rentals so consumers or attendees can use them in the following methods.

Menus & Catalogs: Consumers and buyers are comfortable with using digital devices to shop. So bring that self-service technology (touch screen kiosk and touch tables) into your store by offering customers interactive experiences that can help them browse your catalogs and menus on their own terms.

Demos: For goods or services that are hard to explain, you can use digital signage that lets consumers watch product demos or branding videos. Also, you can assist consumers to browse your marketing content about how the product works and see results or reviews.

Ordering: From an interactive kiosk with a payment system to touch table rentals, interactive touch screens put the power to place an order right in your buyer’s hands. While this ordering flair seems normal in a restaurant setting, also recall that you can utilize it in a retail setting too. We have done it in almost every industry. Touch table rentals enable consumers to place orders for large things or for objects that aren’t in stock in the store.

Loyalty Programs: If you offer a shopper rewards program, get more folks to sign up by promoting it on interactive touch screen tables. Consumers can quickly and effortlessly learn about and sign up for your program when they want while in your store.

Coupons: Coupons are an outstanding incentive for capturing shopper contact info. Use your digital signage to encourage offers that consumers can access by entering their email addresses or phone number. This practice is also a good reason to get consumers to join your loyalty program.

Touch screen table rentals offer consumers something they want and need, and it helps your company. It’s the technology that is popping up in more and more companies. So don’t get left in the dust for failing to leverage this fun and pleasing touch table technology.

Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in Interactive Technology

The pandemic has pushed the company’s attention to the benefits of digital signage and interactive kiosks.

Empowering corporations to continue engaging and notifying consumers while upholding distances in response to the pandemic is one of many advantages that self-service technology provides, including cashless payments and virtual assistants.

Even though these can harvest noteworthy profits, there are some difficulties that merit watchful deliberation. Digital signage operates within an amazingly arduous regulatory framework, and operators must meet severe standards for consistency and security. Regrettably, many companies focus on rapidly delivering new ways to intermingle with potential customers — overlooking dire issues concerning connectivity, security, and compliance.

Interactive kiosk Technology

From cost and dependability standards to multifaceted connectivity approaches and security encounters, companies must thoroughly assess some of the keys to installing digital signage for their company to ensure a lasting and quantifiable impact:

Connectivity. The technology to connect digital signage and supporting structures include many amalgamations of installed infrastructure and cellular platforms.

Security. Routers that aid digital connections must be “secure by design” with built-in security that’s methodically tested. Security must be recognized at multiple levels, from secure boot to encryption and authentication of passwords and information.

Hardware specifications. Remember that perplexing indoor/outdoor environments can create distinctive deployment needs. Before, companies have concentrated on indoor spaces, where it’s important to provide a quality signal in dense buildings and through obstacles like walls and pillars.

Device management. As information travels between applications and end devices, it’s serious to integrate a management solution that monitors information communication between devices and configures those devices to swiftly identify and respond to possible issues and cybersecurity threats.

The connectivity, reliability, security, and hardware can make or break your deployment plan.

touch screen kiosks rental

As digital interactivity increases traction in retail spaces, cellular connectivity for these exhibitions will grow in rank. The high quality of LTE connections and the development of 5G technology only improve the value. Although 5G is still in its premature stages, it brings considerable potential advantages. Though, let’s also note that the bandwidth and latency gains from 5G do not benefit all digital signage and interactive kiosk usages.

Retail will radically change in the coming months and years. Companies looking to expand customer engagement, bait customers back into physical stores, and progress safely will start to install a greater number of touchless interactions. Digital signage buying and deployment sequences can entail patience, and stores will have to pay unusual attention to connectivity to keep deployments functioning securely at all times — and eventually achieve a meaningful ROI.

How Interactive Kiosks are Improving Education

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to help all types of industries. For schools and universities, digital technology such as interactive kiosks and digital tables. My focus in this blog is to talk about the benefits of these digital screens in elementary and middle schools and e-learning from home.

With the craziness of covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, and still many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school. E-learning has become the main form of education for many children and parents are finding it difficult to teach and keep their kids entertained while they have their own work to do. That’s where these kiosks and touch tables come in, they make virtual learning fun and stress-free for parents.

55 inch touch screen table


Benefits of kiosks for e-learning

E-learning is difficult enough for kids, with less face-to-face interaction. Children often get bored and lose focus easily, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer or tablet all day is not the way to keep kids engaged.


Active Learning

With touch screen tables, children have the freedom to walk around and complete different educational tasks in different sections of the table. Teachers can be seen better on larger screens and interact with children as if they were in the classroom together.  This digital screen supports all types of software that include countless activities and enhance the interactive experience.

Boosting Enthusiasm

Interactive displays are able to keep children more engaged and pay more attention. When children are able to stay active while learning it boosts their enthusiasm to keep learning, with their short attention spans they need to constantly be entertained with activities.

Although these displays are great for teachers and e-learning, they are also great ways to keep children occupied and entertained when the school day is over. With tons of features and software’s touch screen tables and displays can keep your child from getting bored. Different art applications and music applications are easily installed.


To conclude, interactive displays are improving e-learning and education as a whole. These systems are easy to install in homes and schools and will keep your child entertained for hours while you can get back to work. They will learn in a fun environment and aren’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day. Get your digital touch table today to improve your child’s learning.

Why Every Trade Show Booth Needs a Kiosk

With events and trade shows starting back up again, we want to encourage safety as well as a more convenient and efficient way of advancing your booth. That’s where kiosks come in, they are perfect for any event and trade show. Touch screen kiosks are perfect for displaying your product in a modern way that will have guests fonding over your booth. Below are four advantages of having a kiosk at your trade show booth.

 Trade show touch screen kiosk rental

Self-service Registration

Self-service kiosks are making checking in and out easier than ever, with the press of a button and no lines you can easily register for the event and booth you want. QR codes are another great way to promote your products as well as making it easier for the audience and customers to access information on your brand from their very own phones.

This also decreases the amount of people gathering in front of each booth, social distancing guidelines make it difficult for lots of people to gather and listen to you talk about your products. QR codes are solving that problem by making it easily accessible to give your customers all the information they need without having to gather in large groups.


Digital touch screen kiosks make advertising and marketing your product all the better and increase foot traffic. With these digital displays you can sponsor messages and create captivating images on your kiosks which will attract an audience to your booth.

Having free charging stations are also great ways to attract people, when they come over to your booth to charge their phones it gives you the opportunity to sell them on your brand.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is big with trade shows and with interactive kiosks you can enhance your social media presence, while keeping customers engaged. Touchscreen displays allow you to have your customers and audience answer questions, give feedback on your products and services while keeping them entertained.

Data collection

These digital touch screen kiosks make it easy to attract as many customers as possible and analytics on the customers who are interested. You can get a kiosk with a camera which tracts the amount and the type of people who are visiting your booth. You can also link apps to the kiosk, and make it easy for visitors to input their names and email addresses. When the show is over you can log into these apps and access all of that information.

Surveys are another great way to get insights on customers and having a QR code that links to a survey on your digital display will make it convenient.

For the last couple of years Popshap has been working with numerous brands to display their products and services at trade shows. We have kiosks of all kinds and can be customized for your brand, click here for more information on our trade show kiosks.


How Self-Service Kiosks are Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

With the growth of smartphones and other technology, many professionals in the hospitality industry are beginning to recognize the importance of convenience for customers and staff. This is where self-serving kiosks come into play.

Self-service kiosks offer the ultimate customer service experience and provide safe ways of communicating information. This doesn’t mean eliminating that human interaction completely, it provides a balance of technology and human interaction to improve and keep the industry safe. Below are the top benefits of self-service kiosks for the hospitality industry.

Reduce wait time with easy check-in and check-out

First impressions are lasting impressions, no customer liked to wait in line for long periods of time, especially after hours of traveling. With self-service kiosks, you eliminate wait time and provide quicker service. These kiosks can be placed in hotel lobbies and can also keep children entertained while parents check them in. Kiosks can be used as sources of entertainment as well as information.

Checking in and out will forever be changed with self-service kiosks, not only do they reduce wait time, although this wouldn’t reduce personal communication. It gives guests an option, they can still go to the front desk or go to a kiosk.

Improve customer service

Self-service kiosks provide a personalized experience, guests have the opportunity to make decisions and have choices from the fingertips. With PMS systems, customer information can be stored and used to provide a personal experience. This will allow you to service them better for their next visit. With stored information, email marketing can be used to create a loyal customer base and build long-term relationships to ensure their return.

Some kiosks even have the option to select multiple languages, so anyone traveling from overseas can have a smoothing check-in process.

Overall, we can predict that in the next couple of years the rise in kiosk technology will become the new normal for checking in and out of hotels or simply ordering digitally at restaurants. Get ahead of the competition and order self-service kiosks for your business.

The Advantages of Adding a Touch Screen Kiosk to Your Business Mix

Using a touch screen kiosk is of critical importance to any business operation, these days is the aptitude for consumers to quickly reach you whenever the need arises, irrespective of what time of day it is. Though many companies don’t need to be open 24/7, many facilities do. Not being able to accommodate customers when they’re inspired to buy means lost profit opportunities.

This is where a touch screen kiosk can make a difference. Let’s inspect the many advantages of using this touch screen technology and some key deliberations for investing in a model.

An interactive touch screen kiosk enables your customers to get service when and how they indicate. If someone arrives after hours or pay a bill, the touch screen kiosk is there. It can also serve as a gateway for customer support, equipped with handy user guides, regularly asked questions, and how-to material. For a more delicate touch, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and video teleconferencing can be made accessible through the touch of a button.

touch screen kiosk

For building managers and operators, being able to offer around-the-clock service is the most instant benefit, but a digital kiosk can mean much more to the industry. For one, the screen becomes the textbook promotional machine, displaying marketing resources, offering virtual tours, and helping as a paperless catalog. United with vital information and links to sales and offers, the upsell perspective is excellent.

When New York-based real estate developer put touch screen kiosks in its facilities, the company’s return on investment was momentous. Before installation, the most units leased in a single month at one facility was 29. After the first month of using our kiosks, that same facility leased 44 units.

Kiosks and touch screen tables offer an opportunity to improve your facility and business, so it’s vital to choose the right model and features for your wants. Let’s study a few important decision points.


In many ways, the spot where you anticipate putting the interactive kiosk will drive your choice of product. Self-supporting units are big and sturdy and can be held in place. Other models can be installed through a desktop or wall mount. Both types require watchful placement.


In the long run, how you plan to use the touchscreen kiosk should be the driving influence. Contingent on what you want it to do, you’ll probably need to invest in some extra hardware.

For example, a license scanner or camera, a credit card reader, a bill acceptor, or a barcode reader to name a few.

The value of capturing more customers and sales should be instantly noticeable to your bottom line. With a bit of preparation, installing kiosk technology can add coats to customer convenience while also uplifting your brand.

Do Touch Tables Offer a Better Customer Experience?

When it comes to touch tables, most people imagine a large display that showcases cheerful, colorful digital content. Most do not think of touch tables. The reason for this is that most folks view touch tables as more tablets that are essentially consumer electronic devices.

On the other hand, in many cases, touch tables can deliver excellent customer experiences for every business — they offer a variety of tailored content, as well as awareness and analytics.

While personal tablets are regularly limited in size, commercial touch tables can range considerably in size, which offers an unlimited amount of flexibility.

55 inch touch screen tables at event

In businesses that have restricted spacing such as retail stores, smaller touch tables can also be integrated into portions of furniture or into remaining shelving.

Larger touch screen tables can be used as more traditional displays, while also delivering the abilities of a commercial tablet, such as custom applications, interactive digital content via touch, as well as the capability to gather information and insights via supplementary sensor technology.

It’s also vital that technology providers provide alternatives besides touchscreens, for example, QR codes or controlling content from the users’ own phones. All through the pandemic, our staff has been building interactive solutions and looking for ways to craft meaningful customer experiences with all-in-one touch tables being a large part of the answer. Putting data at a customer’s fingertips as well as using their own devices to interact with the display or easily communicate in real-time with a company’s staff.

Stuff-like curbside pickup and ordering queues work really well with this blend of tablets in conjunction with a customer’s mobile device.

It’s great that we don’t have to think of answers, or hardware and platforms as a hammer because then every use case looks like a nail. Instead, our interactive solutions are developed where clients can build and test them from scratch.

Having the capability to provide the design and manufacturing all the way through to peripherals and software, opens up a huge opportunity when a client has a unique situation.

The Future is Customer Self-Service For Businesses World-Wide

If you haven’t heard by now, customer self-service is how your customers want to interact with your brand. CX trends tell us they now anticipate to be able to more than get an answer to an inquiry. According to a Coleman Parkes study, 91% of customers say they’d use online self-service sources if presented, and 75% prefer online support as long as it’s trustworthy.

Customer Self-Service touch screen tables rental

But what would customer self-service really look like for your brand? In this blog, we’ll share a few best practices for applying customer self-service in your business properties.

Be accessible (and seamless) across different digital channels

The best customer self-service websites truly go beyond just their website, allowing the same level of service across all the digital platforms where customers want to engage. For instance, launching the same basic bot functionality across your website, mobile app, SMS, and Facebook Messenger guarantees a steady experience is being presented to customers regardless of where they choose to interact.

Opportunities to progress your customer self-service

Goods, guidelines, and information are continually changing. While it’s good to strive for high accuracy from the get-go, self-service is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Keep in mind that a big volume of customer questions may be fairly similar, so it’s vital to use a tool that can examine the intent of questions and intelligently group-related subjects for you to review.

Think about particular use cases you could address

Customers now want self-service to go beyond simple ask-and-answer (although addressing FAQs is a good “version one” for a self-service chatbot), so we recommend giving some thought to what other common use cases you might be able to systematize via self-service.

Pay attention to personalization and context

Customers share a lot of info with companies, and they anticipate value in return. Personalize online experiences to the maximum degree possible based on the data you’ve already amassed about that individual.

Brands can learn a lot from examples of customer self-service technology, and more easily envision how it could work for them based on what other companies are doing. Popshap focuses on helping customer brands have engaging, significant, useful interactions with customers to drive value and competitive differentiation. We’d be pleased to create a self-service strategy for your business, leveraging our 2o+ years of self-service expertise. Contact us today to get started.

The Benefits of Touchscreen Tables is Growing Around The World

Interactive touchscreen tables are highly beneficial and entertaining to use. Not only that, they’re exciting to possible clients, customers, and staff.

Not only does using state of the art technology and equipment help distinguish your business as an innovator, but today’s digital devices and equipment can resourcefully streamline your entire business process, quickly eradicating wasted time and unnecessary stress sustained by redundant business tasks.

27 inch touchscreen tables

Here are just a few ways that touchscreen tables can be used to give your business the upper hand.

Interactive Touchscreen Tables are Two in One

It may not appear like a touch screen table should ever be used as a regular table, but they certainly can be without hampering functionality whatsoever. The table’s multi-touch projected capacitive touch screen display will only register a user’s fingers, so even if you lean on the touch table with your arm, it still won’t disturb its function.

This means you could lay papers, phones, pens, laptops, or anything else you need to use right onto the extremely durable, scratch, and impact resilient touch screen.

The Pros of using Touchscreen Tables far out way the cons. For example;

Supporting customers with the necessities: Never again will your workers have to tiresomely manage new contact info. This technology allows you to scan in guests and personal instantly. Then it can pull up all their relevant information for current or future endeavors.

Ask for invaluable feedback: Want real-time feedback from your customers? Use your multi-touch screen table to conduct surveys in real-time with passing visitors to gain insight on what your brand is doing good…and what could use some work.

Get Financial Savvy By Opting For An Interactive touchscreen Kiosk Rental

Best of all, using a multi-touchscreen table as part of your business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. At Popshap, we offer a unique range of interactive kiosk rental alternatives for clients who want all the rewards our devices offer, without the full-time obligation that comes with buying these products outright. Want to hear more about our interactive touchscreen kiosk rental options?  Contact us now for more information!