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Quick Tips for Marketing Your Tradeshow Booth in 2021

Marketing Your Tradeshow Booth

As event planners navigate the latest best practices for in-person events, one component that certainly can’t be ignored is a clear tradeshow marketing strategy. But how have the guidelines evolved in this new, socially distanced realm?

We offer up some quick tips for creating an effective tradeshow marketing strategy in 2021.

Be ready to turn new attendees into devoted customers.

One of the unquestionable benefits of tradeshows is the ability to reach a larger audience. Of course, that also means you’re contending with a ton of other exhibitors. As an effect, your tradeshow marketing should have even more importance on creating your own space and your own community, and driving that branding marketing message through that community.

Don’t miss your chance to interact with these new attendees. Use your tradeshow marketing messages, to convert some of those casual attendees into devoted customers who may become raving fans in the future. After all, more involved attendees lead to a larger community that can help spread the word for your brand.

As more hybrid events continue to happen, communicate clearly—and think through which element you want to promote first. 

As vaccines continue to roll out and hybrid events become more prevalent, audiences need to really recognize the difference between the virtual and in-person tradeshow experiences—and the value of each.

Establishments are reconsidering some of their events because some attendance still isn’t what it used to be. This begs the question… does your brand really need to be there in person. Brands need to look at their event assortment and think, ‘this one is better suited for a digital setting. And at this other one, face-to-face connections are really necessary so that’s better in person.’ Or, figure out a program where the in-person event has a distinct experience that you can’t duplicate in the virtual environment.


Find out the 4 reasons why you should rent a trade show photo booth for your next get-together.

The status of trade show photo booth rentals has gone through the roof in the last few years. It seems like they would be vanishing out because we have tools like Instagram and Tik-Tok in the palms of our hands.

But the reverse is in fact true.

trade show Photo Booth Kiosks
Popshap event kiosks and photobooth software

More individuals search for photo booths than they do for any other lead generation tool. If you go to any trade show marketing website, you’ll see loads of recommendations for booths available to you.

So why the rage?


You have heard the expression “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But check the pricing of trade show photo booths and see for yourself.

You’re usually charged by the hour, so you can decide to have a photo booth at the event for only part of the show if you’re on a tight budget. Photo booth prices run lower than most other entertainment choices that you might be considering.

They are usually even lower than getting real photographers.


When you think of photo booths, your attention might go to weddings. But they’re fitting and add fun at just about every event you can think of.

Got a trade show coming up? Add a photo booth.

Graduation, baby shower, birthday? A photo booth works great for them all and more.


If you’re planning on attending a trade show, you know firsthand that arranging a show takes a lot of work.

If you choose to add a trade show photo booth as entertainment, you’re not adding more work to your list of responsibilities. Our company will come to set up and clean up without you having to do any of the extra work.

A staff member stays at the booth for the totality of the event to make sure everything runs smooth and your visitors have the best possible experience they can. You don’t have to fear anything when you rent a photo booth from Popshap!


If you’re concerned about finding the right entertainment that fits into the theme of your trade show booth, look no further.

Trade show photo booths can be customized to fit any possible show or booth theme you’ve come up with. You can brand the borders and the colors on your photo strips. This gives your trade show booth a personal touch that folks will carry with them long after the event is over.

Taking the speculation out of your trade show will make it a less nerve-wracking experience for you. A photo booth rental company like us with this much experience will let you exhale easily while visitors capture priceless memories.

Popshap Announce Partnership That Will Catapult Trade Shows Into The Digital Era

We proudly announce our partnership with Shepard, a worldwide leader in the trade show and events industry.

“The goal with Shepard is to help trade shows move into the digital age by becoming more interactive with their presentations. We also want to bridge the digital gap for exhibitors especially for Shepard’s clients,” said Eitan Magid CEO of Popshap.

A partnership like this makes sense because trade show logistics can make or break an event. This trusted union offers exhibitors white-glove services, and economical shipping and handling rates. Popshap even provides a dedicated service desk at every show. Now, Shepard’s clients can get digital trade show technology at more affordable rates and price points than ever before!

trade show digital signage

Popshap is known for its customer-centric interactive trade show technology. Combining physical events with digital experiences, brands are discovering that interactive digital technology is driving bigger audiences, increasing engagement, and long-term success. Popshap is built to scale, their intelligent event technology creates personalized attendee experiences for events large and small.

But that’s not all, Popshap has also been making headlines with their recent “Bringing Trade Shows Back Safely” campaign all across America! Where they have been donating their body temperature kiosks to event organizers in hopes to see trade shows make a comeback in 2021.

Preparing for a tradeshow has a lot of moving pieces, now it’s easier than ever to simplify the entire process, lower costs for exhibitors, and build immersive, stunning interactive experiences just like the major brands. That is why this partnership is special. Not to mention this partnership pairs decades of experience in the event and technology space to provide modern trade show technology.

This partnership means immediate access to consultants that can help find the exact interactive or digital experience brands need. It means a stress-free experience, where companies can trust that they’ll receive what they need when they need it.

It also means developing meaningful partnerships with other vendors to get the best service for the best prices – And then pass those benefits directly to the attendees.

Popshap is proficient at anticipating future changes because they have the resources available to do trend research, which explores the changing demographics of any event. This research helps to select and strategically place technology that considers the integration of a multi-generational audience, the changing desires of exhibitors, the balance between collaboration areas versus private working areas, and many more factors.

Popshap interactive

A partnership like this permits exhibitors to have a competitive edge in technology, data, and digital support. It also allows brands to schedule pre-show appointments, consistently capture leads, enhance first impressions, and follow-ups.

Global businesses think about what their brand stands for, and where it should go next.

Popshap is creating a new normal that is driving extraordinary results in the trade show and events industry. Around the world – at convention centers, stadiums, hotels, and arenas – Popshap is proud to partner with Shepard to help event organizations of all types create a more seamless experience for attendee interactions while improving cost efficiency. For more information about Popshap please go to

Digital Trade Show Display Ideas To Make Your Booth Stand Out at Champs 2021

So, you are looking for more ways to make your trade show booth look its best at your next event; you came to the right place because a custom digital trade show display is one of the best marketing tools to grab attention and generate interest in possible customers and clients. A good trade show digital display doesn’t have to be too much work or too expensive. If you’ve got booth space at this year’s Champs show in Las Vegas and are wondering what you are going to do with it, here are some amazing trade show booth concepts that can make you stand out and be remembered.

Trade show kiosk rentals and digital trade show display
powerful interactive technology solutions help support the success of your entire trade show experience


  1. Digital Displays Make Your Booth More Attractive-

When you are presenting at a trade show, your main goal should be to show attendees all about what you do and how you can support them with whatever idea you have. The catch is — present your brand well. Instead of bringing attendees on the show floor, connect with them through a digital trade show display! Allow your target audience to ask questions or schedule a demo on the interactive kiosk. It’s an informal and fun way to display! You should make your booth in such a way that individuals going by will notice and get captivated to know what you are proposing.

  1. Go for modern strategies-

In most cases, brands think it’s necessary to have a mix of both traditional and modern designs. One really good thing about going with only interactive technology for a trade show is that they are very useful and work like building blocks. You can reorganize them as per your requirement to better suit your booth needs. Yes, some say that digital trade show display technology is expensive compared to traditional designs, but they pay for themselves and prove to be very beneficial in shows, particularly if you are trying to promote many things at the same time. When you are going to the trade show, you need to be very picky with your brand design so the advertising can stop audiences.

To get the best outcomes and make your trade show booth stand out, partner with a company like ours that specializes in custom trade show digital signage and related services. If interested, let’s chat.

Tips for Success at This Year’s White Label World Expo

As we were making plans to attend the White Label World Expo in Las Vegas. It made me reflect on how important trade shows are to the American economy. There are so many opportunities at a trade show and depending on your strategy there could be a number of different outcomes.

Are you planning to reach a broader customer base, or do you want to pitch a physical product to your target audience? One of the greatest ways to do that is with trade shows.

The central point of such trade shows should be the value of the digital signage displays and trade show kiosks. Your trade show booth has a chance to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of folks if you make a dapper and powerful product display.

interactive trade show kiosk

Marketing your brand is very important when it comes to winning at the White Label World Expo. It may have become a tad more relevant as we try to return to some kind of normalcy.

Interactive Trade Show Kiosk

A modernized atmosphere in the middle of a trade show floor can help you score some major points among the guests. Getting flabbergasted by the chaos and bustle in a trade show is normal. Most attendees experience multiple sales pitches and brand messages from all sides which may swamp them.

Helping with a charging station and place to relax in the middle of all the bedlam can make them open to discovering new ideas and maybe even your offer. I can tell you one thing, your staff at the booth will have a better shot at getting concrete leads, and hence, a higher chance of a sale. You can create interactive double decks to control the space for private meetings.

Engaging Touch Table Sessions

You can have a precise set of interactive branded content tailor-made for the attendees. Put it on a touch table to make it even more personal. It will help keep them super engaged. The interactive touch tables often tend to be more stimulating and help foster a better bond with your target audience.

You can have different types of touch screens displays at your trade show booth, which can display testimonials or product demos.

If you will be at the White Label World Expo in September and would like more information on how to wow audiences. Let’s chat.

Popshap Announces New Trade Show Advertising Technology Bundle for Organizers

As the pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated and become even more universal. As things stagger to get back to normal we saw an abundant need for new trade show advertising technology.

As we have started attending more events this year we have noticed that meaningful interactions are still expected from attendees. With engagements getting disjointed and expensive, smart advertising technology has hence come into play for creating enriched experiences and increased revenue for trade shows and event organizers.

Diverse goals and purposes may offer challenges to event organizers but our new advertising technology infuses education and entertainment to create lasting engagement and real-time analytics for every show.

interactive trade show advertising technology

This means organizers can easily customize multimedia content for sponsorship engagement in places such as reception counters, event signage, kiosk, or walkways, our advertising technology gets the job done.

Our trade show advertising technology is ready for real-time media playback on two individual interactive kiosks displays, which brings upgraded experiences for the attendees as well as flexibilities for show deployment.

These interactive kiosks bring the unlimited potential for tailor-made visual applications. With one touch kiosks showing static images while the other playing video promotion, for example, organizers now have customized digital media sponsorship content for several audiences in different locations, maximizing the trade show experience with more creatives.

We work with event organizers like you to generate more revenue with our interactive trade show advertising technology.

Our smart marketing kiosk allows you to create new revenue streams by running interactive advertisements throughout the venue on our devices. Attendees can play sponsored games, win exhibitor prizes, take branded pictures, and get the latest information about the event all from one device. And the best part is, you can charge for it!

There is no upfront cost to you. And you would be able to upsell sponsorships by offering deeper marketing analytics and customized lead generation tools.

If interested, let’s chat for a few minutes

Recap: Popshap at Vision Expo East with Studio Optyx

Last week we had the pleasure of curating an interactive experience for Studio Optyx at this year’s VEE in Orlando Florida.

This year’s show flourished as exhibitors and attendees alike donned the latest in eyewear fashion.

With no holding back, Studio Optyx showcased three of their main brands in style! Complete with branding videos, prize wheel, and photo booth. Studio Optyx generated over 100 leads just from our interactive trade show touch kiosks.

Did you know that 64% of trade show guests are not existing clients of exhibiting companies? This number shows how important these events are in promoting your business and improving your income generation potential.

These trade shows are great opportunities to meet up with vendors and prospects.

But here’s the thing!

There are other participants in your line of business striving for the same attendees’ consideration. In such a situation, you will need to do your very best to keep the trade show partakers coming to your trade show booth with innovative touch tables and interactive kiosks.

This speaks volumes about the importance of marketing your booth. By adopting these touch screen kiosks or video walls, you can be well on your way to success in attracting maximum attention, engagement, and conversion with well-crafted and well-promoted trade show kiosks.

Trade Show Booth Tips For Post-Pandemic Success

trade show booth digital displays

We can all come to an agreement that COVID has not made for the best year for attending events and trade shows. On the bright side, it’s was only a matter of time before events and trade shows return to the good old days. One thing is clear, though: it won’t be the same as it was previously. So what does that mean for your trade show booth? Fine-tuning plans and courageously facing the post-pandemic challenges are the only ways onward for now.

Either way, the trade show will go on!

Enhance your trade show digital displays and stands with engaging digital signage. Showcase your business with these 7 trade show booth success guidelines to make the most of your next event.

We’ve got you protected during this ambiguous period! Get a move on and check out this editorial for useful tips on how to have a successful trade show booth with special importance on COVID-19 safety methods.


Tip 1. Do your homework

Take a good look at associated shows, counting your own shows from earlier years and others that are in the same business. Get a good impression of what everybody else is doing. Then you can begin tailoring your own solutions to stand out.


Tip 2. Find a winning strategy

Hold thinking meetings with your team to plan your business and marketing strategies and determine exact goals. Figure out the motto and mission statement of your campaign.


Tip 3. Attract your audience with free Wi-Fi

This particularly works for tech-savvy audiences who like to stay connected. Wi-Fi is a treat at trade shows and provided coverage is often blotchy. Set up your own with a big statement that it’s available at your trade show booth. You’ll get a big, steady draw!

Tip 4. Use interactive kiosks to highlight your sophisticated products or services

Get within the attendee’s eyesight with bold graphics and brand marketing messages. Direct attention to your booth. Make an instant impact with tailor-made graphics and make a splash in the sea of exhibitors.


Tip 5. Incorporate video wall displays to highlight your daring identity

Here’s a trade show display tip for those looking for accessibility. Easy to set up, these video wall displays will give you a very professional and modern tech-looking presence. Consider this particularly if you’re working with a smaller crew.


Tip 6. Include creative digital posters to get attention

Easily grab attendee attention with this trade show digital posters. Combine your logo/branding message with a tailored design on digital signage to raise curiosity.

Tip 7. Mix dynamic digital signage to wow your guests

Looking for something really superior? Check out dynamic digital signage that can be customized to anything you like with immersive, thrilling graphics.


Looking for the best trade show booth digital signage?

  • Work with us to produce an outstanding trade show booth production and then sit back as we make it happen!
  • Join forces with us on your digital signage and booth ideas and take advantage of our first-class customer service, accessible 24/7.
  • Contact us now! We’ll help you craft the ultimate expo demonstration, helping you with our skilled staff every step of the way.

Boost Your Trade Show ROI with Touch Table Rentals

You can boost your ROI considerably at your next trade show. What’s our secret formula you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple: Interactive kiosks and touch table rentals.

Now we would be lying if we didn’t mention to start planning early!

We can’t tell you how many of our clients wait until the last minute to book their touch table rentals to start their trade show preparations. If your next trade show is three months from out, you should definitely be getting ready today. You’ve all heard the saying, “Time is money.” If you use the time to your benefit and reserve your touch table rentals early, you can make even more money at your next show.

Recently, we’ve studied some of our past trade show projects. What we’ve found is that many of our clients could have cut their trade show costs by 25% if they had started preparing for the show just 3-4 months ahead of the event.

If you decrease your show-related expenditures, the end result will be enormous increases in your event marketing ROI.

Below are some instructions to help you see the benefits of touch table rentals and understand the major savings by preparing for your show three or more months early:

  1. Order your touch table rentals and graphics now. There are several rewards to choosing touch table rentals a few months early, including 1) a greater number of touch tables to choose from (longer lead times won’t be a worry), 2) no need to rush any customized services, and 3) ground shipping can be used, rather than rushed shipping. Depending on how large your shipment is, using ground shipping alone will save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars depending on where it’s shipping too.
  2. Fine-tune your interactive marketing strategy early on. If you’ve crafted a well-researched, all-inclusive, and customer-focused trade show marketing campaign, you’ll have a much better post-show result. Ordering your pre-and post-show marketing materials for your touch table rentals early will allow you to get marketing content done sooner and for less than a rushed job. Then you’ll be able to get a jump start on your competition since you’ll be building interest in your company at an earlier stage.
55 Inch touch screen table rentals
55-inch digital touch table

Don’t let time pass you by without taking advantage of any opportunities to save money. Take steps now to get your touch table rentals!

The Popshap team is ready to make your next trade show a successful one. If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to contact us. One of our technologists will be happy to help you.

4 Proven Interactive Trade Show Kiosk Strategies Major Brands Use

Are you in charge of planning a trade show or event? If you want to make your folks feel great about your booth, there is ONE GIANT secret that can give you major success… it’s an interactive trade show kiosk.

By now it shouldn’t be a secret but making your trade show booth interactive, makes it more memorable.

To help you see success on the trade show floor we are going to cover some of the best tips, tricks, and proven systems for creating more involvement (and entertainment!) at your booth with an interactive trade show kiosk.

Interactive touch screen kiosk solutions

ATTENDEE participation

Attendee participation is dire to a successful event. Invite as much involvement with your interactive trade show kiosk as you possibly can. And remember, you want feedback before, during, and after your event.

Don’t wait until a few days after the show is over to survey your audience do it right there on the spot, from your interactive trade show kiosk.

Your goal from the get-go is to get as many leads and as much feedback as possible.  Example: If the demonstrations are running long and boring your audience, use your interactive trade show kiosk to gain input and then instantly use that feedback to make real-time changes. Now that’s how you make an adjustment on the fly! Attendees will feel heard and empowered.

DEMOS that include attendees

Your audience wants to interact that is why they are at the trade show. If your theme is “Building Together,” don’t have one person do all the talking. Instead use creative content on your interactive trade show kiosk to showcase reviews, create games, or puzzles, display interviews all from the touch device.

Folks remember what they do. The key thing is this: Don’t tell them about it. Show them and involve them.

ENTERTAINMENT that involves

One of the amazing things about an interactive trade show kiosk is it has so many options. Humor is characteristically interactive because laughter connects people. It’s also great medicine that can revive life in your booth.

Consider this: an interactive photo booth that allows you to change backgrounds and add fun images to the picture. Another fun feature an interactive trade show kiosk has could be a mind-reading game, a sing-along showcase, or even live streaming on social media.

The point is, don’t forget to include the interactive fun factor at your booth.

GAMES and contests

This is one of the main reasons why brands love their interactive trade show kiosk… The games and contests. With Popshaps software you can include, game shows like “Name that Tune” and “Family Feud”, and so much more. Many of your attendees are competitive individuals. Put them in the spotlight and generate enjoyment with an interactive game that ends with prizes and rewards.

With our kiosks software, there are even games that can consist of your entire audience with smartphone polling apps.

Next, if you can budget for it, have a production partner run the technical side of your trade show booth. The big trend will be toward hybrid events with some attendees in person and some joining via a virtual connection. A company like Popshap can make your entire event look and feel unforgettable.