Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Smart sensor touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is an automatic spray type hand washing machine/soap dispenser using digital circuit control, infrared automatic induction, and battery (or DC power) drive. It has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, strong resistance, and sensitive induction.

The infrared sensor automatically ejects liquid, which is suitable for the use of various disinfectants, potions/hand sanitizers; It’s low- energy drive circuit. The battery life is longer. It is an ideal choice for public places.

We recognize that individuals want to engage with a secure, reliable, environment with this touchless automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. That’s why our team of self-service experts designed and established our own compilation of award-winning digital interactive touch screen kiosks and software tools.

From idea to completion, our specialty is the software, design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, and support of touch screen kiosk solutions for our clients worldwide.

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Weight 4 lbs

Key Product Features:

Fully automatic induction-to avoid the spread of bacteria caused by contact
More user-friendly design, simple installation, simple use, and long life

Fully automatic power-saving chip, more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective
Long battery life and supports AC/DC power supply
Automatic continuous spray function. When continuous sensing, the machine will spray once every 3 seconds, it will automatically stop, re-sensing, you can continue to work.

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