April, 2018
Ziegfeld Ballroom, New York


HealthCorps works to educate kids and students about mental wellness and health awareness.  HealthCorps hosts a Gala event every year to raise money for their organization. This was the 12th annual Garden Follies Gala and it took place in the Ziegfeld Ballroom located on West 54th Street in New York City. Whenever HealthCorps makes a giant event, they always want giant results. So they asked our experts at Popshap to make a photo booth kiosk where the Gala attendees can create a memory to take home with them.


Popshap designed a photo booth kiosk that matched their brand in style and simplicity. We provided a way for people to have their photos sent directly to their phones or emails. The photo booth became a focal point of the party and pictures were being taken non-stop all night. All pictures were framed with Healthcorps brand so their message would stay with the attendees after they left.


For this Annual Gala, we performed an Interactive Experience with a 49″ TouchScreen Kiosk with Photo booth setup with custom frame and email functions, text and ability to save all email addresses and supply to the user for their mailing lists.