L'Oréal IT Day 2020

L'Oréal wanted to test their IT team's knowledge of their own products and services, but they didn't exactly have a line out the door to challenge their brains. It was crucial to get a detailed tab on the teams' knowledge base as they were the front lines running the companies technology and everyone depends on them. Enter Popshap. Working with L'Oreal, we created a fun and enticing interactive experience that encouraged participation by gamifying the event.

The Solution

Using Popshap, L’Oréal set up their event with a 43″ interactive touch screen kiosk and a matching 43″ touch screen table. Pairing our touch screen hardware with their custom-designed quiz software and a special CMS, they were able to collect the answers, rank the participants, and then display them around the event. This created a competitive atmosphere where employees wanted to make sure that their name was #1 for all to see. I mean, who wants to come in second with your boss there to see?! 

The turnout and participation was so good, they held a second event with the same setup and saw a 400% increase in turn-out! They were going to do a third event but, #coronavirus.


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