May, 2018
Austin, Texas


NPD hosted their 2018 IDEA conference this year in Austin Texas. The conference was created to bring leading experts from all over the world to present the latest models of thought that are advancing a widely diverse set of industries. NPD came to Popshap to help them broadcast their brand at the event and create digital signage to keep attendees informed about the location and upcoming events.


Popshap designed 6 interactive touch screen kiosks for NDP. Each kiosk came equipped with relevant information about upcoming speakers, digital maps, and even a trivia game. Attendees were kept informed about the latest news and updates about the conference and stayed engaged all throughout.


Popshap for NDP event used 6 49″ Touchscreen Kiosk, all over the place to create an interactive experience with the attendees, showing them the upcoming events and important information about the current event performed in Austin, Texas.