Retail Kiosks

Even though online shopping is much more convenient for most people, consumers still enjoy visiting stores. There is something to be said about feeling and seeing the products in person and walking out the store with your purchase that generates a completely different experience.


Popshap touch screen kiosk

Endless Ways of Utilizing Retail Kiosks

Popshap’s customizable interactive kiosks provides a multitude of engaging experiences that will likely leave customers wanting to come back. The kiosk service could allow for a comprehensive view of your store’s inventory, without needing to display every product you have in stock. This which would in turn cut costs and make for a more interactive experience.

The kiosks could be used for a variety of digital in-store advertising opportunities. Instead of having two or three stagnant advertisements around the store, with Popshap’s digital posters, you could display dozens of photo and video advertisements on loop at various key locations around the store, showing off your top products. Another way to Popshap’s kiosks could be used to entice people into your store is by utilizing the photo feature of the kiosks.

For clothing stores, instead of using the static mannequin models to display your apparel, have the kiosk recognize the presence of a passing person and digitally display your featured clothes right onto them! The kiosks could also improve in-store attendance and engagement and better inform your customers by promoting special deals and promotions in the store that would only be available at the kiosk.

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There are infinite ways to utilize the interactive features of Popshap’s kiosks to create an interactive and dynamic in-store experience your customers won’t forget!