5 Reasons to Consider Touch Table Rentals

In-store technology is no longer something set aside for only high-end, excessive companies. Fast food restaurants, mechanic shops, malls, and every industry in between can now embrace all types of in-store technology using interactive touch table rentals and more.

Touch table rentals exist as stand-alone touch screen tables or kiosks, wall-mounted screens, or tablet-sized devices, and they serve as a digital marketing and development tool for empowering you and your consumers to control the experiences they have in your establishment.

People love touch tables and anything interactive

As the demand for consumers to have digital experiences continues to cultivate, interactive touch table rentals allow companies to give consumers what they want.

Touch screen tables are fun, engaging, and attractive. They help customers and patrons connect more deeply with your brand, guide consumers through their buying process, and create outstanding moments.

custom touch table rentals

Companies can set up interactive touch table rentals so consumers or attendees can use them in the following methods.

Menus & Catalogs: Consumers and buyers are comfortable with using digital devices to shop. So bring that self-service technology (touch screen kiosk and touch tables) into your store by offering customers interactive experiences that can help them browse your catalogs and menus on their own terms.

Demos: For goods or services that are hard to explain, you can use digital signage that lets consumers watch product demos or branding videos. Also, you can assist consumers to browse your marketing content about how the product works and see results or reviews.

Ordering: From an interactive kiosk with a payment system to touch table rentals, interactive touch screens put the power to place an order right in your buyer’s hands. While this ordering flair seems normal in a restaurant setting, also recall that you can utilize it in a retail setting too. We have done it in almost every industry. Touch table rentals enable consumers to place orders for large things or for objects that aren’t in stock in the store.

Loyalty Programs: If you offer a shopper rewards program, get more folks to sign up by promoting it on interactive touch screen tables. Consumers can quickly and effortlessly learn about and sign up for your program when they want while in your store.

Coupons: Coupons are an outstanding incentive for capturing shopper contact info. Use your digital signage to encourage offers that consumers can access by entering their email addresses or phone number. This practice is also a good reason to get consumers to join your loyalty program.

Touch screen table rentals offer consumers something they want and need, and it helps your company. It’s the technology that is popping up in more and more companies. So don’t get left in the dust for failing to leverage this fun and pleasing touch table technology.

Inspiring Women in Technology

The name Grace Hopper probably doesn’t ring a bell, however, her role in technology software and programming is the reason technology is the way it is today. 

Grace Hopper stands as one of the most important role models in tech history and most importantly women in history. Her brains and dedication to finding solutions and creating the first manual to one of the early computers including Mark 1. She helped pioneer computer programming and credited the term “computer bug”. 

event kiosk for women's event

As a woman in the age of WWII made sure her voice was heard and was one of the first people to design one of the first compilers, which translated to a programmer’s instruction guide to computer codes. “If you ask me what accomplishment I’m most proud of, the answer would be all the young people I’ve trained over the years; that’s more important than writing the first compiler.” 


She is an inspiration to all men and women, an intelligent graduate from Yale University who made history with her innovative strategies. “They love to say, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ I try to fight that. That’s why I have a clock on my wall that runs counter-clockwise.” She is considered to be the Queen of software. 


Another famous woman in technology is the pioneer and prophet of the computer age herself Ada Lovelace. A mathematician and writer who proposed the Babbage mechanical general-purpose computer. She worked alongside Charles Babbage to create the first analytical engine and her thoughts on coding are the reason coding is the way it is today.


Ada’s work has left her the legacy of being the pioneer of programming with her algorithms, we should all take something away from Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace. Two amazingly talented and inspiring individuals who helped create the technological world we have today. 

So let’s not wait till next March to celebrate these inspiring women, let’s do it every day.

The Future is Customer Self-Service For Businesses World-Wide

If you haven’t heard by now, customer self-service is how your customers want to interact with your brand. CX trends tell us they now anticipate to be able to more than get an answer to an inquiry. According to a Coleman Parkes study, 91% of customers say they’d use online self-service sources if presented, and 75% prefer online support as long as it’s trustworthy.

Customer Self-Service touch screen tables rental

But what would customer self-service really look like for your brand? In this blog, we’ll share a few best practices for applying customer self-service in your business properties.

Be accessible (and seamless) across different digital channels

The best customer self-service websites truly go beyond just their website, allowing the same level of service across all the digital platforms where customers want to engage. For instance, launching the same basic bot functionality across your website, mobile app, SMS, and Facebook Messenger guarantees a steady experience is being presented to customers regardless of where they choose to interact.

Opportunities to progress your customer self-service

Goods, guidelines, and information are continually changing. While it’s good to strive for high accuracy from the get-go, self-service is not a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Keep in mind that a big volume of customer questions may be fairly similar, so it’s vital to use a tool that can examine the intent of questions and intelligently group-related subjects for you to review.

Think about particular use cases you could address

Customers now want self-service to go beyond simple ask-and-answer (although addressing FAQs is a good “version one” for a self-service chatbot), so we recommend giving some thought to what other common use cases you might be able to systematize via self-service.

Pay attention to personalization and context

Customers share a lot of info with companies, and they anticipate value in return. Personalize online experiences to the maximum degree possible based on the data you’ve already amassed about that individual.

Brands can learn a lot from examples of customer self-service technology, and more easily envision how it could work for them based on what other companies are doing. Popshap focuses on helping customer brands have engaging, significant, useful interactions with customers to drive value and competitive differentiation. We’d be pleased to create a self-service strategy for your business, leveraging our 2o+ years of self-service expertise. Contact us today to get started.

3 Key Methods To Enhancing Hospital Experiences with Healthcare Kiosks

As the pandemic rolls on, patients of all ages are discovering themselves spending more time in the offices of their medical providers in front of healthcare kiosks.

Certainly, COVID isn’t the only reason patients are visiting hospitals. In fact, according to a report by Forbes, the typical American visits their doctor at least four times every year—that’s a lot of tours to the reception desk, paperwork to fill out, and energy spent in a waiting room.

Healthcare Kiosks

Regardless of whether they’re coming in because of COVID-like symptoms or just for a yearly wellness visit, one thing is for certain, patients, for the most part, want their experience in their healthcare provider’s office to be painless and straightforward. Intended to take on an assortment of tasks—from patient check-in to digital signage charging and electronic medical record management—self-service healthcare kiosks can be applied to guarantee that the experience of patients and those escorting them is precisely that.

Here’s how hospitals can improve with healthcare kiosks:

While self-service patient check-in kiosks can be used to accelerate the check-in and waiting method for patients and those escorting them, most still pass some time in the waiting room before being seen. Intended to make the time spent waiting to pass a little faster, digital signage charging kiosks can include a large format screen to share pertinent information and assets with patients.

  • Streamline Patient Check-In

For the most part, patients favor the healthcare check-in process with disgust—after all, for many, it’s a process often related to long lines, masses of paperwork, and drawn-out procedures. Intended to progress efficiently throughout the first step of the appointment, check-in healthcare kiosks can provide a protected platform on which patients can check-in for their appointment, fill out important medical forms, and alert the needed parties—all on the same self-service kiosk.

  • Modernize EMR Management

While patients only obtain a restricted amount of time with their healthcare provider, they often get a plethora of info during their visit. Intended to improve the time patients spend with their provider, EMR management healthcare kiosks can allow doctors and patients alike to securely update and share data in one easy-to-use and easy-to-reference place.

From the time being a patient comes and checks in to the instant they leave, and all the time the patient spends waiting in between, self-service healthcare kiosks of all kinds can be modified and implemented to increase the patient experience. To learn more about Popshap’s healthcare kiosk hardware solutions visit www.popshap.com.

Self Service Kiosk: Doing More with Less

You have seen self service kiosk around for a while now, but only in the past couple of years have they grown in popularity amongst business owners. From fast-food chains to automated services at the bank and airport, self service kiosk helps to accelerate customer service questions, purchases, and assist with other important information.

Self-service kiosk allows your employees to do things that would normally require them to interact with customers or guest questions. Instead of standing behind the counter, associates can be reassigned to the more important tasks, such as payroll, HR, and logistics.

self service kiosk

Let’s discover some of the many gains of self-service kiosk and see how this unbelievable technology can take your business to the next level.

Help more customers

Because self service kiosk is easy to use, customers often find it faster and more suitable to use them than going to the counter. This has the added advantage of creating a positive customer experience that leads to positive word of mouth. If a customer has had a wonderful experience with your self-service technology they’re likely to tell other individuals, growing your potential customer base. Not only are self-service kiosks allowing for a quicker, more resourceful serving of customers, they’re also changing customer behavior in a vital way.

Better profits

In spite of the preliminary investment that self-service kiosks carry, they offer a strong return on investment for your organization. As your status for fast, convenient service surges, your customer base will also grow, creating more streams of revenue. Self service kiosk also offers enhanced upselling abilities compared to traditional methods of service, improving the chance for increased profits.

Saves time

As a business owner, self-service technology can save you time by shifting some of the HR tasks – like updating contact info – to your team. This lets you to focus on more tactical aspects of running your business, like looking for new ways to grow revenue. (which Popshap can help with)

It can also help your team work more resourcefully by allowing them to access their information whenever they need to. They can update their personal info, check their time-off balance, or review your company’s handbook from any device. They won’t have to track you down to submit a request or get an answer to a simple HR question.

Yes, technology can be automated.

Self-service technology is fast becoming the trend for reasons other than the pandemic: it helps to advance many tasks in our everyday lives while also allowing more freedom for customers. Even though creating a digital kiosk program may seem intimidating at first, self-service is a digital trend that almost every industry can and most likely will ultimately adopt.

Want to learn more about how self-service kiosks are changing your industry? Schedule a demo now!

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive supplier of self-service for your organization, look no further than Popshap. We’ll take you through every step of your plan, so you can start appreciating the benefits of self-service kiosks in no time.

How Tech Can Be Used in Hospitals to Manage Risk During Uncertain Times

While the pandemic has underscored challenges many hospitals across the U.S. were already facing due to resource limitations. COVID has also presented a chance to find tech solutions that will keep more people safe and drive the best engagement levels from patients.

Technology can be installed to make an instantaneous impact on Hospitals Across America

Care teams were mobilized and clinical workflows automated in record time to address some of the systemic issues frustrated by the pandemic. In several instances our company played a role in, self-service technologies were deployed in days to help increase the effectiveness and precision of patient admissions and diagnostic actions, ease supplies shortages, and notify treatment results.

hospitals kiosk

From these experiences, we’ve understood ways in which the healthcare community can use technology to improve the management of its staff, patients, assets, and facilities:

Staff management

Any type of incident that impacts a large percent of the population could affect hospital capability and strain resources: natural disasters, workplace accidents, seasonal flu, and even a growing population. Contactless kiosk check-ins allow for real-time communication and cooperation with staff via text, voice or other data-sharing tools helps “magnify” staffing without requiring a larger physical presence in each facility.

Patient management

Allowing patients to self-check-in upon admission ensures positive identification and alerts staff upon check-in. It can also help patients with updates, important messages, wayfinding, and more.

Take advantage of self-service and interactive technology for local hospitals. As time has evolved, the industry has streamlined tech operations with tools such as cloud deployment, standardized workflows, and applications. The path to adopting some of these new technologies such as a digital kiosk may not be as tough as public hospital leaders think.

If your healthcare system already uses digital solutions, you may just need to scale your interactive solutions to expand their applicability to additional workflows. For those transitioning to digital or self-service solutions, be sure to update your policies and techniques to incorporate these technology tools and then make sure everyone is properly trained.

3 Ways to Avoid a Black Friday Nightmare with LED Signage

It wasn’t that long ago when businesses were all sticking paper signs to the wall thinking that was marketing. And at one time it was. Until the LED signage was created…

Marketing has evolved into a social and digital world that incorporates a variation of electronic displays, everything from advertisements in Times Square to electronic menus in restaurants. There are several ways in which a business can use LED signage technology for their needs: providing news and info for customers, as a “salesperson” to market products to the current guests, and passing shoppers. Or digital signage can be used in a more creative way to provide a more in-depth interactive user experience.

digital signage and touch table rentals

How you use LED signage on Black Friday in 2020 could be life or death for your business. Face it, it’s 2020 and everything is digital to your customers and you should be too. Let’s take a look at how using digital signage can instantly elevate your business above the rest.


  1. Increase Profits

The focal point for any company investing in digital signage will be to earn extra income. Digital signage technology can act as a form of direct sales by enlightening customers about what options are available to them, including any current offers, discounts, or promotions.


  1. Drive Traffic

We’re certainly drawn to screens, and they catch our attention. Our digital-obsessed world has been a big help with that. The retail industry is one of the quickest growing capacities adopting LED signage so to beat the competition; it’s well worth getting set up early and now.


  1. Provide Real-Time Information

Think about how important information is to you… Especially needing that info right now! Now imagine not being able to get that information in a timely fashion. Chances are you might not go back to that place again. Giving as much data and info to your customers as possible is empowering to them! Using LED signage allows your employees to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Bonus: Show What Makes Your Business Unique

One of the most significant aspects of successful LED signage for a company emphasizing the exclusive qualities of your business. This can be done by emphasizing what makes your products or services different from the store next door, highlighting local relations or merely using digital signage in a crafty way to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

How to Make Fun Fall Activities Safe Again

It’s here… fall.  The smell of fire pits in the air, hay rides, trick or treating, apple picking, and everything pumpkin spice takes over.  Flannel is in, flip flops are out, and the days get shorter.  To some, this is a bummer, as the lazy days of summer are indeed, now over.  To others, it’s a welcomed site and a breath of fresh air.  But is it really in these Coronavirus times?  Can we still have the same amount of fun that we used to?  Depending on where you look or what you read, the answers are mixed.  

Fall weather
Sitting on the stairs on a fall afternoon

According to the CDC, most fall activities are no no’s now, and are now moderate to major risk taking activities.  The fun of trick or treating, seeing kids excited as they go door to door getting their favorite treats, is now an even bigger threat.  Want to go apple picking with your significant other or family?  Nope, that’s no good now either.  What do we have to do to make it safe again?  Can we really have body temperature kiosks everywhere?  If so, where could we put them?  Can we put a body temperature kiosk by someone’s front door?  If so, who absorbs that cost?  How about the hayrides?  Do we put a body temperature kiosk at the gate before you get on?  What about those wonderful apple trees, just waiting to be picked?  Where does one put a body temperature kiosk in the middle of an apple tree farm?  Next to every tree?  At the entrance to the farm?  All of these questions are legitimate and need answers.  The question there is, who’s going to find out?  It’s important to, otherwise, perhaps we never can return to the fun…

So fall is in the air.  The cold is setting in.  The fun summer days are over.  Flu season is knocking.  Covid is still rampant.  Doesn’t sound like there’s much fun in store… Could there be though?  That is a question that we’re waiting to have an answer to.

Self Service Touch Kiosks help customers checkout faster during this holiday season

Get the most out of the Popshap technology and start the process of installing self service touch kiosks, the reward and value can transition your business to the next level and make your customers happy.

In the last 5 years, it’s evident that the retail industry has adapted the Self Service Touch Kiosk concept with open arms, more and more brands are using the self service Touch Kiosks technology to allow an easy and faster checkout experience for their customers. Using a simple UI/UX design and Touch Screen hardware customers can easily scan their products and pay which makes going to the store for a few small items a much better customer experience.
55 inch touch screen table
With the Holiday season around the corner, these type of Touch Screen solution can be a major improvement both for the shopping browsing experience and for the actual checkout process, in the aisle and mobile checkout systems make the shopping experience fun and easy which can create an uptick in sales in a time when lots of customers are mostly looking for the online experience.  Brands know that bringing a customer to a retail location will result in a larger spend and therefore they must invest in the customer experience and eliminate the crazy lines and massive headache called “holiday retail shopping”.
Self Service Touch Kiosks
The other advantage of Self Service Kiosk is the ability to track customer shopping behavior and customize product placement based on those customers’ actions, making the shopping experience more personalized. With minimal investment, in Aisle checkout system are on the rise and more retail brands use them as a browsing and checkout tool which can also increase the saving on personal and staffing needs.
Popshap is working with some of the leading brands and retail chains in the world to make the Self Service Kiosk experience affordable and easy to integrate with the local POS or your online website, so whether you have multiple locations or just one location, we have a solution that can be customized both from the hardware and software experience.