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As Companies Brace for a Second COVID Wave – Here’s How to Respond

The strain of COVID-19 on businesses, not to mention our human lives, will be felt for many months and perhaps years to come. Supply chains are still declining. The travel industry is still struggling to get off the ground. Offices and storefronts don’t know whether to stay open or close. More staff than ever before is working from home; many of those workers are trying to balance efficiency with caring for loved ones and possibly supplementing their child’s virtual school.

And of course, many industries have had to shrink their operations or pivot to other means of staying sustainable, and many, many folks are out of work altogether.

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But, even as the attitude and timelines to getting back to normal change every day, how do you create value when demand is stagnant, margins are thin, and the future is more uncertain than ever?

  • Refine Digital Tactics

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we’re more dependent than ever on modern technology than ever before. Even if you’re not situated to make substantial investments in new digital tools, you should continually evaluate the digital approaches and technologies you already use. Now is the perfect time to do so in training for “the next normal.” James, a marketing expert at Popshap, recommends that corporations take this time to optimize what’s working and explore new self-service solutions and ideas.

  • Stability Planning

This type of planning needs a flexible framework and management system to soften evolving business impact risks. It provides an organizational structure to recognize probabilistic impacts to an organization, develop a measured tactic to protect employees and operations, and cut risk and exposure while achieving a state of business elasticity.

Self-service and contactless solutions are two perfect examples of this.

  • Build on Customer Service

Even if you’re not selling goods or closing deals at the same pre-covid rate, you have plenty of chances to create important interactions with your customers. For starters, you should keep open lines of communication and plainly articulate how your business is answering and adjusting to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. Let customers know what you’re doing to keep employees safe and what you’re doing in a different way now that things are, well, different.

Fantastic customer service has always separated the best businesses from the rest… Especially during COVID!

  • Uplift Your Employees

Numerous companies have been forced to lay off workers, limit hours, or make other tough personnel decisions in order to endure. Perhaps you have, too. You should be making every effort to safeguard the individuals who have stuck with you during the disaster know you appreciate them—and there are amply of ways to do it.

One of the main ways is ensuring a safe working space.

In 2020, industries have learned that value creation involves more than fulfilling a market need. It’s a product of commercial actions that affect staff, customers, and all other stakeholders. The more value in those areas that you build today, the easier it will be to continue building it tomorrow.

The value for the returning workforce of a body temperature kiosk.

As many businesses are gearing up to going back to business and to the “new normal”, what are the steps to get employees and customers back to your business? Is a body temperature kiosk the right solution?

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For many businesses, the decision on how to get back to work relies on essential and necessary steps placed by local government and CDC guidelines. With the economy starting to recover from COVID 19 and businesses such as retail, hospitality, and manufacturing getting ready to welcome their employees, it’s important to take those protective steps to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Some of those steps are as simple as the enforcement of people wearing face masks or checking their body temperature, while in some cases and some states, a log for body temperature screenings will have to be taken to allow for audits and reporting. So what is the most effective way to get someone’s body temperature and how do you make sure they are wearing a mask? Well, the simplest way is to have a person testing people for fever with a simple fever checking point gun with IR thermal scanner. Literally, someone has to stand there for a full shift and in some places over 3 shifts and perform that test. On top of that, he/she has to log every visitor. Besides the fact that it could be very costly, it’s also a very inefficient and slow process. The records recorded in the respective data logs could be sloppy and wrong. Bottom line, too many human error points. So what is the solution? Body Temperature Kiosks. Yes, you read that correctly. You may be asking yourself, what is a Body Temperature Kiosk. A Body Temperature Kiosk is a self-serving kiosk that can take not only check a person’s body temperature but can also check for a mask and keep a log of every visitor or employee. However, that’s not all. It does a lot more than that. With advance face recognition technology, it can also identify employees vs a visitor to your building, track the scanning log, can show the bypass or fail status of the individual, and generate a report log to give to a supervisor or someone in the building. The Body Temperature Kiosk has many other features as well, that can be pivoted and used to integrate into a security access management system or HR system as well and give your employees a sense of security, as they can use the user-friendly tools and programming, to deal with the return to the workforce and office in a much more comfortable and cost-effective way. Here at Popshap, we understand the value of automation and efficiency so with our vast experience in kiosk technology, we’ve pivoted and added a new line of Body Temperature Kiosks to help a business get their employees back to work faster. We have also added software tools that can work in a network environment and not just as a stand-alone Body Temperature Kiosk unit. By doing this, we can help companies look at the data log not only from one central place but remotely as well.