QR Codes and How They are Improving Businesses

What are QR Codes?

You’ve probably been seeing these “Quick Response codes” almost everywhere you go, from restaurants to airports. They are the revolutionized barcode for the mobile era, contactless, quick, and easy. In the wake of the pandemic QR codes rapidly became the touchless form of advertising, digital signage, and improving customer service. The absolute best thing about them is the fact that they can be placed anywhere, touch screen devices, digital posters, or simply can be printed out and taped on walls or tables.

 QR codes with touch screen kiosk 


Benefits of QR Codes

Most restaurants are switching over to QR code menus, making accessing it easier and from your own phone. With everyone having smartphones, having the ability to take a photo of the code and accessing it easily is evolving with the times. QR codes are great ways of keeping people safe in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The touchless and contactless aspect gives people the opportunity to feel at ease when entering a facility. 

QR codes are more than just easily accessible menus, they provide analytics and advertising opportunities for businesses, marketing, and healthcare. 

Businesses are using QR codes as touchless payment methods, where customers are able to take a photo of the code and that would take consumers to a payment page. If the credit card is saved to the phone the payment process would take just a few taps. These payment pages are completely customizable to any business. 

Many businesses have incorporated QR codes into their marketing strategies. By curating this unique customer experience, stores are able to attract and engage with more customers. 

QR Code marketing ideas that businesses can use:

  1. Virtual business cards to share contact information
  2. QR codes for the contactless menu at restaurants
  3. Payments
  4. To reveal promotions and discounts
  5. Send location coordinates using Google Maps or Waze
  6. Add an event straight to your calendar with reminders
  7. Automatically connect to the store’s Wi-Fi
  8. Follow a profile on social media
  9. Direct users to the app store to download an app

4 benefits of Touchscreen Technology in Healthcare

Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen an increased demand for digital touch and touchless technology. Many businesses are finding solutions such as touch screen kiosks, digital posters, and body temperature screening kiosks to improve their customer experience and business efficiency.

body temperature kiosk for events

One of the biggest industries looking for these touchscreen technology solutions is the healthcare industry. There’s no doubt that healthcare provides work hard, with their long hours and crazy schedules, that’s why we do everything we can to make their work more efficient and productive.

In this post, we will outline some of the benefits that come with touchscreen displays as well as body temperature screening kiosks.

Touchscreens Improve Productivity 

Digital touchscreen displays and monitors make it easier to access patient records, it also allows easy check-in. No more need for paper and hard copies, touchscreens allow doctors and nurses to find patient’s records quickly and efficiently and keep everything up to date. With healthcare providers time is of the essence and touchscreens can help make that time more sufficient, it also improves communication between patients and staff.

Save Time and Money

Interactive screens are convenient and straightforward, they keep patients informed and with easy access to information that takes less time than waiting for someone to answer your questions. These touchscreen kiosks can be placed on waiting rooms and lobbies and also make checking in much quicker. With multiple kiosk stations, more patients can check-in without waiting for available staff and can disclose information in a more private way.

Safer for patients and staff

With body temperature screening kiosks, walking into a doctor’s office is now safe and proactive. Without having to take off a mask the face recognition makes it easier and faster to get screened.

Wayfinding and Information

Digital signage is a great way to provide tips and directions for patients and staff. Often Hospitals, medical offices and clinic can be tricky to find certain locations, and with digital maps around these locations would make wayfinding simple and effortless and decreases face-to-face interaction. These digital screens can also be effective ways of providing information to patients, with tips and information that reduces patients getting up and asking a healthcare provider.

Overall, touchscreen technology and digital signage are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and making it easier for healthcare providers. They are sanitary ways of providing information, saving time, improving productivity, and last but not least safe. Click here to check out some of our healthcare products.

Is Touchless Technology The Future of the Self-Service Industry?

If there is any technology that is making huge waves in 2021 already, it’s interactive, and it’s touchless technology. From motion control to virtual keyboards, these individual tech solutions have assisted retailers, healthcare facilities and other companies adjust to the demands of pandemics.

What’s interesting is…

Touchless can expand into many different types of digital and interactive solutions, which can differ from simple proximity sensors to more multifaceted technology.

Touchless Technology

There is a unique selection of touchless answers out there today. These touchless solutions can range from difficult scenarios with extreme technology that include facial recognition. To a simple and user-friendly method that consists of a selection of proximity sensors, motion sensors, or infrared touchless LED switches. We even offer touchless solutions that allow you to use your own mobile phone to safely control everything from surveys to check-ins and an interactive digital display.

Furthermore, companies can also convert their interactive display screens into touchless solutions through a variety of approaches. For instance, a manager could connect an interactive player to a touchless module with a range of sensors.

Another route is to turn a touch screen kiosk into a touchless screen. It’s easy really, just use a touchscreen’s USB port and connect it to any compatible interactive digital signage player. Add in our digital software that permits custom campaigns to be designed with the ability for an end-user to use their own cellphone as the control point and navigation device for the touchscreen.

When it comes to specific pain points in the business, such as consumer aversion to download apps to interact with kiosks and displays, is actually easy to overcome. Many would argue that consumers will keep some of their uneasiness with touchscreens even after the pandemic, and as such, touchless technology will continue to be in high demand.

It’s by far a safer way overall to interact with a business. We evolve digital solutions to solve pain points!

We are already seeing a sturdy and mandated demand for touchless answers in almost every industry. We believe that touchless technology will likely become part of a greater ecosystem that offers safer interactive solutions to every environment.

The Importance of Digital Signage in a Post-Pandemic Society

This year has been labeled with several different words but there’s probably no better word than ‘chaos’ to express what has quickly become the most tumultuous year of our lifetime. (And to think that we are suggesting that digital signage or expo digital kiosk rental can help)

Like millions of folks who depend on restaurants and travel, many people found themselves faced with hesitation in March when upward of 90% of the industry stopped in the blink of an eye. Planes flying empty, stores desolate and everyone scrambling to replace what used to be the norm with a new normal. But as we dive into 2021, the potential of successful vaccines means the industry will soon recover economically and regain the public’s trust. Signage, precisely digital signage or expo digital kiosk rental, is key to these objectives, both locally and abroad.

expo digital kiosk rental

Today’s evolving event kiosk and digital signage solutions are making it simpler than ever to reach customers and as they begin moving through the streets again. You’ll need more than just advertising, product information, and directions.

Social distancing and PPE reminders are vital to everyone’s safety and employing digital mechanisms that can be seen from a wide range of angles, can keep folks moving professionally and socially distanced through your establishment. This can make a big difference in how safe customers feel.

The days of bunching around static signage deciphering which direction to go while countless others are breathing down your neck are gone and will no longer be tolerated.

Large, easy-to-read digital displays and event kiosks will be vital as we move into the next stage of recovery and the best solutions will be sharp enough to convey all digital content; bright enough to stand out in busy, well-lit spaces; and resourceful enough to integrate into any architecture.

Think jumbotrons in airports with bright letters and infographics quickly updating and delivering information to passengers with such ease that a simple glimpse can inform one on how to get a coffee brought to their seat or point them to the closest restroom.

Covid will pass at some point but its lasting effects will most likely stay with us for relatively some time after. The days of clustering together are long gone and some say that it may never be the same. Large format digital signage and event kiosk is a great medium for public spaces to share info with customers efficiently and safely, for now, and into the future. We would encourage everyone to ‘go with the assurance that some of these major brands are doing everything within their power to keep you safe in this unparalleled time.

What is a kiosk machine and how can it help my business?

This kiosk is a big or small, free-standing physical structure (ours have a sleek, modern look) used to display information or offer services. A kiosk machine is mostly unmanned as most of the kiosk management software permits users to manage and control the kiosk devices right from a desktop, phone, or laptop.

Unmanned digital kiosks are more prevalent as it serves customers with no interruption and saves them time, like check-ins, sales check-out, and healthcare screenings.

Kiosk pricing and software

4 Common Types Of Kiosk Machines

1. Touch Screen Kiosks

This is a self-service device that features a touchscreen interface and uses advanced programming software. Such self-service kiosks are frequently used in the retail or consumer industry and are placed in high traffic areas where individuals can get information with the touch of a finger.

2. Internet Kiosks

These digital kiosks offer internet access to the public. They are typically installed at the airport, hotel lobbies, or apartment offices. Aside from displays, mouse, and keyboard, this type of kiosk sometimes offers credit card swipe and bill payment abilities.

3. Photobooth Kiosks

Some of the most popular types of photo kiosks are instant print stations, digital order stations, movie ticketing, DVD vending, building directory, and public transport ticketing kiosks.

4. Body Temperature Kiosks

As we return to business, many establishments are looking for solutions to assist them in re-opening a business or organizing for employees to return to work. Body temperature kiosks, in any setting, can help to limit person-to-person interaction, decreasing the risk of the passing along of disease or virus between staff and customers.

trade show Kiosk Machine

The Rewards Of Using a Kiosk Machine In Business

No matter what type of industry you’re in, a kiosk machine can help bring your brand to even greater altitudes. Here are some of the most essential benefits of having this kiosk.

  • Advances Customer Buying Experience
  • Grows Your Customer Base
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves Time
  • Endorses Product Ideas

The modern customer demands more interactive features when making buying decisions. This is why more and more businesses are integrating kiosk technology into their operations. Can you afford not to consider using a kiosk machine? How else are you going to compete in today’s ultra-competitive business environment?

The Future of America’s Economy is in the Hands of Self-Service Technology

So much of what is emerging from the tech world right now is supporting self-service technology options for consumers to be able to ‘get stuff done in ways that would have before always meant speaking with another human being.

This isn’t just AI, airport-style kiosk computers, and chatbots (though it does contain all three); this is self-service technology where organizations have worked to construct automation layers into their business so that self-service ‘tickets’ for IT can be executed without a service agent needing to actually engage, or show up at a user’s desk.

Self-Service Technology and kiosk software

It is also the extended use of AI to ‘talk’ to humans, the capability for social media platforms to communicate with you on increasingly direct (but fundamentally automated) interactions… and for IT systems to remind you to be at the dentist by text message and so on.

Of course, not all self-service technology examples have a place in every business. That said, every public-facing sector of the economy has found numerous uses for the sort of self-service technology you will see listed below. If you want to find out more about the sort of modernization that is going on in the field of self-service and automation, then read on.

Automated Service

Slowly but surely, the hotel and retail industries are adopting self-service technology. Many hotels have check-in and check-out kiosks to make guests ‘arrivals more enjoyable and less turbulent. More appropriate, digital self-service cannot be ignored in the modern world.

Self-Ordering Technology

This technology is a growing trend in the restaurant industry. This kind of technology rises operational effectiveness as well as increases customer service by taking off the burden of standing in a line.

McDonald’s is one of the biggest names that already adopted self-service technology. Their kiosks have been in test since 2003 in the United States and as of this year, they will be installed at all U.S. locations.

It’s progressively hard to find retail shops, restaurants, and public spaces that don’t use self-service technologies in some form. We all want to get things done fast, without having to strain over how the service will be. That is why more and more regularly, businesses are employing self-service applications to expand their customer service and reduce costs.

Moreover, if you are still not absolutely convinced that self-service is the best way to be assisted, many companies are implementing the combination of self-service technologies with human customer service. That way, they please both needs of customers: speed and personalized service.

Covid and the Great White Way

“They say the neon lights are bright, on Broadway”.  That famous opening line from The Drifters hit song “On Broadway”, summed up everything about “The Great White Way” up until this past March.  Magic, suspense, excitement, all of it could be said while walking past all of the different Broadway theaters at any time, day or night.  For over 91,000 people, they called this area their home 6 days a week.  8 shows a week for every show on Broadway.  A vibrant industry.  A staple for any tourist visit to NYC.  A special date night for the locals in the tri-state area.  In short, a very special and amazing part of not only the New York scene but live entertainment as well.

event kiosk for venues

Enter March 12th.  A day no one in the industry would forget.  Complete shutdown of an industry that supplied so much for so many, due to an invisible virus that no one could see, but could and would feel if they caught it.  They said it’d last a month… It’s now the middle of October, some 7 months after initial shutdown, with no rebound in site.  Winter ended, Spring has sprung, and the dog days of Summer have come and gone.  Fall is now in the air.  The curtain has yet to rise, and now, unless something major changes, the curtains and lights will stay low until the end of May, 2021 at the earliest.  That is something that no one could even fathom when the shutdown started in March.  


When the curtains do rise again, what changes will us, the patron be subjected to?  Will there be a body temperature kiosk checking temperatures on the cue line outside?  Will it be in the lobby?  What if you want to buy a ticket in the theater or a souvenir?  Will there be a desktop body temperature kiosk there?  How about one at the concessions stand?  Now, you’re ready to go to your seat and you’ve touched so many things already.  Will the way to clean your hands be with a wireless hand sanitizer unit or a wall mounted hand sanitizer one?  


Now the show is over.  One of the biggest parts of Broadway is waiting by the stage door at the end of the show to meet your favorite actor or actress.  What will the precautions be back there?  Will there even be a meet and greet allowed?  Will there be a body temperature kiosk there for all to use?  If so, who’s job would it be to make sure everyone indeed did get their temperature taken by the body temperature kiosk?  So many questions, no answers in sight.

touch screen tables rental with covid testing

So the curtain stays down for now, but sooner or later, “The Great White Way” will be back, bigger, and brighter than ever.  The magic will be back, the suspense will be greater, and the excitement will be worthy of a curtain call that will last forever.

Navigating thru digital content with the new normal

As many brands are gearing to come back to work under the new normal, marketing to customers can be challenging but not impossible. A touch screen table rental might just be the solution. Keep reading.

Expo digital kiosk rental is the new normal

After over 3 months of closure and stores being closed to customers, getting back to business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. With the new normal in effect, brands have to adapt to social distancing as well as educating their customers on how to shop at their locations with minimal interactions with their staff and other customers. Simple things, such as trying on clothing may look different under the new normal.

Touch screen table rental

When we are looking at ways to ease the shopping experience for customers, it’s clear that shopping thru an online experience is the safest way. However, some customers may still want the actual browsing and in-store shopping experience. For those customers, brands will have to work hard to gain their trust, and while doing so, keep the marketing of their offering effective. We see a few main usages for digital signage, the main one being customer education and digital content around social distancing and safe shopping. The second one is allowing the customer to engage the content in a new noncontact way with QR scanning and voice-activated controls. Here at Popshap, we’ve added a third way to allow customers to interact with their favorite stores and businesses, by filling out a quick form before entering your location. It’s a quick and easy way for your brand to monitor the information coming in, and giving your customer a feeling of security by answering a simple, easy-to-use questionnaire. For more information on this easy to use technology, visit us at www.covid19pad.com

This new normal (even with an expo digital kiosk rental) and non-touch digital marketing can also lead to new opportunities for both the business and the consumer. By providing content that engages the consumer and leads to longer virtual interaction time with them, you are also capturing the customer’s data and information. By utilizing something as easy as a QR code, you are allowing your customers to not only scan your QR code, you are letting them take the digital content and experience it with them wherever they go. This can lead to your customers shopping online and utilizing the custom questionnaire. With your customer receiving your email questionnaire, the customer can then provide vital information and feedback to you, which can then be used for tracking and marketing offers at a later date, engaging the user once again, and revisiting the experience with the brand.

Popshap is live at HIMMS 2019 in Orlando!

Typical Health care conferences consist of the normal exhibitors and attendees, but this year is different. We’re noticing about twenty percent of the exhibitors are displaying exciting and new innovations. This includes technology from robotic surgical arms, all the latest healthcare technology, to the new wave in touch screen kiosks utilizing our stand-up and tabletop interactive kiosks.

event kiosk

Popshap is here informing the healthcare industry that it’s not about just having a booth at HIMSS, it’s about making your booth a destination. Custom touch kiosks make a difference at large conferences like this.

expo digital kiosk rental info

55 inch touch screen table at event

All the talent, innovation and experience here today will create strategic partnerships between individuals and exhibitors attending that will culminate in solutions that can only be dreamed of.

Come check us out! We are at booth 2687

Popshap at HIMMS 2019

Each year the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, (better known as HIMSS) conducts a conference/trade show bringing together over 45,000 health information and technology professionals, executives, market suppliers, and clinicians from all over the globe. This year, HIMSS 2019 is being held from February 11, 2019, through February 15, 2019, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Industry leaders will gather to display, meet and discover new ways to utilize innovative information and technology aimed at continuing the advancement of the healthcare industry on all levels. Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in over 300 educational sessions and meet with over 1300 exhibitors/vendors, giving them the chance to discover and become knowledgeable on all of the cutting-edge products and innovations.

As the industry evolved, providers have learned that better interaction with patients and visitors is of paramount importance. Through the use of interactive touch screen technologies, providers have made an increased effort to keep patients and visitors better informed. By using both tabletop and stand-up interactive touchscreen kiosks, hospitals can now provide patients and visitors with location map/way finders, doctor and facility biographies, and other important announcements and information. Hospital staffs now have the ability to change information, as desired and needed from their desks.

Customized interactive touch screen kiosks are also being utilized to permit patients to check-in, schedule follow-up appointments, and make payments on their own, freeing up nurses to better assist doctors in their practices. Industry research has concluded that when patients are better informed and educated, not only in diagnosis and treatment but in the overall experience, that knowledge will create a happier patient and a less stressful environment for health care providers.

When attending HIMSS, stop by booth #2687 and check out our new technologies. Discuss with our medical division, how we can design a custom, engaging, and interactive touch screen experience to assist your hospital and/or doctors office utilizing tabletop and standing touch screen interactive kiosks to bridge the gap, between provider and patient, now and for the future.