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How Major Brands Monetize Self-Service Technology

self-service technology for trade show

Redbox, Coinstar, and Five Star Food Service all share one big goal: to monetize their self-service technology whether it’s an interactive kiosk or digital signage.

Leaders from the three brands, which are implementing DOOH (digital out of home) media technology, shared an understanding of their unique methods at the self-service innovation summit.

Starting with programmatic DOOH. Programmatic speaks to the buying and selling of advertising through software. The tactic originally began with online display media before spreading into mobile and video networks and now traditional advertising channels containing TV and radio.

Despite strong automation abilities, programmatic DOOH isn’t something that’s just set it and forget it. The human component, as well as a brand’s media and marketing approach, both play a dynamic role when it comes to an effective programmatic campaign.

When done effectively, it can deliver a new way to reach your targeted audience, connect with shoppers and increase revenue.

For us, self-service technology has always been about generating engaging and exciting consumer interaction and bringing that to life. We remove outdated digital signage and bringing in exciting concepts to boost sales and engagement.

At Redbox, the movie rental the core of what they do, but they are also focused on leveraging their kiosk screen space for ad revenue.

A few years back Redbox began looking at advertising across several platforms, such as programmatic ads on the self-service kiosks, more notably the banner ad space at the top of the kiosk screen’s user interface.

That presented a real opportunity given the 100-million-plus impressions a month Redbox was getting. The key step was to use the influence of entertainment to advertising at the point of retail.

One facet that may often be misinterpreted when it comes to DOOH is that it entails tons of internal assets and tons of individuals and a big pocket full of money.

But, that’s a huge fallacy.

When we think about how everybody is all various phases, you can still have victory without having a huge team. You can construct on a small sort of footprint and go from there.

A major key to the success of self-service technology is ensuring the DOOH effort has both the support and participation of marketing, sales, and the company’s operations crew.

We recommend using both a one-to-one and one-to-many ad methodology as it has both opportunities to leverage for your business.

Digital signage can be used in the marketplace as that one-to-many strategy, as anyone almost anywhere in the facility can see the ad displayed. The interactive kiosk is one-to-one and you can tell when somebody is there.

And that — the best of both worlds — is eventually where every brand wants to get to.

Tips for Making Attendees Feel Comfortable at Trade Shows

There is a ton of stuff to think about when planning live trade shows and events while COVID is still a thing. The one thought that can’t be ignored is that many attendees may have a certain level of worry about gathering in large groups—regardless of how yielding trade shows are with CDC guidelines.

Take these apprehensions seriously, and ease the attendee’s fears at trade shows with the following tips.

Openly communicate safety procedures—but don’t make it all an attendee thinks about 

Your attendees and your team need to know that their safety is being taken seriously—though there’s a fine line between communicating safety measures, but also not making COVID the only thing an attendee sees when they look at an event’s invite, website, or marketing resources.

Interactive kiosk
body temperature kiosks for trade shows and events

Make sure attendees are aware of any screening procedures before they register

Whether you’re necessitating proof of vaccine, rapid COVID tests, and/or health surveys and temperature checks, make sure all attendees know that right off the top so they can decide what they’re comfortable with—and what they’re ready for.


Install Body Temperature Kiosk with Face Mask Recognition

Eliminate labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener, and give yourself and anyone entering your show a visible reminder that you are taking all the necessary precautions to protect their health and safety.  These body temperature scanner kiosks require no physical interaction.  Look at the camera and get the automatic temperature reading in 1-3 seconds.

Be steady with your messaging. 

Whether you have a landing page or are sending email campaigns to guests, it is crucial for the messaging emphasizing the safety precautions to be consistent across the board. By sharing any pre-event marketing communication, it will also help estimate the interest of potential attendees and give them the self-assurance to attend—particularly when sharing the precautions and steps that will be taken during the event to safeguard guest safety.

In Closing

Sending out an email poll to the event attendees is super useful in gathering their reaction and learning if they felt at ease attending the in-person event if they felt the safety procedures that were communicated were correctly executed and if they would attend another in-person event. At the end of the day, it is our goal to win back the self-confidence of guests to attend in-person events.

Best Practices for Installing Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor kiosks have delivered marvelous benefits to businesses and establishments, as well as their customers. While many digital kiosks are located inside, there are a number of use-cases where interactive outdoor kiosks will push the best ROI. These digital kiosks are being installed outside where weather, safety, location, etc. need to be measured.

Interactive outdoor kiosks are often located in public spaces. When kiosks have public access, they can be disposed of theft and damage. To dishearten and prevent interfering, outdoor kiosks should be designed with tamper-resistant structures, such as tactically placed stiffeners, extra weld points, and compression locks. Proper security for outdoor kiosks will safeguard the kiosk, data, and network mechanisms of the kiosk are protected from interfering.

The digital kiosk should be crafted and engineered to endure all weather conditions. There are numerous ways to specifically stop water damage, including a rain hood, compression locks, and tactically placed bends to avoid puddling water. Outdoor kiosks should always be water tested prior to installation. Kiosks located outdoors may also be visible to elevated levels of temperature which necessitates a built-in air-conditioning unit to circumvent damaging the display, the computer, and other mechanisms within the kiosk. Another problem we have seen companies encounter with outdoor kiosks is their horrible readability because of the sunlight.

The display should be bright enough to have at least 2000 Nits of light to uphold readability in outdoor settings. Outdoor kiosks that are not built to endure environmental issues will result in loss of revenue and equipment investment. Outdoor kiosks should be sealed correctly to prevent the invasion of water, smoke, and dust. Outdoor kiosks should also have the appropriate UV protection materials.

Site prep is very critical when organizing to install an outdoor kiosk. The site has to be prepared with a level, concrete base. There also might be municipal or town codes that need to be accepted before installing the kiosk. When interactive kiosks are installed outdoors, they are left open to factors and circumstances that may result in internal or external harm from physical abuse or hazardous weather. Kiosks should be installed with extremely stable cement mounting to prevent shaking, pounding and vibrations that could cause issues with internal mechanisms.

Interactive Touch Screen kiosks

When designing or constructing kiosks for outside installation, it is vital to choose a kiosk manufacturer that stands by certain standards. These two industry values guarantee quality (ISO) and safety (UL). If you are picking a vendor for an outdoor kiosk venture, it’s important to understand if they maintain ISO certification and UL listing. ISO 9001:2008 exists so that manufacturers stand by strict quality controls. UL-listed products safeguard a particular level of safety likely essential to install a kiosk in a public place. Watching for such quality and safety procedures in your manufacturer will provide dependability and peace of mind when investing in an outdoor kiosk.

How Leading Companies Are Using Contactless Check-In Kiosk

COVID-19 urged a demand for a contactless check-in kiosk, and now the leading brand, Marriott is leaning into this by testing its new contactless kiosks and market places, removing the need for face-to-face check-ins or snack purchases.

Stephanie Linnartz, the president of Marriott International, has confirmed in a press release that COVID-19 has pressed the need for contactless services. This echoes the feelings shared across numerous industries, from real estate, credit card companies to airlines.

Contactless Check-In Kiosk

The contactless check-in kiosk, which helps speed up the reception desk process, can already be seen at several Marriott sites.

Visitors can also grab their room keys from the kiosks, which are furnished with touchscreens that have “antimicrobial technology.”

Upon departure, guests can also opt to check out from the same contactless check-in kiosks, eliminating the need for any in-person exchanges.

Likewise, the hotel giant is also testing its “grab-and-go marketplace” at two Maryland sites: the Fairfield Inn and Suites Frederick, and the Fairfield Inn and Suites Arundel Mills BWI Airport.

Yearning for a hot breakfast sandwich or a little cup of oatmeal? Just head to their marketplace kiosks. These stands will offer an assortment of both hot and cold snacks and drinks, containing the daily complimentary breakfast.

Payments can then be made directly at the contactless check-in kiosk. Marriott’s push for contactless amenities isn’t new.

The hotel giant already has contactless structures that can be accessed through the Marriott Bonvoy app, plus check-ins and outs, the room key, food orders, and service requests.

The new kiosk offerings “help streamline operations,” states Marriott.

However, the hotel giant won’t be going fully digital, and as an alternative is looking to “blend” contactless options with face-to-face connections, says Linnartz.

3 Methods to Improve Your Digital Signage at No Cost

One thing is for certain, if folks disagree with your marketing message, they will likely talk about how much they don’t like it.

When it comes to any form of marketing or advertising, counting digital signage, the last thing you want is for it to be lackluster. Fortunately, there are a few easy methods you can spice up even the most basic of digital signage content.

Large touch screen kiosk

 Add audio

One way to make your digital signage more stimulating is to appeal not just to the eyes but also to the ears. In other words, try adding some acoustic content to your digital signage.

There are a number of methods you can do this. You could play music videos on the digital display, or pair advertising messages for the latest deals with audio that tells consumers where they can find those objects. Or you could integrate enjoyable videos on gas pump POS displays that play while consumers pump their gas.

This can be a double-edged sword, yet, because in certain surroundings the sound can become either off-putting or annoying, so you will need to wisely consider both your business’s atmosphere and the volume level.

Content is still king

The easiest way to make your digital signage stick out is to merely add more content. If you are using a display that only shows one or possibly two pieces of content, you should have bought a static paper banner.

By having numerous pieces of digital content that change frequently, the customer will be more likely to take notice of the display and they might see something attention-grabbing.

Of course, with this digital content, you’re going to need to tidy it up frequently. You can’t just play the same old digital content month after month and believe it to still be effective. The content needs to be appropriate, useful, and fit the setting (the weather, current events, customer moods, etc.).

Don’t just spam, entertain

Lastly, you need to remember that digital signage is more than just a sales instrument, it’s a tool to communicate with your consumers. If all you are going to do is force sales messages to your consumers, they will tune it out. You also must entertain them.

There are several ways to do this, reaching from short-form videos from Tiktok to social media incorporations. You likely already know the type of digital content your customers enjoy. You just need to find ways to include it in your digital signage.

And once you have your customer’s attention, you can follow it up with more customary advertising. So it’s a win-win.

4 Major Benefits of Remote Controlled Kiosks

Companies across the world are continuing to invest in digital signage and interactive kiosk technology to personalize their customer experiences. These new remote controlled kiosks and digital signage solutions have transformed industries from travel to insurance by allowing companies to utilize self-service technology for simple transactions, allowing workers to focus on more difficult customer service tasks. This amounts to businesses being able to move costly labor resources into more vital business roles. Businesses and administrations are installing self-service solutions to maximize consumer reach, generate additional revenue opportunities and deliver lengthened services.

On the other hand, when devices need to operate freely in an unattended environment, there are some understandable concerns that need to be addressed. What is done to protect the physical kiosk or digital signage from interfering? This is particularly important when it comes to transactional interactive kiosks that handle payments.

Furthermore, how is a deplorer alerted about any issues with kiosks in the field? If a deplorer is relying heavily on more work to address these issues, any gains made by deploying remote controlled kiosks would likely disappear.

Remote monitoring offers a solution for these worries and adds extra benefits to kiosks and digital signage. Here are just a few important ways remote controlled kiosks enhance your business:

Remote Entrance

One of the most appreciated features remote controlled kiosks can offer is the ability to be accessed remotely by non-technical users. Rather than hiring a coding professional to change the URL of the digital kiosk, company and organizations can change the digital content of the kiosk from their any computer connected to the Wi-Fi. Remote access allows kiosk deplorers to mechanically schedule and change content based on present needs. For instance, a corporation may want its digital signage to display advertisements for family events and open shops during the day and, in the late afternoon cater to a more mature audience by displaying advertisements for dinner specials and proceedings.

Screen Health

Remote monitoring provides the ability to screen the health of the kiosk operating system and software, along with accompanying hardware, in real-time. Deplorers can be alerted if either the physical unit or the software has been opened inappropriately, either by email or text message.

Interactive remote controlled kiosks

Multi-user Access

With remote controlled kiosks, your software platform will be able to sustenance multi-permission level access. Multi-user access can be used for warnings, security updates, and pushing new digital content to the interactive kiosk or digital signage. In some cases, a general user might be restricted to their own account, content, and warnings. The IT team account might have access to manage all accounts and signals, as well as the capability to push security updates and software to the device.

Customizable Alerts

Remote monitoring allows deplorers to modify the severity of each alarm is and regulate who an alert should go to. For example, if a low paper roll is 80-percent vacant, that warning might go to the local store owner. When the low paper reaches 90-percent unoccupied, that alert could be intensified and sent to the district manager who is able to call the store to find out why it’s not being switched.

Remote monitoring is significant because it helps businesses protect their interactive kiosk or digital signage investment. Even more, remote monitoring can go a long way to guarantee ROI. Most notably, a sound remote monitoring solution helps corporations expand the customer experience at the kiosk.

How to Responsibly Deploy Temperature Screening Kiosk

In the push to reopen offices and workplaces, there has been a noticeable uptick in new office safety efforts. Leading among these is the temperature screening kiosk with facial scanning software, whose market is anticipated to grow soon. But in the rush to get this kiosk up and running, business and city leaders should not do away with caution in the face of convenience.

As with any workplace digital device, facial temperature screening technology must be deployed in the correct way to have its desired result. This is particularly the case with medical technology. The FDA’s official direction is very clear on this point:

The available scientific literature supports using thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to detect elevated temperatures. These devices have many benefits, but they must be used properly to get accurate readings.

Here are a few ways that those deploying temperature screening technology can get it right the first time:

Set up the temperature screening kiosk at ALL building entry and exit points.

Most importantly, it’s necessary to position the kiosk so it can detect the temperatures of everybody entering the building. Also, for the kiosk to work, make sure that it’s not blocked by any objects that might weaken its screening function.

Protect information privacy and rights.

Due to the bad associations with personal information capture inherent with health screening technology. Facilities managers must safeguard the data collected by such devices does not invade in any way on national data privacy laws.

Choose a temperature screening kiosk that delivers constantly accurate results.

For counter-virus procedures to work, worker temperatures must be screened frequently. For temperature checking to be more than a safety brace, managers should guarantee that their screening technology can consistently measure body temperature. Popshap, for example, is accurate within 1-3 seconds, allowing it to route large groups of employees fast and accurately. Without the capability to screen effectively for this COVID-19 symptom, office re-opening plans will only be met with a letdown.

Temperature Screening Kiosk

Benefits of Video Walls for Digital Signage

Why Video Walls?

Asking how you can engage more people with digital signage? Well, video walls are your solution. They are the center of attention and highly memorable, this incredible form of technology is quickly becoming the best solution for digital signage.

Industries are constantly looking for eye-catching and innovative ways of sending clear messages to their customers and audiences. Video walls are designed to be entertaining and grab the audience’s attention. They are made up of multiple large screens placed together to create one large display. Depending on the software used each screen can have its own content or they can all act as one large screen.

Digital Signage

How can video walls be used in businesses?

The great thing about video walls is that they have multipurpose qualities, for example, we’ve seen them being used at sports events for digital signage.

Video Walls can also be used at museums, control rooms, and conference rooms. These are great examples of how digital signage is used for everyday businesses. They can be set up to mirror computers and laptops with remotes for presentations and events.

Hospitals are also a great place for video walls to be used, they are a great way to provide information patients need and can be controlled easily.


Improve customer experience

These great attention-grabbing displays are great for decreasing perceived waiting times and provide entertainment.

Branding and increase sales

Video walls are hard to miss due to their size and can target all types of audiences. Retail is a great place for this type of digital signage and can alert customers of new products and deals.

Completely customizable and easy to install

The flexibility and customization make video walls a great purchase for many industries, they can be structures to fit a given space and even curved if needed. Different content can be displayed on the screens at different times and have real-time marketing features.

To win big sometimes you have to go big. With the largest display, we have to offer there’s no doubt you’ll be turning heads at your next event. Brand awareness, bringing in a crowd, this not-so-boring wall will do the trick!

Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Kiosk System

Businesses are constantly searching for new and innovative ways of bringing customers in, and on the other hand, customers are looking for exciting ways of interacting with businesses. This is where interactive kiosks are often overlooked. With interactive kiosks, customers have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Many business owners are stepping into the digital realm and embracing this type of technology and incorporating it into their businesses. They provide multiple advantages and will help your business modernize to the digital era. Interactive kiosks provide solutions that can be utilized to improve business efficiency and employee satisfaction.

interactive touch table rental

Popshap is here to provide your business with interactive digital solutions that will give you the upper hand on your competition.


Advantages of Interactive Kiosks for your business

Employee satisfaction is important for any successful business, interactive technology offers versatile benefits that is guaranteed to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. These systems are easy to use and cost-efficient, your employees can devote more of their time to tasks that are more valuable. The mundane tasks can be left to the interactive kiosks, such as answering questions that are easily accessible to customers through the kiosk.


Employee safety is extremely important and with Covid-19 still, at large, interactive kiosks and body temperature kiosks can help keep staff safe and healthy. Our body-temperature kiosks offer facial recognition and can detect fevers that will alert your business. Popshap offers customizable software that can display questionnaires and surveys that can be used for covid safety.

These surveys are also highly effective and help customers give direct feedback to your business. This will improve efficiency and keep both customers and happy. Interactive kiosks can be used in all business industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, and more, with increased efficiency, your business will continue to grow and improve.

Popshap’s interactive kiosks are made completely customizable to fit your businesses perfectly, with customer hardware, software, custom design, and admin control your business will be able to stay ahead of the competition and keep both employees and customers satisfied.

How Interactive Kiosks are Improving Education

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to help all types of industries. For schools and universities, digital technology such as interactive kiosks and digital tables. My focus in this blog is to talk about the benefits of these digital screens in elementary and middle schools and e-learning from home.

With the craziness of covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, and still many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school. E-learning has become the main form of education for many children and parents are finding it difficult to teach and keep their kids entertained while they have their own work to do. That’s where these kiosks and touch tables come in, they make virtual learning fun and stress-free for parents.

55 inch touch screen table


Benefits of kiosks for e-learning

E-learning is difficult enough for kids, with less face-to-face interaction. Children often get bored and lose focus easily, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer or tablet all day is not the way to keep kids engaged.


Active Learning

With touch screen tables, children have the freedom to walk around and complete different educational tasks in different sections of the table. Teachers can be seen better on larger screens and interact with children as if they were in the classroom together.  This digital screen supports all types of software that include countless activities and enhance the interactive experience.

Boosting Enthusiasm

Interactive displays are able to keep children more engaged and pay more attention. When children are able to stay active while learning it boosts their enthusiasm to keep learning, with their short attention spans they need to constantly be entertained with activities.

Although these displays are great for teachers and e-learning, they are also great ways to keep children occupied and entertained when the school day is over. With tons of features and software’s touch screen tables and displays can keep your child from getting bored. Different art applications and music applications are easily installed.


To conclude, interactive displays are improving e-learning and education as a whole. These systems are easy to install in homes and schools and will keep your child entertained for hours while you can get back to work. They will learn in a fun environment and aren’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day. Get your digital touch table today to improve your child’s learning.