Brands are switching to event kiosks for improved customer service

Event Kiosks have been around for a while now.  Though, more recently these types of interactive kiosks started to gain momentum and solve numerous problems in day-to-day business operation activities.

Lately, there have been many successful deployments in event kiosks in various industries. Successful touch screen kiosk utilization needs to replace an existing service that is presently being carried out with manual labor or meets the demand for a business or operations service that is not currently happening.

touch screen event kiosks

Touch screen kiosks offer sessions that combine data and hands-on (or off) experiences to make your digital content noteworthy, personal, and striking. The following concepts will help you draw in guests, hook them with your smart interactive kiosk strategies, and then convert them into buyers!

Registration – for company events, speedy registration is an outstanding start to a fruitful gathering. Visitors need to be able to instantly access their accounts, input their data, obtain their tickets or badges, and be on their way as soon as possible! Registration kiosks, event registration arrangements, on-site badge printing, tailored agendas, and visitor guides are the perfect opener to an event or trade shows.

Entertainment – for almost any event, interactive kiosk rentals can deliver exciting and important digital content that lets guests shop, receive free resources, view and accept promotions, enter contests, hear music, or watch videos. Brainstorm about offering e-books, PDFs, free trail, workshops, webcasts, podcasts, and streaming content that can put some fun into breaks and idle time.

Digital Document Library – This is a valuable data portal that lets attendees get downloads for information and convenience. Remove the cost, misunderstanding, clutter, and waste of print collateral—making it easy for visitors to access exactly the information they want, no matter how comprehensive or technical. Better still, the kiosks will gather data that offers respected insight into the information that visitors found most interesting.

Our touch screen kiosk and software technology is quickly becoming the standard for retail sites, institutions, commercial buildings, roadshows, trade shows, exhibits, and so much more.

Charm your attendees with event kiosks!

Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Kiosk System

Businesses are constantly searching for new and innovative ways of bringing customers in, and on the other hand, customers are looking for exciting ways of interacting with businesses. This is where interactive kiosks are often overlooked. With interactive kiosks, customers have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Many business owners are stepping into the digital realm and embracing this type of technology and incorporating it into their businesses. They provide multiple advantages and will help your business modernize to the digital era. Interactive kiosks provide solutions that can be utilized to improve business efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Popshap is here to provide your business with interactive digital solutions that will give you the upper hand on your competition.


Advantages of Interactive Kiosks for your business

Employee satisfaction is important for any successful business, interactive technology offers versatile benefits that is guaranteed to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. These systems are easy to use and cost-efficient, your employees can devote more of their time to tasks that are more valuable. The mundane tasks can be left to the interactive kiosks, such as answering questions that are easily accessible to customers through the kiosk.


Employee safety is extremely important and with Covid-19 still, at large, interactive kiosks and body temperature kiosks can help keep staff safe and healthy. Our body-temperature kiosks offer facial recognition and can detect fevers that will alert your business. Popshap offers customizable software that can display questionnaires and surveys that can be used for covid safety.

These surveys are also highly effective and help customers give direct feedback to your business. This will improve efficiency and keep both customers and happy. Interactive kiosks can be used in all business industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, and more, with increased efficiency, your business will continue to grow and improve.

Popshap’s interactive kiosks are made completely customizable to fit your businesses perfectly, with customer hardware, software, custom design, and admin control your business will be able to stay ahead of the competition and keep both employees and customers satisfied.

4 benefits of Touchscreen Technology in Healthcare

Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen an increased demand for digital touch and touchless technology. Many businesses are finding solutions such as touch screen kiosks, digital posters, and body temperature screening kiosks to improve their customer experience and business efficiency.

body temperature kiosk for events

One of the biggest industries looking for these touchscreen technology solutions is the healthcare industry. There’s no doubt that healthcare provides work hard, with their long hours and crazy schedules, that’s why we do everything we can to make their work more efficient and productive.

In this post, we will outline some of the benefits that come with touchscreen displays as well as body temperature screening kiosks.

Touchscreens Improve Productivity 

Digital touchscreen displays and monitors make it easier to access patient records, it also allows easy check-in. No more need for paper and hard copies, touchscreens allow doctors and nurses to find patient’s records quickly and efficiently and keep everything up to date. With healthcare providers time is of the essence and touchscreens can help make that time more sufficient, it also improves communication between patients and staff.

Save Time and Money

Interactive screens are convenient and straightforward, they keep patients informed and with easy access to information that takes less time than waiting for someone to answer your questions. These touchscreen kiosks can be placed on waiting rooms and lobbies and also make checking in much quicker. With multiple kiosk stations, more patients can check-in without waiting for available staff and can disclose information in a more private way.

Safer for patients and staff

With body temperature screening kiosks, walking into a doctor’s office is now safe and proactive. Without having to take off a mask the face recognition makes it easier and faster to get screened.

Wayfinding and Information

Digital signage is a great way to provide tips and directions for patients and staff. Often Hospitals, medical offices and clinic can be tricky to find certain locations, and with digital maps around these locations would make wayfinding simple and effortless and decreases face-to-face interaction. These digital screens can also be effective ways of providing information to patients, with tips and information that reduces patients getting up and asking a healthcare provider.

Overall, touchscreen technology and digital signage are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and making it easier for healthcare providers. They are sanitary ways of providing information, saving time, improving productivity, and last but not least safe. Click here to check out some of our healthcare products.

Interactive Kiosk: Turbocharging America’s Economy in 4 Easy Steps

The future of now is digital… And the advantage is an interactive kiosk and a 360 marketing strategy.

Every second of every day, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries.

Now there are more refined algorithms, marketing software, and information collection than ever before. Businesses need to come up with new ground-breaking ways to reach and involve their customers. The advantages of an interactive kiosk have never been more obvious. Savvy businesses are designing and executing innovative, state-of-the-art technology to increase a better customer experience.

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The million-dollar advantages of using an interactive kiosk

Customer Engagement

An interactive kiosk delivers your message by engaging your customers to take action. It creates delight and awareness and it gives them info that they are looking for in real-time.

It also enables customers to pick up their own journey and answer questions that they have on their minds. For example, at a kiosk, your customers have a one-on-one experience, without you having to invest the time, money, and training that will otherwise be needed by employing someone as a customer service representative.

Conversion Enhancements

Things like pop-ups, eBooks, and general signup forms are dwindling in value. Folks starting to losing their patient with outdated and over-used marketing tactics. The good news is that your competitors probably are using these strategies still so there is room for you to take the opportunity and stand out with an interactive kiosk.

Qualified Leads

With an interactive kiosk, it is much easier to gain high-quality qualified leads. You can weed out any low-quality prospects with deliberate questions and targeted digital content. For example, you could create a fun and engaging questionnaire for your visitors, or use qualifying questions in a game or contest.


The interactive kiosk allows customers to feel more important as an individual with unique goals, needs, wants, and problems that only your business can solve. The experience is tailored to talk to and please these personal elements.

An interactive kiosk can give customers this type of experience much more successfully than static content. Through polls, surveys, calculators, or questions, you can give your customers a voice. One way to personalize the experience for a prospect is to let them pick their own journey with an interactive kiosk.

Final Thoughts

Your customers are depending on you to continue your relationship with them. Speaking to them as people, and giving them digital content that is highly engaging, personalized, and conversational will feed the mutual relationship between customer and business owner.

Why Custom Kiosks Are Becoming the Number One Method of Event Marketing

Parties, events, get-togethers, these have dated back centuries. Utilizing these meetings for marketing and networking has also dated back centuries. Many great partnerships have been formed throughout history at events. Custom kiosks can help you capitalize on a trend that has dated back to the beginning of partnerships.

Now, of course, they are not the answer to all. And nothing is a certainty. But people go to events with an openness to meet people or be introduced to ideas they haven’t seen before. So events are a pretty unique opportunity to get some business. I think this trend has been recognized because companies invest tremendous sums of money into events.

Custom Kiosks as Custom as Your Company

Being the age of technology has changed the way humans interact, it has changed events. At events now we must be displaying some tech to be up to date. Of course not just any tech, it has to be tech that offers some value to the client, as well as tech that is related to the event at hand.

custom events kiosks

On top of all of that, now you need to show your party-comers what your brand is all about. That’s where custom kiosks come in. A custom kiosk is designed to cater to your brand’s specific needs and theme. Each element of the kiosk can present another aspect of your company’s message. As nuanced and detailed as your company is, a custom kiosk can be.

Custom Kiosks at Events are Sky Rocketing

Events all over the country are capitalizing on this unique opportunity even with just a photo booth that has their brand name on it. Those type of associations can stay with people for a long time. It can even be hung up on their refrigerators for years to come.

All these events try to capture a moment of positive association people can connect with you. Each custom kiosk will provide answers to address each piece necessary to provide a good avenue to show clients what you are all about.

Custom Kiosks Have Custom Functionality

You can get a branded photo booth option, or a digital poster that has all your latest photos passing through, or a face recognition trivia game that informs the users about your brand. If you can think it up it can be put into an interactive kiosk.

Custom kiosks are gaining momentum in the event industry rapidly. Many companies have recognized this trend that gives greater outreach at their events. Each person that is attracted to their kiosk – which is always many – will leave their information to follow up with.

Touch screen table rental

Your brand requires a beautiful encasing to give it a positive association. Every smart marketer will tell you that marketing is mostly psychology. A slick custom display broad screen will send the message that your brand is modern, and keeping up with technological trends. Companies all across the country are updating their events to include custom brand broadcasting to elevate their presence within their potential customer base. This is why they are doing it, because it’s been effective continuously.

Interactive Touch Screen Rentals

What’s Our Goal?

We would all rather be outstanding than merely stand out. In fact, we would want our standing out to draw from our ability to be outstanding. There are a number of different ways to distinguish your brand so that it stands out. A kiosk brings out the core of your brand to the public that is engaging with it.

But is standing out enough? Will the bare-bones traffic produce engagement with your product? Tough question. That’s the goal here, only ask tough questions, that’s where the tough answers hide.

I’m sure you can read 100 different posts about how business owners or marketers have tried to do anything they possibly could to get in front of their audience. Well, that’s a good place to start but then what? Where do you go from there? What is the audience supposed to do with you or your brand now that they are staring right at it? The answer lies where you could expect this build-up to lead to, gummy bears, no actually gummy worms. Ok, not gummy anything.


touch screen kiosk

What’re Our Means?

The solution is in creating an avenue to broadcast your message while providing your audience content to interact with. Provide value for your customers even at the level of marketing. Interactive touchscreen kiosks provide such an avenue. A terrific way to make sure your company is well received and gets the attention you are hoping for by investing in digital/physical real estate.

Touch screen kiosk rentals work in the same way as real estate. You get used to digital space for a period of time. You also utilize this space with brand broadcasting which you also are doing for the event you, unless of course, you’re having it in your own space. 

Kiosk Marketing Solutions

See what touchscreen kiosk rentals can do for your marketing strategies. Deploy them at your event and notice what ensues. It becomes a magnet for customers to play with, be it a photo/GIF booth, or a fun trivia game. The real answer lies in people interacting with your product through play. Playing is always coupled with a sense of positivity. Revolutionize the way people relate to your brand. And at what cost? Rent it, we’ll come to drop it off, set it up, and pick it up when you’re done. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty.