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Tips for Success at This Year’s White Label World Expo

As we were making plans to attend the White Label World Expo in Las Vegas. It made me reflect on how important trade shows are to the American economy. There are so many opportunities at a trade show and depending on your strategy there could be a number of different outcomes.

Are you planning to reach a broader customer base, or do you want to pitch a physical product to your target audience? One of the greatest ways to do that is with trade shows.

The central point of such trade shows should be the value of the digital signage displays and trade show kiosks. Your trade show booth has a chance to leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of folks if you make a dapper and powerful product display.

interactive trade show kiosk

Marketing your brand is very important when it comes to winning at the White Label World Expo. It may have become a tad more relevant as we try to return to some kind of normalcy.

Interactive Trade Show Kiosk

A modernized atmosphere in the middle of a trade show floor can help you score some major points among the guests. Getting flabbergasted by the chaos and bustle in a trade show is normal. Most attendees experience multiple sales pitches and brand messages from all sides which may swamp them.

Helping with a charging station and place to relax in the middle of all the bedlam can make them open to discovering new ideas and maybe even your offer. I can tell you one thing, your staff at the booth will have a better shot at getting concrete leads, and hence, a higher chance of a sale. You can create interactive double decks to control the space for private meetings.

Engaging Touch Table Sessions

You can have a precise set of interactive branded content tailor-made for the attendees. Put it on a touch table to make it even more personal. It will help keep them super engaged. The interactive touch tables often tend to be more stimulating and help foster a better bond with your target audience.

You can have different types of touch screens displays at your trade show booth, which can display testimonials or product demos.

If you will be at the White Label World Expo in September and would like more information on how to wow audiences. Let’s chat.

Popshap Announces New Trade Show Advertising Technology Bundle for Organizers

As the pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, the pace of digital transformation has accelerated and become even more universal. As things stagger to get back to normal we saw an abundant need for new trade show advertising technology.

As we have started attending more events this year we have noticed that meaningful interactions are still expected from attendees. With engagements getting disjointed and expensive, smart advertising technology has hence come into play for creating enriched experiences and increased revenue for trade shows and event organizers.

Diverse goals and purposes may offer challenges to event organizers but our new advertising technology infuses education and entertainment to create lasting engagement and real-time analytics for every show.

interactive trade show advertising technology

This means organizers can easily customize multimedia content for sponsorship engagement in places such as reception counters, event signage, kiosk, or walkways, our advertising technology gets the job done.

Our trade show advertising technology is ready for real-time media playback on two individual interactive kiosks displays, which brings upgraded experiences for the attendees as well as flexibilities for show deployment.

These interactive kiosks bring the unlimited potential for tailor-made visual applications. With one touch kiosks showing static images while the other playing video promotion, for example, organizers now have customized digital media sponsorship content for several audiences in different locations, maximizing the trade show experience with more creatives.

We work with event organizers like you to generate more revenue with our interactive trade show advertising technology.

Our smart marketing kiosk allows you to create new revenue streams by running interactive advertisements throughout the venue on our devices. Attendees can play sponsored games, win exhibitor prizes, take branded pictures, and get the latest information about the event all from one device. And the best part is, you can charge for it!

There is no upfront cost to you. And you would be able to upsell sponsorships by offering deeper marketing analytics and customized lead generation tools.

If interested, let’s chat for a few minutes

4 Proven Interactive Trade Show Kiosk Strategies Major Brands Use

Are you in charge of planning a trade show or event? If you want to make your folks feel great about your booth, there is ONE GIANT secret that can give you major success… it’s an interactive trade show kiosk.

By now it shouldn’t be a secret but making your trade show booth interactive, makes it more memorable.

To help you see success on the trade show floor we are going to cover some of the best tips, tricks, and proven systems for creating more involvement (and entertainment!) at your booth with an interactive trade show kiosk.

Interactive touch screen kiosk solutions

ATTENDEE participation

Attendee participation is dire to a successful event. Invite as much involvement with your interactive trade show kiosk as you possibly can. And remember, you want feedback before, during, and after your event.

Don’t wait until a few days after the show is over to survey your audience do it right there on the spot, from your interactive trade show kiosk.

Your goal from the get-go is to get as many leads and as much feedback as possible.  Example: If the demonstrations are running long and boring your audience, use your interactive trade show kiosk to gain input and then instantly use that feedback to make real-time changes. Now that’s how you make an adjustment on the fly! Attendees will feel heard and empowered.

DEMOS that include attendees

Your audience wants to interact that is why they are at the trade show. If your theme is “Building Together,” don’t have one person do all the talking. Instead use creative content on your interactive trade show kiosk to showcase reviews, create games, or puzzles, display interviews all from the touch device.

Folks remember what they do. The key thing is this: Don’t tell them about it. Show them and involve them.

ENTERTAINMENT that involves

One of the amazing things about an interactive trade show kiosk is it has so many options. Humor is characteristically interactive because laughter connects people. It’s also great medicine that can revive life in your booth.

Consider this: an interactive photo booth that allows you to change backgrounds and add fun images to the picture. Another fun feature an interactive trade show kiosk has could be a mind-reading game, a sing-along showcase, or even live streaming on social media.

The point is, don’t forget to include the interactive fun factor at your booth.

GAMES and contests

This is one of the main reasons why brands love their interactive trade show kiosk… The games and contests. With Popshaps software you can include, game shows like “Name that Tune” and “Family Feud”, and so much more. Many of your attendees are competitive individuals. Put them in the spotlight and generate enjoyment with an interactive game that ends with prizes and rewards.

With our kiosks software, there are even games that can consist of your entire audience with smartphone polling apps.

Next, if you can budget for it, have a production partner run the technical side of your trade show booth. The big trend will be toward hybrid events with some attendees in person and some joining via a virtual connection. A company like Popshap can make your entire event look and feel unforgettable.

How Digital Signage Can Transform Your Business

In this digital world, adapting to new and upcoming advertising strategies is the best way to keep your business on top. With the craziness of the pandemic over the last year we have seen a huge rise is digital solutions. Digital Signage solutions would be a highly effective addition to your business. Digital signage has the attention-grabbing benefit that print media just doesn’t have anymore.

Digital signage solutions can come in many forms and have extraordinary benefits. This is the smarter and more effective form of advertising for your company and cannot be ignored. With unlimited benefits, digital signage will transform your business into the modern digital era

Why digital signage is the best choice for your business

The use of touchscreen wayfinding digital solutions can create an immersive customer experience. These touch screen displays can be used in all types of environments including malls, stores, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and more. With this interactive wayfinding digital displays, you have the opportunities to advertise and promote products and services.

touch screen rentals for trade shows

Included with these displays is software that is linked to interactive content and improves the customer experience. This type of experience is great for reducing the wait time in long lines, customers like the ability to stay busy while waiting and these interactive displays encourage reduced perceived wait time. Digital signage is extremely versatile and with its customizable features can be very creative. Large interchanging signs are the eye-catching and modern way of promoting business.

We are seeing these displays used in automobile shops where customers can click the screens and view the different features of the car, with the pandemic still at large, we want to reduce face-to-face interaction and these displays allow that.

Reduced waste and cost-effectiveness are other benefits of digital signage. Not only are they easy to install but any simple changed can be done automatically. Creating digital ads is much cheaper than print ads and will save your company money. Labor costs decrease with digital signage, instead of asking staff questions, most of the answers can be found on these digital screens.


Overall, digital signage will transform your business for the better and save you tons of money. Enter the digital world the right way with interactive touch screen displays.


QR Codes and How They are Improving Businesses

What are QR Codes?

You’ve probably been seeing these “Quick Response codes” almost everywhere you go, from restaurants to airports. They are the revolutionized barcode for the mobile era, contactless, quick, and easy. In the wake of the pandemic QR codes rapidly became the touchless form of advertising, digital signage, and improving customer service. The absolute best thing about them is the fact that they can be placed anywhere, touch screen devices, digital posters, or simply can be printed out and taped on walls or tables.

 QR codes with touch screen kiosk 


Benefits of QR Codes

Most restaurants are switching over to QR code menus, making accessing it easier and from your own phone. With everyone having smartphones, having the ability to take a photo of the code and accessing it easily is evolving with the times. QR codes are great ways of keeping people safe in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The touchless and contactless aspect gives people the opportunity to feel at ease when entering a facility. 

QR codes are more than just easily accessible menus, they provide analytics and advertising opportunities for businesses, marketing, and healthcare. 

Businesses are using QR codes as touchless payment methods, where customers are able to take a photo of the code and that would take consumers to a payment page. If the credit card is saved to the phone the payment process would take just a few taps. These payment pages are completely customizable to any business. 

Many businesses have incorporated QR codes into their marketing strategies. By curating this unique customer experience, stores are able to attract and engage with more customers. 

QR Code marketing ideas that businesses can use:

  1. Virtual business cards to share contact information
  2. QR codes for the contactless menu at restaurants
  3. Payments
  4. To reveal promotions and discounts
  5. Send location coordinates using Google Maps or Waze
  6. Add an event straight to your calendar with reminders
  7. Automatically connect to the store’s Wi-Fi
  8. Follow a profile on social media
  9. Direct users to the app store to download an app

Are Stores Safe Using Temperature Screening Kiosks?

While almost every industry has been affected by the pandemic in some way over the past year, some have faced greater setbacks and limits than others. Businesses as a whole and restaurants, particularly those that traditionally center on offering a dine-in experience, are amongst those most affected. Consequently, many companies have been required to get creative which is why many are turning to temperature screening kiosks.

In some instances, delivery, carryout, and outdoor seating choices that may not have otherwise been presented became restaurants’ only options for remaining afloat. In other cases, eateries were forced to stop operations completely until their particular states began easing limitations.

As the U.S. closes in on an entire year of being affected by the virus, many states are well into their reopening stages — and several of the above-mentioned restrictions have been or are in the development of being lifted. In fact, just the other day, New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced plans to dial back some of the limitations on indoor dining within New York — a huge step for New York which has been one of the area’s most severely impacted by the virus.

In addition to social distancing and imposing capacity restraints, one of the most common actions being used by restaurants in New York and beyond is temperature screening checks — often through the use of a body temperature screening kiosk.

Intended with health and safety in mind, body temperature screening kiosks offer a totally contactless temperature check experience. Customers are scanned one at a time by placing their faces in the frame specified on the screen of the kiosk. Their temperatures are then read by a thermal sensor and displayed on-screen for the user to view and confirm. The procedure is straightforward, precise within 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit and proficient.

In fact, the whole temperature scanning process only takes about two seconds per individual, less time than it even takes for guests to check-in for a reservation.

Temperature Screening Kiosks for rent

Why are they ideal for stores?

While welcoming consumers back safely is clearly a top concern for stores, it’s equally significant that their personnel are equipped to fulfill the health and safety necessities set forth as well. Flexible in design and easy to implement, temperature screening kiosks are obtainable in many different formats, from standalone podiums to countertop and wall mounts, making them perfect to use in both the front and back of the house. Just as restaurant-goers can use the kiosks to check their temperatures before being seated for their meals, restaurant workers can also use the check-in kiosks to check their temperatures before reporting for work.

Additionally, to promoting a safe and hygienic environment, temperature screening kiosks can assist stores in remaining federal, state, and local regulations without conceding the time and energy of their staff. A totally unattended solution, temperature screening kiosks can use audible signals to attract an employee’s responsiveness without requiring their presence and attention on the temperature kiosk at all times.

For an update on how the pandemic is affecting your industry, click here.

3 Key Methods To Enhancing Hospital Experiences with Healthcare Kiosks

As the pandemic rolls on, patients of all ages are discovering themselves spending more time in the offices of their medical providers in front of healthcare kiosks.

Certainly, COVID isn’t the only reason patients are visiting hospitals. In fact, according to a report by Forbes, the typical American visits their doctor at least four times every year—that’s a lot of tours to the reception desk, paperwork to fill out, and energy spent in a waiting room.

Healthcare Kiosks

Regardless of whether they’re coming in because of COVID-like symptoms or just for a yearly wellness visit, one thing is for certain, patients, for the most part, want their experience in their healthcare provider’s office to be painless and straightforward. Intended to take on an assortment of tasks—from patient check-in to digital signage charging and electronic medical record management—self-service healthcare kiosks can be applied to guarantee that the experience of patients and those escorting them is precisely that.

Here’s how hospitals can improve with healthcare kiosks:

While self-service patient check-in kiosks can be used to accelerate the check-in and waiting method for patients and those escorting them, most still pass some time in the waiting room before being seen. Intended to make the time spent waiting to pass a little faster, digital signage charging kiosks can include a large format screen to share pertinent information and assets with patients.

  • Streamline Patient Check-In

For the most part, patients favor the healthcare check-in process with disgust—after all, for many, it’s a process often related to long lines, masses of paperwork, and drawn-out procedures. Intended to progress efficiently throughout the first step of the appointment, check-in healthcare kiosks can provide a protected platform on which patients can check-in for their appointment, fill out important medical forms, and alert the needed parties—all on the same self-service kiosk.

  • Modernize EMR Management

While patients only obtain a restricted amount of time with their healthcare provider, they often get a plethora of info during their visit. Intended to improve the time patients spend with their provider, EMR management healthcare kiosks can allow doctors and patients alike to securely update and share data in one easy-to-use and easy-to-reference place.

From the time being a patient comes and checks in to the instant they leave, and all the time the patient spends waiting in between, self-service healthcare kiosks of all kinds can be modified and implemented to increase the patient experience. To learn more about Popshap’s healthcare kiosk hardware solutions visit

What is a kiosk machine and how can it help my business?

This kiosk is a big or small, free-standing physical structure (ours have a sleek, modern look) used to display information or offer services. A kiosk machine is mostly unmanned as most of the kiosk management software permits users to manage and control the kiosk devices right from a desktop, phone, or laptop. Unmanned digital kiosks are more prevalent as it serves customers with no interruption and saves them time, like check-ins, sales check-out, and healthcare screenings.
Kiosk pricing and software
4 Common Types Of Kiosk Machines 1. Touch Screen Kiosks This is a self-service device that features a touchscreen interface and uses advanced programming software. Such self-service kiosks are frequently used in the retail or consumer industry and are placed in high traffic areas where individuals can get information with the touch of a finger. 2. Internet Kiosks These digital kiosks offer internet access to the public. They are typically installed at the airport, hotel lobbies, or apartment offices. Aside from displays, mouse, and keyboard, this type of kiosk sometimes offers credit card swipe and bill payment abilities. 3. Photobooth Kiosks Some of the most popular types of photo kiosks are instant print stations, digital order stations, movie ticketing, DVD vending, building directory, and public transport ticketing kiosks. 4. Body Temperature Kiosks As we return to business, many establishments are looking for solutions to assist them in re-opening a business or organizing for employees to return to work. Body temperature kiosks, in any setting, can help to limit person-to-person interaction, decreasing the risk of the passing along of disease or virus between staff and customers.
trade show Kiosk Machine

The Rewards Of Using a Kiosk Machine In Business

No matter what type of industry you’re in, a kiosk machine can help bring your brand to even greater altitudes. Here are some of the most essential benefits of having this kiosk.
  • Advances Customer Buying Experience
  • Grows Your Customer Base
  • Cost-effective
  • Saves Time
  • Endorses Product Ideas
The modern customer demands more interactive features when making buying decisions. This is why more and more businesses are integrating kiosk technology into their operations. Can you afford not to consider using a kiosk machine? How else are you going to compete in today’s ultra-competitive business environment?

Interactive Kiosk: Turbocharging America’s Economy in 4 Easy Steps

The future of now is digital… And the advantage is an interactive kiosk and a 360 marketing strategy.

Every second of every day, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries.

Now there are more refined algorithms, marketing software, and information collection than ever before. Businesses need to come up with new ground-breaking ways to reach and involve their customers. The advantages of an interactive kiosk have never been more obvious. Savvy businesses are designing and executing innovative, state-of-the-art technology to increase a better customer experience.

interactive touch table rental

The million-dollar advantages of using an interactive kiosk

Customer Engagement

An interactive kiosk delivers your message by engaging your customers to take action. It creates delight and awareness and it gives them info that they are looking for in real-time.

It also enables customers to pick up their own journey and answer questions that they have on their minds. For example, at a kiosk, your customers have a one-on-one experience, without you having to invest the time, money, and training that will otherwise be needed by employing someone as a customer service representative.

Conversion Enhancements

Things like pop-ups, eBooks, and general signup forms are dwindling in value. Folks starting to losing their patient with outdated and over-used marketing tactics. The good news is that your competitors probably are using these strategies still so there is room for you to take the opportunity and stand out with an interactive kiosk.

Qualified Leads

With an interactive kiosk, it is much easier to gain high-quality qualified leads. You can weed out any low-quality prospects with deliberate questions and targeted digital content. For example, you could create a fun and engaging questionnaire for your visitors, or use qualifying questions in a game or contest.


The interactive kiosk allows customers to feel more important as an individual with unique goals, needs, wants, and problems that only your business can solve. The experience is tailored to talk to and please these personal elements.

An interactive kiosk can give customers this type of experience much more successfully than static content. Through polls, surveys, calculators, or questions, you can give your customers a voice. One way to personalize the experience for a prospect is to let them pick their own journey with an interactive kiosk.

Final Thoughts

Your customers are depending on you to continue your relationship with them. Speaking to them as people, and giving them digital content that is highly engaging, personalized, and conversational will feed the mutual relationship between customer and business owner.

How to Make Fun Fall Activities Safe Again

It’s here… fall.  The smell of fire pits in the air, hay rides, trick or treating, apple picking, and everything pumpkin spice takes over.  Flannel is in, flip flops are out, and the days get shorter.  To some, this is a bummer, as the lazy days of summer are indeed, now over.  To others, it’s a welcomed site and a breath of fresh air.  But is it really in these Coronavirus times?  Can we still have the same amount of fun that we used to?  Depending on where you look or what you read, the answers are mixed.  

Fall weather
Sitting on the stairs on a fall afternoon

According to the CDC, most fall activities are no no’s now, and are now moderate to major risk taking activities.  The fun of trick or treating, seeing kids excited as they go door to door getting their favorite treats, is now an even bigger threat.  Want to go apple picking with your significant other or family?  Nope, that’s no good now either.  What do we have to do to make it safe again?  Can we really have body temperature kiosks everywhere?  If so, where could we put them?  Can we put a body temperature kiosk by someone’s front door?  If so, who absorbs that cost?  How about the hayrides?  Do we put a body temperature kiosk at the gate before you get on?  What about those wonderful apple trees, just waiting to be picked?  Where does one put a body temperature kiosk in the middle of an apple tree farm?  Next to every tree?  At the entrance to the farm?  All of these questions are legitimate and need answers.  The question there is, who’s going to find out?  It’s important to, otherwise, perhaps we never can return to the fun…

So fall is in the air.  The cold is setting in.  The fun summer days are over.  Flu season is knocking.  Covid is still rampant.  Doesn’t sound like there’s much fun in store… Could there be though?  That is a question that we’re waiting to have an answer to.