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How Interactive Kiosks are Improving Education

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to help all types of industries. For schools and universities, digital technology such as interactive kiosks and digital tables. My focus in this blog is to talk about the benefits of these digital screens in elementary and middle schools and e-learning from home.

With the craziness of covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, and still many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school. E-learning has become the main form of education for many children and parents are finding it difficult to teach and keep their kids entertained while they have their own work to do. That’s where these kiosks and touch tables come in, they make virtual learning fun and stress-free for parents.

55 inch touch screen table


Benefits of kiosks for e-learning

E-learning is difficult enough for kids, with less face-to-face interaction. Children often get bored and lose focus easily, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer or tablet all day is not the way to keep kids engaged.


Active Learning

With touch screen tables, children have the freedom to walk around and complete different educational tasks in different sections of the table. Teachers can be seen better on larger screens and interact with children as if they were in the classroom together.  This digital screen supports all types of software that include countless activities and enhance the interactive experience.

Boosting Enthusiasm

Interactive displays are able to keep children more engaged and pay more attention. When children are able to stay active while learning it boosts their enthusiasm to keep learning, with their short attention spans they need to constantly be entertained with activities.

Although these displays are great for teachers and e-learning, they are also great ways to keep children occupied and entertained when the school day is over. With tons of features and software’s touch screen tables and displays can keep your child from getting bored. Different art applications and music applications are easily installed.


To conclude, interactive displays are improving e-learning and education as a whole. These systems are easy to install in homes and schools and will keep your child entertained for hours while you can get back to work. They will learn in a fun environment and aren’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day. Get your digital touch table today to improve your child’s learning.

Self Service Kiosks 5 Reasons Why They Are Growing Rapidly

I believe that most of the reasons here will be ones that people already feel. The reason for writing it though is to put it into a concise chewable expression so you can understand the nature of the trend. Self service kiosks have been a growing phenomenon around the world for the past 10 years and here’s why.

1. Much of the technological advancement of the age we live in is centered around empowering the individual.

self service kiosk empowerment

For instance, all social media accounts are to give each person their own digital space. In essence, it makes everyone feel like they have their own website that people can visit and check out.

The ever-increasing functionality and accessibility of cell phones reinforce this pattern. With each new vista, the cellphone becomes capable of utilizing the user gains control over. They have access to every map and piece of information around the world in their pocket. In essence, it increases their ability for independence.

Touch screen kiosks with self check in services of course fit right in line with this trend. It gives people the self involvement that is increasingly being demanded by the public. It allows them to access the service or information without requiring someone else’s involvement. So it in essence gives more power to the individual.  


2. Many of the places that have self service kiosks, often run into problems of congestion.  (Don’t we all ???? )

self service kiosk congestion release

Fast food joints, airports, doctors offices, large events, are all places that need to be highly efficient. All these places attract large crowds in short periods of time. Even hospitality kiosks at times for hotels. I mean try getting lunch in the middle of the day in New York City and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Each of these places needs to provide quick ways for check in or order, and then move on.

Even on the other side of the equation, people enjoy it more. People like quick interactions and getting what they need at lightning speed.

All these interactive kiosks have popped up and efficiency in those locations has gone up almost across the board. Airport check in has become simple and smooth. Well, for the most part. And kiosks are in large responsible for that.


3. Touch screen kiosks are not intimidating.

self service checkin kiosk


There have been many studies of people saying they were discouraged to purchase because of a salesman. The salesperson was either being too pushy, or looked intimidating, or was awkward, and buyers felt uncomfortable and pressured.

Self service kiosks just stand there. Anyone who interacts with a kiosk does so willingly. They volunteer their time to purchase or receive information about products. Touch kiosks give all the power to the customer. And the customers always want to be right. Even if you have a nice salesman he will still only appeal to a certain number of people. More than that the salesperson still makes the customer dependent as well. All of these reasons as I’m sure you noticed also correlate to the first one.


4. Kiosks don’t take off of work and show up on time.

self service kiosk punctuality

Touch kiosks – while yes they do malfunction from time to time – are much more efficient than your average worker. They are always where they need to be, that is if you placed them where they need to be. And they don’t take breaks.

Stores are always trying to create more efficient incomes revenues and cut down on costs. Kiosks are cheaper than an employee doing the same job and they don’t talk back or mess up as often. This has created an optimal situation for both the company and the customer. Which is what they call a win win.


5. Kiosks are attractive and serve as advertising as well.

self service kiosk beauty

All touch screen kiosks also have digital poster capabilities as well. That being large posters that change pictures and attract crowds with eye catching advertising. So each company gets an employee that not only works harder but also acts as a large moving advertisement.

People are also attracted – because the age we live in – to technologically advanced environments. They feel like they share more a store that is cutting edge. Self service kiosks have provided storefronts with a digital landscape to bring a brick and mortar platform into the digital age. It is bridging the gap for stores to provide the feel of the internet to the practicality of the physical.

Touch Screen Kiosk Implications

Ok so now I would like to address something on the side of the implications. More kiosks in stores will mean fewer jobs for humans right? While that is true, every time throughout history a machine has taken the job of a human it forces humanity to evolve.

It makes humans reconsider what truly makes them human. We thought only humans could do real math. Well, that changed real quick. Every time we create something that can work better than a human we must consider again how we can make ourselves useful and competent in an ever evolving society. Just something to think about.

Interactive Touch Screen Rentals

What’s Our Goal?

We would all rather be outstanding than merely stand out. In fact, we would want our standing out to draw from our ability to be outstanding. There are a number of different ways to distinguish your brand so that it stands out. A kiosk brings out the core of your brand to the public that is engaging with it.

But is standing out enough? Will the bare-bones traffic produce engagement with your product? Tough question. That’s the goal here, only ask tough questions, that’s where the tough answers hide.

I’m sure you can read 100 different posts about how business owners or marketers have tried to do anything they possibly could to get in front of their audience. Well, that’s a good place to start but then what? Where do you go from there? What is the audience supposed to do with you or your brand now that they are staring right at it? The answer lies where you could expect this build-up to lead to, gummy bears, no actually gummy worms. Ok, not gummy anything.


touch screen kiosk

What’re Our Means?

The solution is in creating an avenue to broadcast your message while providing your audience content to interact with. Provide value for your customers even at the level of marketing. Interactive touchscreen kiosks provide such an avenue. A terrific way to make sure your company is well received and gets the attention you are hoping for by investing in digital/physical real estate.

Touch screen kiosk rentals work in the same way as real estate. You get used to digital space for a period of time. You also utilize this space with brand broadcasting which you also are doing for the event you, unless of course, you’re having it in your own space. 

Kiosk Marketing Solutions

See what touchscreen kiosk rentals can do for your marketing strategies. Deploy them at your event and notice what ensues. It becomes a magnet for customers to play with, be it a photo/GIF booth, or a fun trivia game. The real answer lies in people interacting with your product through play. Playing is always coupled with a sense of positivity. Revolutionize the way people relate to your brand. And at what cost? Rent it, we’ll come to drop it off, set it up, and pick it up when you’re done. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty.