The Major Benefits of Having a Photo Booth Kiosks at Your Next Event

Photo Booth Kiosks

In the existing world, photo booth kiosks rentals have become an attractive factor for numerous events. From weddings, and trade shows to corporate meetings, photo booth kiosks can be a perfect party favor no matter the event. The photo booth kiosks can be a whimsical idea to grab people’s attention while having print-out pictures to look back on.

Many event planners recommend having a photo booth kiosk in the event for many reasons. And if you are cynical of the benefits they offer, then that is why we are here to help. Let’s discover the benefits together of having a photo booth kiosk at your event.

It Fills Your Event With Enjoyment

We all can come to an agreement that photo booth kiosks will amuse most of the people present at the event. It suggests they’re ideal for pretty much every event you can think of. Besides holiday gatherings, you can also include them during an office party, birthday bash, wedding, or brand activation.

Friends, family, and associates who will go to your event can gather for a photograph. This, for instance, can be an unbelievable method to appreciate everyone’s attendance and to create a loving and long-lasting memory.

They Make for the best Memories of Your Event

Utilizing a photo booth kiosk rental and receiving some photos in return can be a blessing in itself.

By taking photographs and pairing them with some fun props, they’ll have the option to get some wonderful souvenirs for your event. In this way, you don’t need to plan and purchase extra gifts for visitors.

It Is The Best Approach For Business

In case you’re a business owner when you are hosting a noteworthy event, including branded photo booth kiosks can be a convincing promoting procedure. The photo booth kiosk can also send a marketing message out about your products or services. Through this knowledge, you can make an impact from the photo booth kiosks that fit the theme of your event.

Whether you’re planning a trade show, a wedding, or a corporate event, you can always use a photo booth kiosk as something that captures precious and fun-filled memories throughout the event.

Wedding Planning Event Ideas


Your big day is coming up, or you’re wedding planning and these big days come up all the time. In any event, the question of how to make the wedding as precious as the occasion is always present. And if you are in the position to be calling shots then we may have something to talk about. Regardless of your family traditions or what it is you imagine this day to be like, there are certain factors that are utilized at every event.

Wedding planning kiosks

Everyone Looks Great

Firstly everyone comes to a wedding dress to the 9’s at least, more often than not it’s the 10’s. When anyone looks and feels like a 10 there is usually one responsible for that. Picture time. And while selfies are nice they don’t capture the whole figure and they’re awkward, especially in a formal setting.

People Who Look Great Love Pictures

wedding planning with photo booth kiosk

The photo booth kiosks smoothly and easily take an inconvenience and turn it into an opportunity. Instead of people isolating themselves on their phones from the rest of the party, you have created a magnetic social hub, where there is room for everyone. Pictures are captured and sent directly to emails. Which of course makes thank you emails easier to organize. Not to mention that the photo gallery which will undoubtedly be put online now has a central location for finding fun shots.

Wedding Kiosks

Now though things get really interesting. Let’s say that you want the best of the best, after all a wedding is not the sort of event to scrimp on. You can even customize your own interactive touch kiosk to have content for the bride and groom. Take pictures and videos from the dating period all the way to trivia about the new couple.

wedding planning with event kiosks

Let people share in their story and details they may not know about to enhance the event for each attendee. For wedding planning, this is a beautiful sentiment as it gives each person a piece of the bride and groom. At a wedding everyone wishes, they knew more about the bride and groom, they are the center of attention. This is a beautiful way to inform the crowd and create amazing memories while understanding the bride and groom are the busiest people ever right now.

Weddings Unify People

Wedding events are shared experiences. Interactive kiosks at weddings bring that to the surface. They take why everyone is there and gives them a way to interact with the cause. Ask the couple a few questions beforehand and let people guess what their answers are. They are an explosive amount of potential options with a device like this. You can even give small profiles for each groomsman and bridesmaid. Have people guess who the bride and groom are from family pictures. Really the potential is endless.

Be Original

Most people if they get any kind of kiosk at all, just get a photo booth kiosk. This is great and people love it, like seriously, the whole night everyone is waiting to take their picture. But with the potential available it’s a minimal utilization.

Whatever you can think of to make that day as special as it can be, it can be created. Event kiosks for weddings are the perfect way to have people come and enjoy themselves as they wish.

Why Custom Kiosks Are Becoming the Number One Method of Event Marketing

Parties, events, get-togethers, these have dated back centuries. Utilizing these meetings for marketing and networking has also dated back centuries. Many great partnerships have been formed throughout history at events. Custom kiosks can help you capitalize on a trend that has dated back to the beginning of partnerships.

Now, of course, they are not the answer to all. And nothing is a certainty. But people go to events with an openness to meet people or be introduced to ideas they haven’t seen before. So events are a pretty unique opportunity to get some business. I think this trend has been recognized because companies invest tremendous sums of money into events.

Custom Kiosks as Custom as Your Company

Being the age of technology has changed the way humans interact, it has changed events. At events now we must be displaying some tech to be up to date. Of course not just any tech, it has to be tech that offers some value to the client, as well as tech that is related to the event at hand.

custom events kiosks

On top of all of that, now you need to show your party-comers what your brand is all about. That’s where custom kiosks come in. A custom kiosk is designed to cater to your brand’s specific needs and theme. Each element of the kiosk can present another aspect of your company’s message. As nuanced and detailed as your company is, a custom kiosk can be.

Custom Kiosks at Events are Sky Rocketing

Events all over the country are capitalizing on this unique opportunity even with just a photo booth that has their brand name on it. Those type of associations can stay with people for a long time. It can even be hung up on their refrigerators for years to come.

All these events try to capture a moment of positive association people can connect with you. Each custom kiosk will provide answers to address each piece necessary to provide a good avenue to show clients what you are all about.

Custom Kiosks Have Custom Functionality

You can get a branded photo booth option, or a digital poster that has all your latest photos passing through, or a face recognition trivia game that informs the users about your brand. If you can think it up it can be put into an interactive kiosk.

Custom kiosks are gaining momentum in the event industry rapidly. Many companies have recognized this trend that gives greater outreach at their events. Each person that is attracted to their kiosk – which is always many – will leave their information to follow up with.

Touch screen table rental

Your brand requires a beautiful encasing to give it a positive association. Every smart marketer will tell you that marketing is mostly psychology. A slick custom display broad screen will send the message that your brand is modern, and keeping up with technological trends. Companies all across the country are updating their events to include custom brand broadcasting to elevate their presence within their potential customer base. This is why they are doing it, because it’s been effective continuously.

Holiday Opportunities

Holiday Kiosks

Holiday season pretty much started with Thanksgiving. In terms of business, everyone knows that means Black Friday and of course Cyber Monday. After those, the end of the year pretty much slides right along with Christmas and Hanukkah, finishing in grand fashion with New Years. Given the situation how can you optimize your sales when you come to the end the year? Better than that, how can you stand out with the year coming to a close and shoppers itching for deals? How do you get your name out there effectively? Touch kiosks just may be the answer.


holiday touch kiosks popshap shopping

A Customizable Balance

The answer I believe is giving your audience more than just an image or add, and yet less than a whole commercial. Also, the missing element in both of these is giving your audience value. Always try to give your audience as much value as you can. It is important to give your users something they can sink their teeth into and something that will last. Here come interactive kiosks. 

Touch Kiosks For the Holidays

kiosk holiday events

Touch screen kiosks. They provide a simple way for you to offer your clientele value through a photo booth or through a trivia game, or any number of functions. Whatever the case, you are giving your customers interactive content to engage with your brand. If they take a picture they leave an email, that’s one more avenue for potential sales conversion. Even if you just want to provide a bright custom display of dynamic ads that scroll through customizable content, that too will give your customers a reason to stay engaged.

Touch Kiosks to Increase Connection

Draw the crowd into the spirit of the holiday with an interactive display screen. People want to feel engaged in a holiday, not just party. Well, I mean, they do want to party. But they will dress up according to the holiday, or sing songs that go along with the day. By providing a means of engagement on a screen people can feel more connected to the day.

This is only the tip, there are an incredible amount of ways to utilize touch kiosks for this holiday season. Big events, retail stores, parties, tradeshows, office gatherings, the holiday time provides many opportunities take advantage, and give Pop Shap a call.