How Interactive Kiosks Are Changing Major Cities

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The City of Miami has unveiled the first in a series of interactive kiosks, to help upgrade the pedestrian experience and offer extensive connectivity.

The initiative could see up to 150 interactive kiosks installed city-wide. Locations for the kiosks, dubbed (interactive kiosk entertainment), consist of Overtown, downtown, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Little Havana and Allapattah.

“As the City of Miami continues to grow into one of the country’s leading technology hubs, we are so happy to add digital kiosks to our rights-of-way to build on our pledge to smart city initiatives and strengthen our role as innovators,” said Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami.
The double-sided interactive kiosks have two digital touchscreens and a suite of interactive applications intended to engage and drive discovery and movement. Each interactive kiosk serves as a free wi-fi hotspot and is location-aware, exhibiting information specific to the neighboring area.

Multilingual digital content includes comprehensive wayfinding, listings of area businesses, cultural organizations, events, civic resources, job listings, and social services such as homeless housings, addiction recovery programs, and food support. These wayfinding features are designed to turn data into action by helping users navigate to their endpoint, either walking by providing multimodal transportation trip opportunities.

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The goal is to further activate the pedestrian experience while lessening the digital divide through widespread connectivity and equal access to data. This type of interactive kiosk platform is designed to add value to the towns in which they do business and everyone is excited to serve the residents and guests of Miami.

The program is delivered, operated, and maintained at no cost to taxpayers. All aspects of the program are funded by rigorously controlled advertising content that is exhibited when the interactive kiosks are not in use.

The Town will receive a constant stream of the revenue produced by media sales and distributes a percentage of those dollars to five key quasi-governmental establishments, proportionate to the number of interactive kiosks installed within their confines.

The City says that the interactive kiosks will also frequently exhibit new projects by local and international entertainers in collaboration with some of Miami’s most recognized cultural organizations.

Why Interactive Displays Are Perfect for Business

There was a time when merchandising displays broke the mold with simple video loops or motion sensors encouraging audio call-to-actions. Building on the foundation of these features, many of today’s interactive displays go even further with unique ideas to showcase and demo goods.

It’s no wonder to see pioneering brands implementing unique features into their merchandising plans. Not only does technology offer information collection abilities, but incorporating entertaining modules excites shoppers and encourages buying. Eventually, interactive displays can lead to deeper customer education and brand faithfulness.

self-service technology with interactive displays

Interactive displays with touchscreens

For over a decade now, touch kiosks have revolutionized our everyday capabilities. We use them to order food, pay for parking and check bags, so it’s easy to forget that touchscreens weren’t always the standard.

Because the technology is deep-rooted and widely used today, some companies have improved merchandising displays with touchscreens to give customers a hands-on, self-service experience. Uses often include shopping a never-ending aisle, looking up additional product information, or tailoring merchandise.

When online goes offline

Omnichannel, integrated marketing, call it what you want. The point is, we’re pretty familiar with the process of spreading our shopping experience across an assortment of digital platforms now. And with the customer’s eagerness to resume in-store shopping as the pandemic declines, once-digital brands are ramping up partnerships with traditional brick-and-mortars to reach a larger group of consumers.

As these associations continue to flourish, watch for more experiential interactive displays from companies looking to capitalize on the customer’s comfort level with interaction and digital networks.

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Overall, all interactive displays are a significant component to a brand’s successful marketing plan, calling attention to a brand’s goods and building a loyal buyer base. Furthermore, interactive features that both stimulate and enlighten can go even further to set a brand apart from the competition. And with interactive displays of the future, technology will play a considerable role in providing a tailored and educational customer experience.

How to Find the Most Profitable Locations for Your Touch Kiosks

Anyone who owns an interactive touch kiosk knows how vital it is to put these prized assets in locations that will harvest the best return. But how do you decide where these “best places” will be? It is not as stress-free as choosing high-traffic sites, because if that traffic does not match well with your target customers, you will just have a lot of folks walking right past your touch kiosk.

Building a viable location space specifically for your touch kiosk type is important to capitalize on revenue per touch kiosk and achieve a faster return on your investment. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or you already have touch kiosks in place. Either way, this blog will help you ensure your interactive kiosk is as productive as imaginable.

So, where do you begin? You begin with what you know and what you have.

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If you already have touchscreen kiosks in the market, you have real performance data and you have a working infrastructure. Consolidate the following data:

  • Which touch kiosks are performing the best and the worst? What do those places have in common with each other?
  • Did some interactive kiosks take longer to ramp up? Why?
  • Are any kiosks unsuccessful? Why?
  • How far apart do your touch kiosks need to be to offer good operational density while not cannibalizing each other?

This data gives you a starting point. You have a feel for what is functioning and what is not. You also have operational geography to construct out from.

Guidelines for beginners

But what if you have not placed any touchscreen kiosks yet — in this case, start with answers to the following inquiries:

  • What type of goods or services are you vending?
  • Who is your target market — demographics, behavior traits, etc.?
  • Which section of your target audience will be involved in securing your product or service via a physical kiosk?
  • How often will your touch kiosks need to be serviced/replenished? Who will be doing that work?

Then, you’ll need to layer on other statistics to help you narrow down all the possible placement choices for your interactive touchscreen kiosks.

Recognizing the best touch kiosk locations is key to your overall ROI achievement. It is imperative to take the time to do the essential research before committing to a place and expanding your network. Think about each potential site from your perspective as the business and from the point of view of your customer. A knowledgeable business location tactic will guarantee you find the best and most profitable place for every one of your touch kiosks, freeing you to quickly grow your business with self-confidence.

Why Your Business Needs an Interactive Kiosk System

Businesses are constantly searching for new and innovative ways of bringing customers in, and on the other hand, customers are looking for exciting ways of interacting with businesses. This is where interactive kiosks are often overlooked. With interactive kiosks, customers have everything they need right at their fingertips.

Many business owners are stepping into the digital realm and embracing this type of technology and incorporating it into their businesses. They provide multiple advantages and will help your business modernize to the digital era. Interactive kiosks provide solutions that can be utilized to improve business efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Popshap is here to provide your business with interactive digital solutions that will give you the upper hand on your competition.


Advantages of Interactive Kiosks for your business

Employee satisfaction is important for any successful business, interactive technology offers versatile benefits that is guaranteed to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. These systems are easy to use and cost-efficient, your employees can devote more of their time to tasks that are more valuable. The mundane tasks can be left to the interactive kiosks, such as answering questions that are easily accessible to customers through the kiosk.


Employee safety is extremely important and with Covid-19 still, at large, interactive kiosks and body temperature kiosks can help keep staff safe and healthy. Our body-temperature kiosks offer facial recognition and can detect fevers that will alert your business. Popshap offers customizable software that can display questionnaires and surveys that can be used for covid safety.

These surveys are also highly effective and help customers give direct feedback to your business. This will improve efficiency and keep both customers and happy. Interactive kiosks can be used in all business industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, and more, with increased efficiency, your business will continue to grow and improve.

Popshap’s interactive kiosks are made completely customizable to fit your businesses perfectly, with customer hardware, software, custom design, and admin control your business will be able to stay ahead of the competition and keep both employees and customers satisfied.

Why Custom Kiosks Are Becoming the Number One Method of Event Marketing

Parties, events, get-togethers, these have dated back centuries. Utilizing these meetings for marketing and networking has also dated back centuries. Many great partnerships have been formed throughout history at events. Custom kiosks can help you capitalize on a trend that has dated back to the beginning of partnerships.

Now, of course, they are not the answer to all. And nothing is a certainty. But people go to events with an openness to meet people or be introduced to ideas they haven’t seen before. So events are a pretty unique opportunity to get some business. I think this trend has been recognized because companies invest tremendous sums of money into events.

Custom Kiosks as Custom as Your Company

Being the age of technology has changed the way humans interact, it has changed events. At events now we must be displaying some tech to be up to date. Of course not just any tech, it has to be tech that offers some value to the client, as well as tech that is related to the event at hand.

custom events kiosks

On top of all of that, now you need to show your party-comers what your brand is all about. That’s where custom kiosks come in. A custom kiosk is designed to cater to your brand’s specific needs and theme. Each element of the kiosk can present another aspect of your company’s message. As nuanced and detailed as your company is, a custom kiosk can be.

Custom Kiosks at Events are Sky Rocketing

Events all over the country are capitalizing on this unique opportunity even with just a photo booth that has their brand name on it. Those type of associations can stay with people for a long time. It can even be hung up on their refrigerators for years to come.

All these events try to capture a moment of positive association people can connect with you. Each custom kiosk will provide answers to address each piece necessary to provide a good avenue to show clients what you are all about.

Custom Kiosks Have Custom Functionality

You can get a branded photo booth option, or a digital poster that has all your latest photos passing through, or a face recognition trivia game that informs the users about your brand. If you can think it up it can be put into an interactive kiosk.

Custom kiosks are gaining momentum in the event industry rapidly. Many companies have recognized this trend that gives greater outreach at their events. Each person that is attracted to their kiosk – which is always many – will leave their information to follow up with.

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Your brand requires a beautiful encasing to give it a positive association. Every smart marketer will tell you that marketing is mostly psychology. A slick custom display broad screen will send the message that your brand is modern, and keeping up with technological trends. Companies all across the country are updating their events to include custom brand broadcasting to elevate their presence within their potential customer base. This is why they are doing it, because it’s been effective continuously.

Self Service Kiosks 5 Reasons Why They Are Growing Rapidly

I believe that most of the reasons here will be ones that people already feel. The reason for writing it though is to put it into a concise chewable expression so you can understand the nature of the trend. Self service kiosks have been a growing phenomenon around the world for the past 10 years and here’s why.

1. Much of the technological advancement of the age we live in is centered around empowering the individual.

self service kiosk empowerment

For instance, all social media accounts are to give each person their own digital space. In essence, it makes everyone feel like they have their own website that people can visit and check out.

The ever-increasing functionality and accessibility of cell phones reinforce this pattern. With each new vista, the cellphone becomes capable of utilizing the user gains control over. They have access to every map and piece of information around the world in their pocket. In essence, it increases their ability for independence.

Touch screen kiosks with self check in services of course fit right in line with this trend. It gives people the self involvement that is increasingly being demanded by the public. It allows them to access the service or information without requiring someone else’s involvement. So it in essence gives more power to the individual.  


2. Many of the places that have self service kiosks, often run into problems of congestion.  (Don’t we all ???? )

self service kiosk congestion release

Fast food joints, airports, doctors offices, large events, are all places that need to be highly efficient. All these places attract large crowds in short periods of time. Even hospitality kiosks at times for hotels. I mean try getting lunch in the middle of the day in New York City and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Each of these places needs to provide quick ways for check in or order, and then move on.

Even on the other side of the equation, people enjoy it more. People like quick interactions and getting what they need at lightning speed.

All these interactive kiosks have popped up and efficiency in those locations has gone up almost across the board. Airport check in has become simple and smooth. Well, for the most part. And kiosks are in large responsible for that.


3. Touch screen kiosks are not intimidating.

self service checkin kiosk


There have been many studies of people saying they were discouraged to purchase because of a salesman. The salesperson was either being too pushy, or looked intimidating, or was awkward, and buyers felt uncomfortable and pressured.

Self service kiosks just stand there. Anyone who interacts with a kiosk does so willingly. They volunteer their time to purchase or receive information about products. Touch kiosks give all the power to the customer. And the customers always want to be right. Even if you have a nice salesman he will still only appeal to a certain number of people. More than that the salesperson still makes the customer dependent as well. All of these reasons as I’m sure you noticed also correlate to the first one.


4. Kiosks don’t take off of work and show up on time.

self service kiosk punctuality

Touch kiosks – while yes they do malfunction from time to time – are much more efficient than your average worker. They are always where they need to be, that is if you placed them where they need to be. And they don’t take breaks.

Stores are always trying to create more efficient incomes revenues and cut down on costs. Kiosks are cheaper than an employee doing the same job and they don’t talk back or mess up as often. This has created an optimal situation for both the company and the customer. Which is what they call a win win.


5. Kiosks are attractive and serve as advertising as well.

self service kiosk beauty

All touch screen kiosks also have digital poster capabilities as well. That being large posters that change pictures and attract crowds with eye catching advertising. So each company gets an employee that not only works harder but also acts as a large moving advertisement.

People are also attracted – because the age we live in – to technologically advanced environments. They feel like they share more a store that is cutting edge. Self service kiosks have provided storefronts with a digital landscape to bring a brick and mortar platform into the digital age. It is bridging the gap for stores to provide the feel of the internet to the practicality of the physical.

Touch Screen Kiosk Implications

Ok so now I would like to address something on the side of the implications. More kiosks in stores will mean fewer jobs for humans right? While that is true, every time throughout history a machine has taken the job of a human it forces humanity to evolve.

It makes humans reconsider what truly makes them human. We thought only humans could do real math. Well, that changed real quick. Every time we create something that can work better than a human we must consider again how we can make ourselves useful and competent in an ever evolving society. Just something to think about.

Holiday Opportunities

Holiday Kiosks

Holiday season pretty much started with Thanksgiving. In terms of business, everyone knows that means Black Friday and of course Cyber Monday. After those, the end of the year pretty much slides right along with Christmas and Hanukkah, finishing in grand fashion with New Years. Given the situation how can you optimize your sales when you come to the end the year? Better than that, how can you stand out with the year coming to a close and shoppers itching for deals? How do you get your name out there effectively? Touch kiosks just may be the answer.


holiday touch kiosks popshap shopping

A Customizable Balance

The answer I believe is giving your audience more than just an image or add, and yet less than a whole commercial. Also, the missing element in both of these is giving your audience value. Always try to give your audience as much value as you can. It is important to give your users something they can sink their teeth into and something that will last. Here come interactive kiosks. 

Touch Kiosks For the Holidays

kiosk holiday events

Touch screen kiosks. They provide a simple way for you to offer your clientele value through a photo booth or through a trivia game, or any number of functions. Whatever the case, you are giving your customers interactive content to engage with your brand. If they take a picture they leave an email, that’s one more avenue for potential sales conversion. Even if you just want to provide a bright custom display of dynamic ads that scroll through customizable content, that too will give your customers a reason to stay engaged.

Touch Kiosks to Increase Connection

Draw the crowd into the spirit of the holiday with an interactive display screen. People want to feel engaged in a holiday, not just party. Well, I mean, they do want to party. But they will dress up according to the holiday, or sing songs that go along with the day. By providing a means of engagement on a screen people can feel more connected to the day.

This is only the tip, there are an incredible amount of ways to utilize touch kiosks for this holiday season. Big events, retail stores, parties, tradeshows, office gatherings, the holiday time provides many opportunities take advantage, and give Pop Shap a call. 

Interactive Touch Screen Rentals

What’s Our Goal?

We would all rather be outstanding than merely stand out. In fact, we would want our standing out to draw from our ability to be outstanding. There are a number of different ways to distinguish your brand so that it stands out. A kiosk brings out the core of your brand to the public that is engaging with it.

But is standing out enough? Will the bare-bones traffic produce engagement with your product? Tough question. That’s the goal here, only ask tough questions, that’s where the tough answers hide.

I’m sure you can read 100 different posts about how business owners or marketers have tried to do anything they possibly could to get in front of their audience. Well, that’s a good place to start but then what? Where do you go from there? What is the audience supposed to do with you or your brand now that they are staring right at it? The answer lies where you could expect this build-up to lead to, gummy bears, no actually gummy worms. Ok, not gummy anything.


touch screen kiosk

What’re Our Means?

The solution is in creating an avenue to broadcast your message while providing your audience content to interact with. Provide value for your customers even at the level of marketing. Interactive touchscreen kiosks provide such an avenue. A terrific way to make sure your company is well received and gets the attention you are hoping for by investing in digital/physical real estate.

Touch screen kiosk rentals work in the same way as real estate. You get used to digital space for a period of time. You also utilize this space with brand broadcasting which you also are doing for the event you, unless of course, you’re having it in your own space. 

Kiosk Marketing Solutions

See what touchscreen kiosk rentals can do for your marketing strategies. Deploy them at your event and notice what ensues. It becomes a magnet for customers to play with, be it a photo/GIF booth, or a fun trivia game. The real answer lies in people interacting with your product through play. Playing is always coupled with a sense of positivity. Revolutionize the way people relate to your brand. And at what cost? Rent it, we’ll come to drop it off, set it up, and pick it up when you’re done. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty.  


CES Tradeshow


CES trade show in Las Vegas is one of the biggest tech trade shows in the world. Now, being that it is an extremely competitive technological environment it is going to be difficult to stand out in a meaningful way.

More than that there are going to be many products, great products even that will get skirted under the rug because of poor presentation. This happens all the time everywhere.

While we can wish that a good idea was all there was to a good company or product, the presentation is easily half the game. Companies in the past have even taken mediocre products and presented them as brilliant products and they sold according to the perception. All this being the case it will be difficult to make your brand stand out in a distinguishable way.


CES tradeshow kiosk

TradeShow Kiosk

This is the point where I introduce you to the solution, which I’ll do but it really isn’t so simple. Interactive touch kiosks provide excellent solutions for many problems brought up here. But, touch kiosks alone can only go so far.

Marketing that really penetrates is something that is personal, a real marker of the brand’s identity. What was it that the founders envisioned that brought this company into being.

Well, that’s a difficult message to broadcast on a sign. But, on a dynamic sign? Or on an interactive kiosk, it becomes more possible. The missing component is the personality.

Personalized content featuring a number of different modes of connecting to your audience is what you need to capitalize on this opportunity that comes once a year.


Tradeshow kiosk

Personalized Content Solution

Give your users something they can sink their teeth into. Give them a piece of you, call up and meet with someone. Build a strategy of what exactly you want your users to experience.

From the ground up you can design and create what you want your audience attaching to. You’ll stand out and be outstanding, which can be the missing component of just standing out.

Grab your customer’s attention and draw them in through a number of different avenues. Even simply using the photobooth, and then leaving an email. A tradeshow kiosk can be of use for all tradeshows, just customize them to meet your brand’s needs. Or provide a little game for them to get exposed to what you have to offer. The options are as varied as your imagination. See how your trade show touch kiosk can bring consumers knocking at your booth.