How Touch Screen Kiosks Can Help You Reach New Customers

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If you are looking for methods to build up the buyer base for your business, then the touch screen kiosks our business offers may give you new possibilities to do that. Modern interactive displays allow you to offer marketing material and services in ways that were not useful in the past. Our interactive touch screen kiosks provide an enticing technique for potential consumers to find out more about your brand while also dove-tailing in with services that the user may find valuable. Here are a few concepts for ways that our digital technology can be used to let your business reach new buyers.

Grab sidewalk traffic

If your business is on a busy sidewalk then touch screen kiosks or interactive digital display boards placed within the grasp of passers-by can help you reach new consumers. Folks love to interact with audio-visual displays and a display that offers them beneficial functionality will be appealing for most people. This affords you the opportunity to enlighten casual visitors about your business or product and subtly introduce them to the answers that your business can help them with.

Event advertising

If your business repeatedly advertises at events to find new consumers, then interactive touch screen kiosks may let you take that advertising an extra step. In addition to providing material about your business, you can also take the opportunity to use the kiosks to provide handy information and functionality for the events themselves. Folks love to buy stuff but hate to be sold to, so merging your advertising with useful and appropriate services can be a far more effective way of presenting them to your business.

Better Customer Service

Once you have a decent shopper base the easiest and ultimately the most fruitful method to help that customer base grow is to hold on to the consumers you have already amassed. If you provide a service for those consumers that meets their needs and gives them no cause for complaint, then they will have no reason to look somewhere else.

Interactive touch-screen kiosks give you many methods that you can improve the shopper experience. Touch-screen systems allow you to offer clients interactive approaches to rapidly complete their tasks. This allows them to easily find out more data about their choices with those tasks. And they help them find out about other difficulties that your business can resolve for them.

There are a vast number of ways that interactive touch-screen technology can be applied to help your business grow. Popshap can help you with new concepts and the hardware (or software) and expertise vital to convert those concepts into reality. Let us know what digital signage or touch kiosk-related problems that you need explained and then we can talk about the answers that we are able to provide to you to help your brand expand.

5 Benefits of Using Interactive Technology for Your Business

The use of interactive technology, digital kiosks, and touch screens in today’s vibrant business environment can give you an advantage over your competition. Popshap is here to provide interactive kiosks for your next event, trade show, building, or complex, helping you convey appropriate information to your consumers and visitors in an easy-to-use, modern way. From dropping costs to cultivating communication and customer happiness, touch screen digital kiosks can considerably enhance your brand in a wide range of ways. We will search 5 benefits of using digital kiosks for your industry below.

Digital Kiosks Can Help Cut Business Costs

Interactive kiosks can help your company save money by eradicating the necessity of employing a big customer service crew. This lets your employees focus on tasks that are critical to your operation. A self-service kiosk will work as a substitute for an employee, freeing up cash you would have otherwise spent on a salary and benefits.

Touch Screen Kiosks Aid Business Proficiency

Touch screen kiosks are industry solutions that can be utilized 24/7 without the need for breaks, sick leave, or holidays. They deliver a steady, high-quality user experience that will severely reduce time spent by employees answering routine questions, providing easily accessible data, and facilitating transactions, which will give your staff more time to focus on cultivating business practices and managing pressing tasks.

Digital Kiosks Will Boost Your Company’s Sales

Maybe the most appealing motive for using digital kiosks is the uptick in sales that they can help expedite. Interactive kiosks are extraordinarily effective marketing tools that can help sway your customers into purchasing certain products through the use of advertisings, packages, markdowns, and other tempting offers. The active interaction with consumers will inspire them to spend more money than they had expected and progress your bottom line.

Digital Touch Screen Kiosks Offer Fast Return on Investment

As a result of your improved sales, digital kiosks will rapidly provide a return on your investment. With touch screen kiosks able to instantly have an impact on your sales income, you will be capable to pay for your new interactive addition within no time, meaning lingering cost benefits will all be directed into your business’ reserves.

Interactive technology

Interactive Technology Allow Real-Time Message Updates

Digital signage kiosk allows you to update data in real-time, cultivating the communication channel between you and your visitors and customers. If you have status or promotional update, building directory change, or flash sale you would like to publicize, you can rapidly reach your targeted customers by revising the display from the comfort of your home or office.

Recap: Popshap at Vision Expo East with Studio Optyx

Last week we had the pleasure of curating an interactive experience for Studio Optyx at this year’s VEE in Orlando Florida.

This year’s show flourished as exhibitors and attendees alike donned the latest in eyewear fashion.

With no holding back, Studio Optyx showcased three of their main brands in style! Complete with branding videos, prize wheel, and photo booth. Studio Optyx generated over 100 leads just from our interactive trade show touch kiosks.

Did you know that 64% of trade show guests are not existing clients of exhibiting companies? This number shows how important these events are in promoting your business and improving your income generation potential.

These trade shows are great opportunities to meet up with vendors and prospects.

But here’s the thing!

There are other participants in your line of business striving for the same attendees’ consideration. In such a situation, you will need to do your very best to keep the trade show partakers coming to your trade show booth with innovative touch tables and interactive kiosks.

This speaks volumes about the importance of marketing your booth. By adopting these touch screen kiosks or video walls, you can be well on your way to success in attracting maximum attention, engagement, and conversion with well-crafted and well-promoted trade show kiosks.

Creative Ways to Use Touch Screen Kiosks at Your Next Event

Touch screen kiosks are a good way to fascinate guests to your trade show booth and increase attendee engagement at any event. They provide an irreplaceable opportunity to communicate and join forces with event-goers through the physical act of touch, and there is a swarm of applications to use across various types of digital displays.

As with any event technology or software though, it’s vital to utilize them in a way that matches your event and makes the most of guest interaction.  What follows are five of our favorite ways to use touch screens at meetings and events.

Touchscreen kiosk rental


One of the most thrilling applications for touch screen kiosks is gamification. Games are always a good way to attract individuals into your booth and there is a range of software solutions obtainable with customizable templates to get you started. Regardless of the game or app, you select, the goal should be to promote brand connections by effortlessly incorporating your company branding into the digital experience. Right now our favorite gamification technology is trivia and a prize wheel, but there are a ton of games to choose from.


Touch screen kiosks are wonderful for displaying interactive brochures, galleries, maps, and programs at your event. They can also be strategically placed at key stations for wayfinding, so guests will know where to go and what to do. These touch information stations will allow attendees to find the information they need at their own pace and you’ll know that interested parties are seeing the content you want them to.


Utilizing a touch screen kiosk for your check-in is a good way to save on paper and show your brand’s tech-savvy from the get-go. Touch screen kiosks are also great for capturing leads because they can sync all your contact names and email addresses with your cloud for simple access and storage. Make sure to offer reasons for attendees giving you their info, and advertise big rewards on digital signage and social media to get more leads. On another note, digital kiosk rentals loaded with event schedules, maps, and social networking make great substitutes to paper brochures and will provide instantaneous engagement.

Why Custom Kiosks Are Becoming the Number One Method of Event Marketing

Parties, events, get-togethers, these have dated back centuries. Utilizing these meetings for marketing and networking has also dated back centuries. Many great partnerships have been formed throughout history at events. Custom kiosks can help you capitalize on a trend that has dated back to the beginning of partnerships.

Now, of course, they are not the answer to all. And nothing is a certainty. But people go to events with an openness to meet people or be introduced to ideas they haven’t seen before. So events are a pretty unique opportunity to get some business. I think this trend has been recognized because companies invest tremendous sums of money into events.

Custom Kiosks as Custom as Your Company

Being the age of technology has changed the way humans interact, it has changed events. At events now we must be displaying some tech to be up to date. Of course not just any tech, it has to be tech that offers some value to the client, as well as tech that is related to the event at hand.

custom events kiosks

On top of all of that, now you need to show your party-comers what your brand is all about. That’s where custom kiosks come in. A custom kiosk is designed to cater to your brand’s specific needs and theme. Each element of the kiosk can present another aspect of your company’s message. As nuanced and detailed as your company is, a custom kiosk can be.

Custom Kiosks at Events are Sky Rocketing

Events all over the country are capitalizing on this unique opportunity even with just a photo booth that has their brand name on it. Those type of associations can stay with people for a long time. It can even be hung up on their refrigerators for years to come.

All these events try to capture a moment of positive association people can connect with you. Each custom kiosk will provide answers to address each piece necessary to provide a good avenue to show clients what you are all about.

Custom Kiosks Have Custom Functionality

You can get a branded photo booth option, or a digital poster that has all your latest photos passing through, or a face recognition trivia game that informs the users about your brand. If you can think it up it can be put into an interactive kiosk.

Custom kiosks are gaining momentum in the event industry rapidly. Many companies have recognized this trend that gives greater outreach at their events. Each person that is attracted to their kiosk – which is always many – will leave their information to follow up with.

Touch screen table rental

Your brand requires a beautiful encasing to give it a positive association. Every smart marketer will tell you that marketing is mostly psychology. A slick custom display broad screen will send the message that your brand is modern, and keeping up with technological trends. Companies all across the country are updating their events to include custom brand broadcasting to elevate their presence within their potential customer base. This is why they are doing it, because it’s been effective continuously.