Brands are switching to event kiosks for improved customer service

Event Kiosks have been around for a while now.  Though, more recently these types of interactive kiosks started to gain momentum and solve numerous problems in day-to-day business operation activities.

Lately, there have been many successful deployments in event kiosks in various industries. Successful touch screen kiosk utilization needs to replace an existing service that is presently being carried out with manual labor or meets the demand for a business or operations service that is not currently happening.

touch screen event kiosks

Touch screen kiosks offer sessions that combine data and hands-on (or off) experiences to make your digital content noteworthy, personal, and striking. The following concepts will help you draw in guests, hook them with your smart interactive kiosk strategies, and then convert them into buyers!

Registration – for company events, speedy registration is an outstanding start to a fruitful gathering. Visitors need to be able to instantly access their accounts, input their data, obtain their tickets or badges, and be on their way as soon as possible! Registration kiosks, event registration arrangements, on-site badge printing, tailored agendas, and visitor guides are the perfect opener to an event or trade shows.

Entertainment – for almost any event, interactive kiosk rentals can deliver exciting and important digital content that lets guests shop, receive free resources, view and accept promotions, enter contests, hear music, or watch videos. Brainstorm about offering e-books, PDFs, free trail, workshops, webcasts, podcasts, and streaming content that can put some fun into breaks and idle time.

Digital Document Library – This is a valuable data portal that lets attendees get downloads for information and convenience. Remove the cost, misunderstanding, clutter, and waste of print collateral—making it easy for visitors to access exactly the information they want, no matter how comprehensive or technical. Better still, the kiosks will gather data that offers respected insight into the information that visitors found most interesting.

Our touch screen kiosk and software technology is quickly becoming the standard for retail sites, institutions, commercial buildings, roadshows, trade shows, exhibits, and so much more.

Charm your attendees with event kiosks!

How Digital Signage Can Transform Your Business

In this digital world, adapting to new and upcoming advertising strategies is the best way to keep your business on top. With the craziness of the pandemic over the last year we have seen a huge rise is digital solutions. Digital Signage solutions would be a highly effective addition to your business. Digital signage has the attention-grabbing benefit that print media just doesn’t have anymore.

Digital signage solutions can come in many forms and have extraordinary benefits. This is the smarter and more effective form of advertising for your company and cannot be ignored. With unlimited benefits, digital signage will transform your business into the modern digital era

Why digital signage is the best choice for your business

The use of touchscreen wayfinding digital solutions can create an immersive customer experience. These touch screen displays can be used in all types of environments including malls, stores, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and more. With this interactive wayfinding digital displays, you have the opportunities to advertise and promote products and services.

touch screen rentals for trade shows

Included with these displays is software that is linked to interactive content and improves the customer experience. This type of experience is great for reducing the wait time in long lines, customers like the ability to stay busy while waiting and these interactive displays encourage reduced perceived wait time. Digital signage is extremely versatile and with its customizable features can be very creative. Large interchanging signs are the eye-catching and modern way of promoting business.

We are seeing these displays used in automobile shops where customers can click the screens and view the different features of the car, with the pandemic still at large, we want to reduce face-to-face interaction and these displays allow that.

Reduced waste and cost-effectiveness are other benefits of digital signage. Not only are they easy to install but any simple changed can be done automatically. Creating digital ads is much cheaper than print ads and will save your company money. Labor costs decrease with digital signage, instead of asking staff questions, most of the answers can be found on these digital screens.


Overall, digital signage will transform your business for the better and save you tons of money. Enter the digital world the right way with interactive touch screen displays.


Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in Interactive Technology

The pandemic has pushed the company’s attention to the benefits of digital signage and interactive kiosks.

Empowering corporations to continue engaging and notifying consumers while upholding distances in response to the pandemic is one of many advantages that self-service technology provides, including cashless payments and virtual assistants.

Even though these can harvest noteworthy profits, there are some difficulties that merit watchful deliberation. Digital signage operates within an amazingly arduous regulatory framework, and operators must meet severe standards for consistency and security. Regrettably, many companies focus on rapidly delivering new ways to intermingle with potential customers — overlooking dire issues concerning connectivity, security, and compliance.

Interactive kiosk Technology

From cost and dependability standards to multifaceted connectivity approaches and security encounters, companies must thoroughly assess some of the keys to installing digital signage for their company to ensure a lasting and quantifiable impact:

Connectivity. The technology to connect digital signage and supporting structures include many amalgamations of installed infrastructure and cellular platforms.

Security. Routers that aid digital connections must be “secure by design” with built-in security that’s methodically tested. Security must be recognized at multiple levels, from secure boot to encryption and authentication of passwords and information.

Hardware specifications. Remember that perplexing indoor/outdoor environments can create distinctive deployment needs. Before, companies have concentrated on indoor spaces, where it’s important to provide a quality signal in dense buildings and through obstacles like walls and pillars.

Device management. As information travels between applications and end devices, it’s serious to integrate a management solution that monitors information communication between devices and configures those devices to swiftly identify and respond to possible issues and cybersecurity threats.

The connectivity, reliability, security, and hardware can make or break your deployment plan.

touch screen kiosks rental

As digital interactivity increases traction in retail spaces, cellular connectivity for these exhibitions will grow in rank. The high quality of LTE connections and the development of 5G technology only improve the value. Although 5G is still in its premature stages, it brings considerable potential advantages. Though, let’s also note that the bandwidth and latency gains from 5G do not benefit all digital signage and interactive kiosk usages.

Retail will radically change in the coming months and years. Companies looking to expand customer engagement, bait customers back into physical stores, and progress safely will start to install a greater number of touchless interactions. Digital signage buying and deployment sequences can entail patience, and stores will have to pay unusual attention to connectivity to keep deployments functioning securely at all times — and eventually achieve a meaningful ROI.

How Interactive Kiosks are Improving Education

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to help all types of industries. For schools and universities, digital technology such as interactive kiosks and digital tables. My focus in this blog is to talk about the benefits of these digital screens in elementary and middle schools and e-learning from home.

With the craziness of covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, and still many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school. E-learning has become the main form of education for many children and parents are finding it difficult to teach and keep their kids entertained while they have their own work to do. That’s where these kiosks and touch tables come in, they make virtual learning fun and stress-free for parents.

55 inch touch screen table


Benefits of kiosks for e-learning

E-learning is difficult enough for kids, with less face-to-face interaction. Children often get bored and lose focus easily, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer or tablet all day is not the way to keep kids engaged.


Active Learning

With touch screen tables, children have the freedom to walk around and complete different educational tasks in different sections of the table. Teachers can be seen better on larger screens and interact with children as if they were in the classroom together.  This digital screen supports all types of software that include countless activities and enhance the interactive experience.

Boosting Enthusiasm

Interactive displays are able to keep children more engaged and pay more attention. When children are able to stay active while learning it boosts their enthusiasm to keep learning, with their short attention spans they need to constantly be entertained with activities.

Although these displays are great for teachers and e-learning, they are also great ways to keep children occupied and entertained when the school day is over. With tons of features and software’s touch screen tables and displays can keep your child from getting bored. Different art applications and music applications are easily installed.


To conclude, interactive displays are improving e-learning and education as a whole. These systems are easy to install in homes and schools and will keep your child entertained for hours while you can get back to work. They will learn in a fun environment and aren’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day. Get your digital touch table today to improve your child’s learning.

4 benefits of Touchscreen Technology in Healthcare

Throughout the last couple of months, we have seen an increased demand for digital touch and touchless technology. Many businesses are finding solutions such as touch screen kiosks, digital posters, and body temperature screening kiosks to improve their customer experience and business efficiency.

body temperature kiosk for events

One of the biggest industries looking for these touchscreen technology solutions is the healthcare industry. There’s no doubt that healthcare provides work hard, with their long hours and crazy schedules, that’s why we do everything we can to make their work more efficient and productive.

In this post, we will outline some of the benefits that come with touchscreen displays as well as body temperature screening kiosks.

Touchscreens Improve Productivity 

Digital touchscreen displays and monitors make it easier to access patient records, it also allows easy check-in. No more need for paper and hard copies, touchscreens allow doctors and nurses to find patient’s records quickly and efficiently and keep everything up to date. With healthcare providers time is of the essence and touchscreens can help make that time more sufficient, it also improves communication between patients and staff.

Save Time and Money

Interactive screens are convenient and straightforward, they keep patients informed and with easy access to information that takes less time than waiting for someone to answer your questions. These touchscreen kiosks can be placed on waiting rooms and lobbies and also make checking in much quicker. With multiple kiosk stations, more patients can check-in without waiting for available staff and can disclose information in a more private way.

Safer for patients and staff

With body temperature screening kiosks, walking into a doctor’s office is now safe and proactive. Without having to take off a mask the face recognition makes it easier and faster to get screened.

Wayfinding and Information

Digital signage is a great way to provide tips and directions for patients and staff. Often Hospitals, medical offices and clinic can be tricky to find certain locations, and with digital maps around these locations would make wayfinding simple and effortless and decreases face-to-face interaction. These digital screens can also be effective ways of providing information to patients, with tips and information that reduces patients getting up and asking a healthcare provider.

Overall, touchscreen technology and digital signage are revolutionizing the healthcare industry and making it easier for healthcare providers. They are sanitary ways of providing information, saving time, improving productivity, and last but not least safe. Click here to check out some of our healthcare products.

Do Touch Tables Offer a Better Customer Experience?

When it comes to touch tables, most people imagine a large display that showcases cheerful, colorful digital content. Most do not think of touch tables. The reason for this is that most folks view touch tables as more tablets that are essentially consumer electronic devices.

On the other hand, in many cases, touch tables can deliver excellent customer experiences for every business — they offer a variety of tailored content, as well as awareness and analytics.

While personal tablets are regularly limited in size, commercial touch tables can range considerably in size, which offers an unlimited amount of flexibility.

55 inch touch screen tables at event

In businesses that have restricted spacing such as retail stores, smaller touch tables can also be integrated into portions of furniture or into remaining shelving.

Larger touch screen tables can be used as more traditional displays, while also delivering the abilities of a commercial tablet, such as custom applications, interactive digital content via touch, as well as the capability to gather information and insights via supplementary sensor technology.

It’s also vital that technology providers provide alternatives besides touchscreens, for example, QR codes or controlling content from the users’ own phones. All through the pandemic, our staff has been building interactive solutions and looking for ways to craft meaningful customer experiences with all-in-one touch tables being a large part of the answer. Putting data at a customer’s fingertips as well as using their own devices to interact with the display or easily communicate in real-time with a company’s staff.

Stuff-like curbside pickup and ordering queues work really well with this blend of tablets in conjunction with a customer’s mobile device.

It’s great that we don’t have to think of answers, or hardware and platforms as a hammer because then every use case looks like a nail. Instead, our interactive solutions are developed where clients can build and test them from scratch.

Having the capability to provide the design and manufacturing all the way through to peripherals and software, opens up a huge opportunity when a client has a unique situation.

Navigating thru digital content with the new normal

As many brands are gearing to come back to work under the new normal, marketing to customers can be challenging but not impossible. A touch screen table rental might just be the solution. Keep reading.

Expo digital kiosk rental is the new normal

After over 3 months of closure and stores being closed to customers, getting back to business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. With the new normal in effect, brands have to adapt to social distancing as well as educating their customers on how to shop at their locations with minimal interactions with their staff and other customers. Simple things, such as trying on clothing may look different under the new normal.

Touch screen table rental

When we are looking at ways to ease the shopping experience for customers, it’s clear that shopping thru an online experience is the safest way. However, some customers may still want the actual browsing and in-store shopping experience. For those customers, brands will have to work hard to gain their trust, and while doing so, keep the marketing of their offering effective. We see a few main usages for digital signage, the main one being customer education and digital content around social distancing and safe shopping. The second one is allowing the customer to engage the content in a new noncontact way with QR scanning and voice-activated controls. Here at Popshap, we’ve added a third way to allow customers to interact with their favorite stores and businesses, by filling out a quick form before entering your location. It’s a quick and easy way for your brand to monitor the information coming in, and giving your customer a feeling of security by answering a simple, easy-to-use questionnaire. For more information on this easy to use technology, visit us at

This new normal (even with an expo digital kiosk rental) and non-touch digital marketing can also lead to new opportunities for both the business and the consumer. By providing content that engages the consumer and leads to longer virtual interaction time with them, you are also capturing the customer’s data and information. By utilizing something as easy as a QR code, you are allowing your customers to not only scan your QR code, you are letting them take the digital content and experience it with them wherever they go. This can lead to your customers shopping online and utilizing the custom questionnaire. With your customer receiving your email questionnaire, the customer can then provide vital information and feedback to you, which can then be used for tracking and marketing offers at a later date, engaging the user once again, and revisiting the experience with the brand.

The value for the returning workforce of a body temperature kiosk.

As many businesses are gearing up to going back to business and to the “new normal”, what are the steps to get employees and customers back to your business? Is a body temperature kiosk the right solution?

interactive trade show kiosk

For many businesses, the decision on how to get back to work relies on essential and necessary steps placed by local government and CDC guidelines. With the economy starting to recover from COVID 19 and businesses such as retail, hospitality, and manufacturing getting ready to welcome their employees, it’s important to take those protective steps to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Some of those steps are as simple as the enforcement of people wearing face masks or checking their body temperature, while in some cases and some states, a log for body temperature screenings will have to be taken to allow for audits and reporting.

So what is the most effective way to get someone’s body temperature and how do you make sure they are wearing a mask? Well, the simplest way is to have a person testing people for fever with a simple fever checking point gun with IR thermal scanner. Literally, someone has to stand there for a full shift and in some places over 3 shifts and perform that test. On top of that, he/she has to log every visitor. Besides the fact that it could be very costly, it’s also a very inefficient and slow process. The records recorded in the respective data logs could be sloppy and wrong. Bottom line, too many human error points. So what is the solution? Body Temperature Kiosks. Yes, you read that correctly. You may be asking yourself, what is a Body Temperature Kiosk. A Body Temperature Kiosk is a self-serving kiosk that can take not only check a person’s body temperature but can also check for a mask and keep a log of every visitor or employee. However, that’s not all. It does a lot more than that. With advance face recognition technology, it can also identify employees vs a visitor to your building, track the scanning log, can show the bypass or fail status of the individual, and generate a report log to give to a supervisor or someone in the building. The Body Temperature Kiosk has many other features as well, that can be pivoted and used to integrate into a security access management system or HR system as well and give your employees a sense of security, as they can use the user-friendly tools and programming, to deal with the return to the workforce and office in a much more comfortable and cost-effective way.

Here at Popshap, we understand the value of automation and efficiency so with our vast experience in kiosk technology, we’ve pivoted and added a new line of Body Temperature Kiosks to help a business get their employees back to work faster. We have also added software tools that can work in a network environment and not just as a stand-alone Body Temperature Kiosk unit. By doing this, we can help companies look at the data log not only from one central place but remotely as well.