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3 Good Reasons to Have a Touch Table At HIMSS 21

Today it is normal to find a touch table in exhibition areas, for instance in museums or galleries, or in educational establishments, as an aid to education. But you can also use them at trade shows and events such as HIMSS 21.

touch table and digital screens
Popshap digital touch screens reduce paper and a great green alternative for the trade show experience

Now Popshap does offer a wide variety of interactive screens and devices, the touch table occupies a special place, for a series of tangible advantages. We have recognized 3 main ones.

It arouses interaction

The spot in which it is most pleasant for us to read, write and draw is certainly sitting. When we read a book, or play a game, we are seated at a table. The interactive touch tables combine the ease of the position, its wide viewing angle, and the involvement of the touch interaction, which in most cases does not require instructions or teaching. Simple intuitive motions are enough to interact with the digital contents, stimulating participation and extending the stay.

It improves surroundings

In addition to being an exciting digital experience, the touch table also doubles as a wonderful piece of furniture: its minimal design and customization possibilities make it able to increase any trade show booth. Also, being intended for thorough use, it is generally built with tough and safe materials: it, consequently, offers a steady and resistant support surface, which can be used in many ways. For instance, in a trade show booth, we can keep cards, forms, and tools on the table while continuing to work on the table.

It streamlines processes

The quick spread of interactive tables at trade shows and events is due to the huge advantage they offer in terms of generalization and speeding up of the service. Instead of having to write down every new lead that comes by the booth. Use our touch tables to invite guests to play games and enter their information in themselves.

To keep it plain and simple touch tables enhance your space. And build ways to easily target your key attendees. It inspires production and simplifies the lead generation process. It also increases the customer experience, engaging and charming attendees like never before.

Recap: Popshap at Vision Expo East with Studio Optyx

Last week we had the pleasure of curating an interactive experience for Studio Optyx at this year’s VEE in Orlando Florida.

This year’s show flourished as exhibitors and attendees alike donned the latest in eyewear fashion.

With no holding back, Studio Optyx showcased three of their main brands in style! Complete with branding videos, prize wheel, and photo booth. Studio Optyx generated over 100 leads just from our interactive trade show touch kiosks.

Did you know that 64% of trade show guests are not existing clients of exhibiting companies? This number shows how important these events are in promoting your business and improving your income generation potential.

These trade shows are great opportunities to meet up with vendors and prospects.

But here’s the thing!

There are other participants in your line of business striving for the same attendees’ consideration. In such a situation, you will need to do your very best to keep the trade show partakers coming to your trade show booth with innovative touch tables and interactive kiosks.

This speaks volumes about the importance of marketing your booth. By adopting these touch screen kiosks or video walls, you can be well on your way to success in attracting maximum attention, engagement, and conversion with well-crafted and well-promoted trade show kiosks.

Do Touch Tables Offer a Better Customer Experience?

When it comes to touch tables, most people imagine a large display that showcases cheerful, colorful digital content. Most do not think of touch tables. The reason for this is that most folks view touch tables as more tablets that are essentially consumer electronic devices.

On the other hand, in many cases, touch tables can deliver excellent customer experiences for every business — they offer a variety of tailored content, as well as awareness and analytics.

While personal tablets are regularly limited in size, commercial touch tables can range considerably in size, which offers an unlimited amount of flexibility.

55 inch touch screen tables at event

In businesses that have restricted spacing such as retail stores, smaller touch tables can also be integrated into portions of furniture or into remaining shelving.

Larger touch screen tables can be used as more traditional displays, while also delivering the abilities of a commercial tablet, such as custom applications, interactive digital content via touch, as well as the capability to gather information and insights via supplementary sensor technology.

It’s also vital that technology providers provide alternatives besides touchscreens, for example, QR codes or controlling content from the users’ own phones. All through the pandemic, our staff has been building interactive solutions and looking for ways to craft meaningful customer experiences with all-in-one touch tables being a large part of the answer. Putting data at a customer’s fingertips as well as using their own devices to interact with the display or easily communicate in real-time with a company’s staff.

Stuff-like curbside pickup and ordering queues work really well with this blend of tablets in conjunction with a customer’s mobile device.

It’s great that we don’t have to think of answers, or hardware and platforms as a hammer because then every use case looks like a nail. Instead, our interactive solutions are developed where clients can build and test them from scratch.

Having the capability to provide the design and manufacturing all the way through to peripherals and software, opens up a huge opportunity when a client has a unique situation.

Your Digital Kiosk Guide to 2021

Various types of digital kiosks have been rising all over the place recently, from the airport to car dealerships to restaurants. While some folks still have no idea how to use a digital kiosk and try to avoid them, several businesses are leveraging interactive technology based on rooted software development in order to establish effective digital communication with their customers.

From secure transactions to self-check-in, photo printing, and vendor services, digital kiosks provide an economical foothold to both promote your business as well as provide your customer base with a user experience that satisfies their specific needs. In this blog, we’ve accumulated ample information about digital kiosks and self-service systems for you to better understand their functionality, development processes, and advantages for your company and users.

Digital Kiosk

What is a digital kiosk used for?

The primary function of a digital kiosk is for branding and promoting your business. Since the kiosk is clearly visible, it can serve as an intercessor between you and the customer, offering a platform for both info and other services, simplifying interactions for both you and your customers without you physically having to be at such a location. Of course, there is also a large selection of other services they provide, such as Payment options, Check-in services, Temperature Scanning, and Ordering Products.

Where do people interact with Digital Kiosks?

Interactive kiosks are normally placed in public areas such as malls, airports, and grocery stores. These places tend to be greatly populated and will therefore assure that your brand is seen in a large, attractive space.

Furthermore, digital kiosks are also invaluable for providing self-service options, letting them serve as intermediate vendors for a big selection of services and goods.  They are prevalent at fast-food chains and quick-service restaurants as they provide a multitude of self-pay options, giving these restaurants more freedom to operate more successfully and efficiently.

Tickets and passes can also be printed at kiosks, as well as bank statements and deposits, decreasing the workload for surrounding employees. At malls and business offices, they serve as Wayfinder stations, allowing people to easily navigate a given space. Beyond wayfinding and self-pay options, they can also be fitted with photo printing, making them quite beneficial in places such as the DMV.

A digital kiosk offers a resourceful platform for both your business and accessibility for the user. As their popularity surges, they provide an outstanding, hands-free method to your business while giving your customers the interaction they desire on their own terms.

Super Tuesday Results: How Digital Information Kiosk Changed an Election

The results from super Tuesday are going to be a pivotal moment for our country. As of now, Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere and the pandemic’s human and economic tolls are still at stake. The pandemic also fast-tracked a shift that was already in progress: It made digital information kiosk an even greater factor in the future of our freedom.

In 2016, we saw in real-time how powerful digital technology and information kiosk are for politicians and their supporters.

Digital Information Kiosk

Four years later, an information kiosk is being used to scan body temperatures, handle self-check-ins, and provide contactless information in an interactive way. But this is an overwhelming task if we all aren’t on the same page. Many companies are still lagging behind in understanding temperature screening solutions, and the misinformation on COVID keeps spreading making it more difficult to distinguish the real from the “fake news”.

On top of all that, the pandemic has also created a host of unforeseen challenges as in-person has shifted almost entirely online and more Americans than ever before are looking for more contactless ways to interact with people and brands.

How safe and secure are voting polls based on digital information kiosks?

Cybersecurity in elections has and will continue to receive some serious consideration from the public, governments, and the media.  Although technological improvements to the administration of elections can be significant, these gains must be balanced with the potential for new exposures and difficulties.

When abandoning technologies is infeasible, good preparation can help mitigate similar cybersecurity risks.

What we’ve noticed when we researched polling places with interactive digital signage kiosk:

Digital Information touch screen Kiosk


Self Service Kiosk

A self-service kiosk is a line-busting solution that puts voters in control of the process. Self-service digital information kiosk are mobile interactive computer terminals. That gives the public access to real-time information, such as fact checks, statistical stats, body temperature, interactive software, and more.

Here are a few other reasons why self-service digital information kiosk have changed the way we vote;

  • Shorter Wait Times
  • Enhanced Customization
  • Improved Accuracy

End-to-end verifiable software

This type of software relies on cryptography to encode and protect votes while allowing voters to see their vote was appropriately recorded, that the vote was properly tabulated, and that the final vote count matches the cast votes. End-to-end verifiable software can be integrated into existing election systems to enhance the security of the voting infrastructure.

The chaos from this election might not be over for a while but one thing is already for certain. How we look at technology and elections has forever changed.