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How Interactive Kiosks are Improving Education

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to help all types of industries. For schools and universities, digital technology such as interactive kiosks and digital tables. My focus in this blog is to talk about the benefits of these digital screens in elementary and middle schools and e-learning from home.

With the craziness of covid, schools were shut down for a period of time, and still many parents don’t feel comfortable sending their children back to school. E-learning has become the main form of education for many children and parents are finding it difficult to teach and keep their kids entertained while they have their own work to do. That’s where these kiosks and touch tables come in, they make virtual learning fun and stress-free for parents.

55 inch touch screen table


Benefits of kiosks for e-learning

E-learning is difficult enough for kids, with less face-to-face interaction. Children often get bored and lose focus easily, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer or tablet all day is not the way to keep kids engaged.


Active Learning

With touch screen tables, children have the freedom to walk around and complete different educational tasks in different sections of the table. Teachers can be seen better on larger screens and interact with children as if they were in the classroom together.  This digital screen supports all types of software that include countless activities and enhance the interactive experience.

Boosting Enthusiasm

Interactive displays are able to keep children more engaged and pay more attention. When children are able to stay active while learning it boosts their enthusiasm to keep learning, with their short attention spans they need to constantly be entertained with activities.

Although these displays are great for teachers and e-learning, they are also great ways to keep children occupied and entertained when the school day is over. With tons of features and software’s touch screen tables and displays can keep your child from getting bored. Different art applications and music applications are easily installed.


To conclude, interactive displays are improving e-learning and education as a whole. These systems are easy to install in homes and schools and will keep your child entertained for hours while you can get back to work. They will learn in a fun environment and aren’t sitting at a desk for 8 hours of the day. Get your digital touch table today to improve your child’s learning.

The rise of retail interactive displays

With advances in the world of technology, the consumer expectation and level of comfort with interactive touchscreens in the retail space has gone up and it’s in all time high, in fact, consumers experience is defined by the content that a retail store has to offer with the retail’s goal that the experience stays with the consumer.

Large screens for retail. A Touch screen rental nyc

In the last 6 months we have installed and tested a few ways to deliver high quality content using our video wall, touchscreen kiosks and interactive wall mounted screens and the results are amazing, we are seeing an increase of 30% in sales related to digital content displayed on the screens and 50% user interaction with touch kiosks, leading also to more sales and user capture and future engagement.

mounted touchscreen kiosk at greenfig / Yotel

The trend is only going to grow and create more opportunities for retail chain to educate and engage even more with the consumer on higher digital level and that’s why interactive digital solution will play even a larger role in brand’s marketing in the next few years. to learn more about our retail solutions and ways to expose your brand in this digital interactive edge click here.