Popshap Empowers SECO 2021 With Body Temperature Kiosks Check-Ins

Initially, scheduled for Feb. 24-28, SECO 2021 took place April 28 – May 2. As previously planned, SECO 2021 was held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta and offered as an in-person event, with options for virtual attendance.

When the expo was first scheduled Max Raynor, OD, president of SECO International, said. “We look toward 2021, our priority is to deliver a safe and successful meeting where we can come together to access emerging eye care trends. And explore the latest technologies, gain hands-on training, and forge new connections with the eye care community.

Because of our wonderful relationship with Shepard’s, we were able to donate our body kiosks to the event. Ensuring a safe and successful meeting for attendees and exhibitors alike.

Our strategy for this event was simple.

We installed a Popshap kiosk wherever people enter your building, such as at the main reception lobby and employee entrance. We worked with event organizers and set up markers to keep a six-foot distance between people waiting to be screened.

One of the most effective ways to prevent outbreaks at trade shows is to make sure that no one enters the venue with a fever. Use a self-service kiosk stand to conduct fast, accurate, and efficient temperature screening of every vendor, staff member, and attendee, every time.

Following discussion with the board of trustees, input from members, and feedback from our key partners. The final sentiment indicated a strong desire for a rescheduled in-person event later in the spring. We are unified in our decision, adjusting the date will allow SECO and the industry to host more successful meeting”.

SECO International also implemented several infection control and prevention guidelines and followed recommendations from public health specialists and standards set by the federal, state, and local governments.

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Two Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out at Trade Shows

Perception in business has never been more important, especially at the trade shows, where you have a small window to make a positive impression on your target audience. How you’re viewed by attendees is what eventually determines whether your show is effective (or not). If you’re going into trade shows with attendees carrying a poor perception of your brand, or no awareness at all, you’re already way behind your competition. The greatest way to get noticed and win large is to surpass expectations and stand out among your aristocrats, which brings us to…

The research team recognized 5 variables – Tangibles, Reliability, Approachability, Guarantee, and Responsiveness – that can either make or break you during connections with your possible or existing customers. Underneath, we’ll show you how applying these qualities to your in-person interactions can help you influence buyers’ opinions, exceed folks’ expectations, and profit from your next trade show.

The Bias Epidemic

Have you ever seen the look on folks’ faces while they’re on the trade show floor? Frequently, it’s a look of sheer, uncontrolled boredom, the result of attendees being blasted with sales pitches from exhibitors who view them exclusively as dollar signs.

The core cause? Marketing bias, where exhibitors tend to emphasize their needs, rather than the people there. To set your brand apart, you must be eager to be Responsive – to take care of attendees’ needs quickly and resourcefully. And needs change rapidly, which is why responsiveness is a vital factor in earning a buyer’s belief. If you stay focused on discovering people’s problems and displaying how your brand can be the answer, you’ll spare many a thankful soul from “The Bias Epidemic” and you’ll find yourself with tons of new leads!

Promise to Guarantee Success

Assurance branches from a customer’s confidence that your company is capable and trustworthy.

One of the greatest ways to raise buyer assurance at trade shows is to position your brand as an industry leader, whom others pursue out for their information and expertise. You can depict yourself as a leader by showcasing the depth of your product familiarity or providing valued insight into the nature of your trade.

When trade show attendees think, “This is a brand that really knows what it’s talking about!”, your consumer becomes more invested in their connection with you, and it creates the assurance they need to choose your brand when decision time comes.

Popshap Donates to the Great American Franchise Trade Show

Recently Popshap was back in Miami at the Great American Franchise Trade Show. The Great American Franchise Expo was open to the public at the Miami Airport Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday. And we were there donating our body temperature kiosks.

This allowed event organizers to eliminate labor costs on a dedicated temperature screener, and give themselves and anyone entering the venue a visible reminder that event organizers are taking all the necessary precautions to protect everyone’s health and safety.

Because of Popshap’s unique self-service technology they have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Popshap’s goal now is to partner with every organizer and venue manager in America to help bring back trade shows safely and confidently in 2021.

What makes Popshap’s body temperature kiosk the most unique, is the fact that they are fully customizable from the hardware to the software. What’s also interesting about Popshap is that the company was created to provide trade shows and events with modernized, customer-centric, interactive experiences. Trade shows are chaotic and Popshap simplifies the trade show process with a consistent digital solution to create the foundation for predictable results.

Popshap’s technology allows you to capture attention and leads with interactive experiences that excite event audiences, amplifies engagement, and generates a buzz.

Global businesses think about what their brand stands for, and where it should go next. Popshap is creating a new normal that is driving extraordinary results in the trade show and events industry. Around the world – at convention centers, stadiums, hotels, and hospitals – Popshap is helping event organizations of all types create a more seamless experience for customer interactions while improving cost efficiency. For more information about Popshap please go to www.popshap.com

Body Temperature Kiosk Install Recap: Florida Wedding Expo 2021

This year we had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Florida Wedding Expo for our first tradeshow install of 2021. Because COVID killed the 2020 tradeshow industry we decided that when 2021 hit we were going to go full steam in support of the tradeshow industry by offering our body temperature kiosks at ground-breaking rates!

Florida Wedding Expo is a wonderful place for brides and grooms and their wedding party, family, and friends to meet with the Florida area’s best wedding experts, compare all your assortments, and save time and money while having fun designing your wedding!

Guests and vendors alike found that our body temperature kiosk put them at ease, knowing that the venue and organizers are doing everything they can to keep everyone safe. Take a look at the event below.

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We embrace our client’s difficulties and work carefully with them to find resolutions that will not only deliver instant benefits but will evolve throughout the life of the deployment to cater to new, developing obstacles that may arise along the way.

We use trailblazing kiosk software to maximize efficiency within our kiosks, decreasing queue sizes, maximizing profits, and increasing the customer experience.