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How Digital Signage Can Transform Your Business

In this digital world, adapting to new and upcoming advertising strategies is the best way to keep your business on top. With the craziness of the pandemic over the last year we have seen a huge rise is digital solutions. Digital Signage solutions would be a highly effective addition to your business. Digital signage has the attention-grabbing benefit that print media just doesn’t have anymore.

Digital signage solutions can come in many forms and have extraordinary benefits. This is the smarter and more effective form of advertising for your company and cannot be ignored. With unlimited benefits, digital signage will transform your business into the modern digital era

Why digital signage is the best choice for your business

The use of touchscreen wayfinding digital solutions can create an immersive customer experience. These touch screen displays can be used in all types of environments including malls, stores, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, and more. With this interactive wayfinding digital displays, you have the opportunities to advertise and promote products and services.

touch screen rentals for trade shows

Included with these displays is software that is linked to interactive content and improves the customer experience. This type of experience is great for reducing the wait time in long lines, customers like the ability to stay busy while waiting and these interactive displays encourage reduced perceived wait time. Digital signage is extremely versatile and with its customizable features can be very creative. Large interchanging signs are the eye-catching and modern way of promoting business.

We are seeing these displays used in automobile shops where customers can click the screens and view the different features of the car, with the pandemic still at large, we want to reduce face-to-face interaction and these displays allow that.

Reduced waste and cost-effectiveness are other benefits of digital signage. Not only are they easy to install but any simple changed can be done automatically. Creating digital ads is much cheaper than print ads and will save your company money. Labor costs decrease with digital signage, instead of asking staff questions, most of the answers can be found on these digital screens.


Overall, digital signage will transform your business for the better and save you tons of money. Enter the digital world the right way with interactive touch screen displays.


Inspiring Women in Technology

The name Grace Hopper probably doesn’t ring a bell, however, her role in technology software and programming is the reason technology is the way it is today. 

Grace Hopper stands as one of the most important role models in tech history and most importantly women in history. Her brains and dedication to finding solutions and creating the first manual to one of the early computers including Mark 1. She helped pioneer computer programming and credited the term “computer bug”. 

event kiosk for women's event

As a woman in the age of WWII made sure her voice was heard and was one of the first people to design one of the first compilers, which translated to a programmer’s instruction guide to computer codes. “If you ask me what accomplishment I’m most proud of, the answer would be all the young people I’ve trained over the years; that’s more important than writing the first compiler.” 


She is an inspiration to all men and women, an intelligent graduate from Yale University who made history with her innovative strategies. “They love to say, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’ I try to fight that. That’s why I have a clock on my wall that runs counter-clockwise.” She is considered to be the Queen of software. 


Another famous woman in technology is the pioneer and prophet of the computer age herself Ada Lovelace. A mathematician and writer who proposed the Babbage mechanical general-purpose computer. She worked alongside Charles Babbage to create the first analytical engine and her thoughts on coding are the reason coding is the way it is today.


Ada’s work has left her the legacy of being the pioneer of programming with her algorithms, we should all take something away from Grace Hopper and Ada Lovelace. Two amazingly talented and inspiring individuals who helped create the technological world we have today. 

So let’s not wait till next March to celebrate these inspiring women, let’s do it every day.

Why Self-Service Business Intelligence is the Tool of the Future

The notion behind self-service business intelligence is easy: Put analytical authority into the hands of the businesses who need it most to make timely choices. When companies are empowered by establishments with the right utensils and self-service business intelligence.

They’re able to run probes, build reports and generate data visualizations that give them a focused understanding of the business trends most significant to them — all with minimal contribution from IT or other tech teams. However, while the driver is simple, the execution of a self-service BI deployment is far more complex, especially in a large organization. It’s all easier said than done when it comes to setting up a self-service program that can scale reliably across thousands of users.

Event kiosk for outdoor shows

Establishments want to get the statistics in the hands of the individuals who are closest to them, without having to call someone in IT. On the other hand, most companies are not ready for it. Administrative readiness, information quality, and governance are the main challenges. Simply turning on the information faucet in the enterprise could be hazardous. Exploratory statistics can become gospel and circulated as fact.

To get you prepared, companies need to institute a process that allows proper planning, strong information control, scalable infrastructure, and the ability to commit to a full-scale, ongoing self-service business intelligence program. Here are three best practices for self-service business intelligence advantages to help put your business on the path to achievement.

Make data promptness the main concern

Effective self-service BI strategies necessitate a foundation of actual data control and management. Organizations must allow business analysts and users to get resourceful with how they associate and visualize information, without forgoing proper governance.

Highlight Companywide cooperation

Self-service BI best practices comprise a high degree of teamwork among three main stakeholder groups: the business users who will operate the self-service tools, the BI specialists who help them, and IT experts.

Guarantee compliance with information security laws

Companies that have embarked on or are thinking of adopting self-service BI initiatives must think earnestly about related data security and privacy policies.

To circumvent any drawbacks, we would include setting up procedures that permit the BI team to monitor, manage, and regulate a program without hindering the capability of users to do essential analytics work. That should allow the BI program to powerfully scale as needed and attain ongoing business success.

4 Common Types of Touch Screens Used in Business Around The World

Touch Screens have become normal in our daily lives: cell phones, ATMs, airport kiosks, ticket vending machines, and more all use touch panels to allow the user to interact with a computer or device without having to use a keyboard or mouse. But did you know there are numerous uniquely different types of touch screens?

touch screen tables

All the options of touch screen technology carry their own unique characteristics, with specific benefits to your business.

Capacitive Touchscreen

Frequently utilized for industrial purposes, capacitive touch screens entail a glass overlay, coated with a conductive material such as Indium Tin Oxide. Contact with a capacitive screen generates an electrostatic charge that sends data to the touch control in order to perform its function. This type of touch screen has great clarity and resilience, except they can only respond to the touch of a finger or special gloves unless it is capacitive charged.

Infrared Touchscreen

Unlike the other types, infrared touch screen technology does not include an overlay. Instead, a frame surrounding the display contains LEDs on one side and phototransistor detectors on the other. The phototransistors sense an absence of light and convey a signal that determines the coordinates. The touch is recognized and located at the point of interruption of the LED beams. Usually used in outdoor locations, infra-red touch screens are long-lasting and can detect any input.

Acoustic Pulse Recognition Touchscreen

This touch screen is made with a glass overlay and four transducers attached to the back exterior. When the screen is touched, the friction generates acoustic waves. The transducers detect the acoustic wave, which is then transformed into a signal. APR touch screens are water-resistant, tough, and scalable.

5-Wire Resistive Touch is the most commonly used touch technology today. A resistive touch screen monitor is composed of a glass panel and a film screen, each covered with a thin metallic layer, divided by a narrow gap. When a user touches the screen, the two metallic layers make contact, causing an electrical flow. The point of contact is identified by this change in voltage.

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen

SAW touch screen technology is based upon two transducers and a reflector placed on the glass surface. The waves are spread across the screen by bouncing off the reflector arrangement and received by the transducers. The touch is detected when the waves are enthralled. In contrast with the other touch screens; SAW provides greater clarity, resolution, and sturdiness, with the capability to interact with a stylus or gloves.

For more information about this technology, including how it’s used in our touchscreen kiosks, please get in touch.

Self Service Kiosk: Doing More with Less

You have seen self service kiosk around for a while now, but only in the past couple of years have they grown in popularity amongst business owners. From fast-food chains to automated services at the bank and airport, self service kiosk helps to accelerate customer service questions, purchases, and assist with other important information.

Self-service kiosk allows your employees to do things that would normally require them to interact with customers or guest questions. Instead of standing behind the counter, associates can be reassigned to the more important tasks, such as payroll, HR, and logistics.

self service kiosk

Let’s discover some of the many gains of self-service kiosk and see how this unbelievable technology can take your business to the next level.

Help more customers

Because self service kiosk is easy to use, customers often find it faster and more suitable to use them than going to the counter. This has the added advantage of creating a positive customer experience that leads to positive word of mouth. If a customer has had a wonderful experience with your self-service technology they’re likely to tell other individuals, growing your potential customer base. Not only are self-service kiosks allowing for a quicker, more resourceful serving of customers, they’re also changing customer behavior in a vital way.

Better profits

In spite of the preliminary investment that self-service kiosks carry, they offer a strong return on investment for your organization. As your status for fast, convenient service surges, your customer base will also grow, creating more streams of revenue. Self service kiosk also offers enhanced upselling abilities compared to traditional methods of service, improving the chance for increased profits.

Saves time

As a business owner, self-service technology can save you time by shifting some of the HR tasks – like updating contact info – to your team. This lets you to focus on more tactical aspects of running your business, like looking for new ways to grow revenue. (which Popshap can help with)

It can also help your team work more resourcefully by allowing them to access their information whenever they need to. They can update their personal info, check their time-off balance, or review your company’s handbook from any device. They won’t have to track you down to submit a request or get an answer to a simple HR question.

Yes, technology can be automated.

Self-service technology is fast becoming the trend for reasons other than the pandemic: it helps to advance many tasks in our everyday lives while also allowing more freedom for customers. Even though creating a digital kiosk program may seem intimidating at first, self-service is a digital trend that almost every industry can and most likely will ultimately adopt.

Want to learn more about how self-service kiosks are changing your industry? Schedule a demo now!

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive supplier of self-service for your organization, look no further than Popshap. We’ll take you through every step of your plan, so you can start appreciating the benefits of self-service kiosks in no time.

As Companies Brace for a Second COVID Wave – Here’s How to Respond

The strain of COVID-19 on businesses, not to mention our human lives, will be felt for many months and perhaps years to come. Supply chains are still declining. The travel industry is still struggling to get off the ground. Offices and storefronts don’t know whether to stay open or close. More staff than ever before is working from home; many of those workers are trying to balance efficiency with caring for loved ones and possibly supplementing their child’s virtual school.

And of course, many industries have had to shrink their operations or pivot to other means of staying sustainable, and many, many folks are out of work altogether.

COVID event kiosk

But, even as the attitude and timelines to getting back to normal change every day, how do you create value when demand is stagnant, margins are thin, and the future is more uncertain than ever?

  • Refine Digital Tactics

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we’re more dependent than ever on modern technology than ever before. Even if you’re not situated to make substantial investments in new digital tools, you should continually evaluate the digital approaches and technologies you already use. Now is the perfect time to do so in training for “the next normal.” James, a marketing expert at Popshap, recommends that corporations take this time to optimize what’s working and explore new self-service solutions and ideas.

  • Stability Planning

This type of planning needs a flexible framework and management system to soften evolving business impact risks. It provides an organizational structure to recognize probabilistic impacts to an organization, develop a measured tactic to protect employees and operations, and cut risk and exposure while achieving a state of business elasticity.

Self-service and contactless solutions are two perfect examples of this.

  • Build on Customer Service

Even if you’re not selling goods or closing deals at the same pre-covid rate, you have plenty of chances to create important interactions with your customers. For starters, you should keep open lines of communication and plainly articulate how your business is answering and adjusting to the challenges posed by the coronavirus. Let customers know what you’re doing to keep employees safe and what you’re doing in a different way now that things are, well, different.

Fantastic customer service has always separated the best businesses from the rest… Especially during COVID!

  • Uplift Your Employees

Numerous companies have been forced to lay off workers, limit hours, or make other tough personnel decisions in order to endure. Perhaps you have, too. You should be making every effort to safeguard the individuals who have stuck with you during the disaster know you appreciate them—and there are amply of ways to do it.

One of the main ways is ensuring a safe working space.

In 2020, industries have learned that value creation involves more than fulfilling a market need. It’s a product of commercial actions that affect staff, customers, and all other stakeholders. The more value in those areas that you build today, the easier it will be to continue building it tomorrow.

Cold, Flu, and Covid… What are the doctors offices doing to protect us?

So you have a tickle in the back of your throat.  Now it’s a cough and sore throat.  You’re feeling achy.  Bottom line, you’re not feeling well and it’s time to go to the doctor to figure out what it could be.  Is it a cold?  Is it the flu?  Is it Covid?

55 inch interactive touch table with hand sanitizer

Going to the doctor has never been a fun activity, but a definite one when you’re not feeling well.  But should you go during a pandemic?  The answer is yes.  Doctors’ offices are taking great strides to keep everyone safe.  They’re screening patients with screening questions, they’re taking temperatures, they’re doing virtual visits, etc.  They encourage hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and mask wearing.  Question is, do you still feel safe?  What can a doctor’s office do to potentially make you feel safer?  Would you feel safer with a wireless hand sanitizer machine outside their door?  What if there was a wall mounted hand sanitizer machine just on the inside?  How about for temperature screenings- what can be done?  Body Temperature Kiosks could be the answer!  From a desktop body temperature kiosk, to a stand up body temperature kiosk, or even a wall mounted body temperature kiosk, there are many options to choose from.  Would you prefer one over the other?  Would you be more inclined to go to a doctor’s office if these were in place?  What would make you the most comfortable?

wall mounted body temperature kiosk

As the pandemic continues to rear its ugly head, so many of these questions mentioned above continue to be dealt with on a daily basis.  Besides living in a bubble, which isn’t possible, what is the best case scenario?  Yes we know to wash our hands, wear our masks, and to social distance, but what will make you feel better about the situation, when you’re not feeling good at all?  That is a question we all continue to wonder about, and anxiously await an answer.

Fans in the stands – How body temperature kiosks and body screening technology can help

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Take Me out to the Crowd”… Wait a minute, can we?  The answer is yes.  According to ESPN, starting on Monday, October 12th, a limited number of fans will be allowed into Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX, for the NLCS, and then the World Series.  Sounds like the sounds of baseball and the sound of body temperature kiosks will be heard.

body temperature kiosk at events

Approx 11,500 fans or roughly 28% of the total capacity of Globe Life Field will be allowed in for every game of the NLCS and World Series.  Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, October 6th.  While this baseball fan is excited to see real fans in the stands, how will it work?  Tickets will be sold in “pods” consisting of 4 seats in a pod, 6 feet apart, in a “checkerboard” style seating arrangement.  The remaining seats will be tied back and off-limits.  The retractable roof will be open unless it rains, fans won’t be able to sit within the first 6 rows closest to the field, and concessions will be cashless.  Wonder if desktop body temperature kiosks will be next to the registers?

body temperature kiosk rental

What other social distancing measures will be in place?  How will people enter the ballpark?  Will they get scanned by a body temperature kiosk?  Will wireless hand sanitizer stations be put on the walls?  Those questions are still left to be answered.  One thing is for sure… as we slowly come back, the new normal continues to evolve and temperatures need to be taken.  The turnstiles will spin… Will a body temperature kiosk be there waiting as well?  Are we ready or will this idea be called “Strike 3, you’re out”?  We wait and see… Until then, someone please pass the Cracker Jacks.