What to Look For When Buying a Video Wall Display

Your video wall display purchase is probably going to be more about the cost or return on investment, (though these factors are important), it’s also about making sure that the technology best fits your use case. The objective is to find the most suitably seamless visual experience for your audience and goals.

We’re here to help you ask the right questions and, eventually, find the right solutions when it comes to a video wall display.

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Screen size and the number of panels

Before you buy your video wall display, you’ll have to understand the scale of the screen you want. The solution to this will significantly affect which video wall display you choose (and how many panels you’ll require).

Your choice will depend on how and where your video wall display will be used. It will also be determined by the space you have vacant. You should also contemplate what you will be displayed on the screens and how the video will look on changing screen sizes.

A mixture of all these factors will help you decide the size and number of panels you need. Before you make your acquisition, you need to ask:

  • What size would be best for the unique necessities of my business? And what positioning (i.e. portrait or landscape)?
  • What products offered would work best in the space I’m working with, and would a custom installation be even more effective?
  • Do I need expert assistance in designing my video wall or modifying my display?

Panel quality and visual performance

It’s sensible to assume that if you want a video wall, you want one that is good quality and does well. We all want our video wall to look good, but what does that really mean?

When buying a video wall, you want to get high resolution, high definition panels with contrast ratios of 3,000 or beyond, a wide color gamut, and high brightness.

A higher contrast ratio is the most part important if you need viewers of your video wall to see specifics, such as shadows, dark backgrounds, and fine text. This is mainly important if your video wall display is in bright ambient light conditions like the lack of contrast becomes even more pronounced and its incapability to show deep blacks leads to the pictures looking washed-out.

If you’re interested in buying or renting a video wall display, contact us for further info on our kiosks, touch tables, or video display and how we can modify them to your requirements.

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Common Video Wall Mistakes Most Brands Don’t Think About

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When installing video walls, brands can run into a wide assortment of difficulties. This blog aims to provide answers for common mistakes when executing this technology.

Pitfalls To Dodge When Using Video Walls

Whether your idea is to rent video walls that are in a prime position, or purchase them and install them at your own business or event space, the cost is often easily offset through the sheer amount of exposure you can accomplish in a short period of time. There are, though, some common pitfalls to think through and evade. Let’s take a look at what you need to know to produce a flawless video experience.

Not Understanding The Goals Of Using A Video Wall

Before doing any type of visual implementation, the brand must consider the company goals associated with this approach. How will a video wall increase and promote your marketing message versus the promotion you’re currently doing? For instance, in an event atmosphere, a video wall is tremendously useful for exhibiting event sponsor content, directing guests to various areas of the venue grounds, and keeping visitors entertained with appealing visuals, among other things.

Not Understanding Your Space

Before even thinking about implementing a video wall, it’s vital that you understand the space that you’ll be inhabiting. These aspects will come into play when defining the appropriate size, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution, and power supplies of the video wall you have. Also, contemplate the other components that will be present in the space – if you’re preparing for a trade show and only have a small booth, a large video wall may be overwhelming to attendees and take away from your main marketing message.

Not Realizing The Technical Capabilities Of Digital Content

Videos, pictures, audio, text other digital content will need to be optimized for the type of video wall you’re working with. Nothing makes a video wall look more unprofessional than minuscule, unreadable font and low-resolution visuals. Both should be big and clear enough to easily comprehend. Remember: Even though digital content looks awesome on a laptop; it might not render to the massiveness of video walls. Always build digital content with big video wall-sized screens in mind.

Not Knowing Common Digital Content Problems

There are numerous problems that individuals without design experience can run into when creating digital content for video displays. Let’s explore a few.

  • Digital content is too long
  • Small, illegible text
  • Forming visual hierarchy
  • Crafting a unified display

Not Using Interactivity

While an interactive video wall isn’t a requirement, it can make for a wonderful end-user experience and improve event engagement. You can implement interactivity into a video wall, either by using a touch screen display or via an application on a mobile device that augments the digital content.

As a business, it’s your duty to view your video wall setup through the eyes of your intended audience. How will they best benefit from a video wall’s interactivity?  Contemplate the types of digital content that will be displayed on the video wall – whether it’s a virtual product demo, in-house network programming, social media feeds, audio-visual augmentations, or static pictures.

Trade Show Booth Tips For Post-Pandemic Success

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We can all come to an agreement that COVID has not made for the best year for attending events and trade shows. On the bright side, it’s was only a matter of time before events and trade shows return to the good old days. One thing is clear, though: it won’t be the same as it was previously. So what does that mean for your trade show booth? Fine-tuning plans and courageously facing the post-pandemic challenges are the only ways onward for now.

Either way, the trade show will go on!

Enhance your trade show digital displays and stands with engaging digital signage. Showcase your business with these 7 trade show booth success guidelines to make the most of your next event.

We’ve got you protected during this ambiguous period! Get a move on and check out this editorial for useful tips on how to have a successful trade show booth with special importance on COVID-19 safety methods.


Tip 1. Do your homework

Take a good look at associated shows, counting your own shows from earlier years and others that are in the same business. Get a good impression of what everybody else is doing. Then you can begin tailoring your own solutions to stand out.


Tip 2. Find a winning strategy

Hold thinking meetings with your team to plan your business and marketing strategies and determine exact goals. Figure out the motto and mission statement of your campaign.


Tip 3. Attract your audience with free Wi-Fi

This particularly works for tech-savvy audiences who like to stay connected. Wi-Fi is a treat at trade shows and provided coverage is often blotchy. Set up your own with a big statement that it’s available at your trade show booth. You’ll get a big, steady draw!

Tip 4. Use interactive kiosks to highlight your sophisticated products or services

Get within the attendee’s eyesight with bold graphics and brand marketing messages. Direct attention to your booth. Make an instant impact with tailor-made graphics and make a splash in the sea of exhibitors.


Tip 5. Incorporate video wall displays to highlight your daring identity

Here’s a trade show display tip for those looking for accessibility. Easy to set up, these video wall displays will give you a very professional and modern tech-looking presence. Consider this particularly if you’re working with a smaller crew.


Tip 6. Include creative digital posters to get attention

Easily grab attendee attention with this trade show digital posters. Combine your logo/branding message with a tailored design on digital signage to raise curiosity.

Tip 7. Mix dynamic digital signage to wow your guests

Looking for something really superior? Check out dynamic digital signage that can be customized to anything you like with immersive, thrilling graphics.


Looking for the best trade show booth digital signage?

  • Work with us to produce an outstanding trade show booth production and then sit back as we make it happen!
  • Join forces with us on your digital signage and booth ideas and take advantage of our first-class customer service, accessible 24/7.
  • Contact us now! We’ll help you craft the ultimate expo demonstration, helping you with our skilled staff every step of the way.

3 Smart Ways to use a Video Wall to Boost Your Business

More and more business owners are using a video wall to reach more customers and grow their businesses. Underneath are a few ways video walls can be used for this purpose;

Great for highlighting reviews and testimonials

According to studies, customers trust reviews and testimonials a lot more than advertisements and or websites. Companies also report that good reviews entice most repeat and new customers. This means that customers often check reviews of a product or service before buying it. So, you can use video walls to display reviews of your services or products. The reviews will help drive more customers to ask questions and take your brand more seriously. You can get customer reviews from social media accounts or on Google.

Video Wall

Quickly answer the most FAQs

Video walls can come in handy when replying to FAQs about your business or product. Answering these queries will give customers a better impression of who you are and what your brand is. By giving them an enhanced understanding of your processes, you can draw in more customers. Though, this would be more real if you answered genuine questions. You can look up the most frequently asked question about your business on search engines like Google. You can also use the content already on your website.

Market your products, discounts, or special offers

One of the main ways companies can use video walls is to promote new products, offers, and specials. Video walls can be used as a wonderful marketing tool to envision and promote numerous products to old and new consumers. A video wall captures potential and existing customers’ attention since they use bright screens with contrastable backgrounds. This form of marketing’s efficiency depends on the amount of resourcefulness you put into it using a scalable digital display application. For example, you need to create a suitable product to display on the video wall. It is worth stating that the scrolling text element is enough to make viewers absorb all the data as they can slow down product promotion advertisements.

There are numerous other ways you can use video walls to promote your industry. Nevertheless, the technique you choose depends on your business, the type of goods or services you offer, and your commerce model.