Our smaller sizes, the 27 inch interactive kiosk and the 32 inch touch kiosk, are better for functions like a pop-up store in any retail location, in-store interactive advertising, or an interactive schedule of events/list of speakers at a conference. Our larger sizes, the 43 inch kiosk and 49 inch interactive kiosk are geared towards the larger, more visually compelling functions. These larger touchscreen kiosks are perfect for an interactive trivia game to test guest’s knowledge about the company or industry, a wayfinding directory for a tradeshow or mall, or a photo booth with custom branded frames! To view how these and other similar capabilities work, visit our Kiosk Software page.

Our focus is on you, partnership, and performance. We want to do more than simply provide a stylish interactive kiosk for trade shows; we want to partner with each client to come up with rewarding, value-driven event marketing solutions that will accomplish your brand goals.

What look or image are you going for at your booth? What type of touch screen kiosk will fit into your budget? Are you looking for kiosk software that is not only functional but also updates in real-time as well? These are the questions we like to ask, among others, to best discover what our clients want.

Our digital signage kiosks are built from start to end by our own team of industry self-service experts, ensuring the right blend of appealing design and dependability. These touchscreen kiosks make a great addition to trade shows, conventions, and events as interactive and engaging displays for guests.

Enhance your event and entertain your guests.

With the help of our excellent development team, these digital tables will blow your event away!