Kiosk Accessories

Popshap interactive hardware and software is customizable to your businesses needs

Kiosk Accessories: More Than Just Interactive Software

At Popshap we don't just supply interactive software. Our devices can also be fitted with physical add-ons. These kiosk accessories can enable various integrated solutions that make your experience using them that much better!


Our services help you navigate each stage of your technology life cycle so you can plan a solution that meets your organization's current and future needs.


Our kiosks and accessories are specially adapted so that there is a totally personalized solution that meets your self-service needs.

RFID Reader

You might be asking yourself: ‘What is an RF Reader?’ An RF Reader, or Radio Frequency IDentification Reader, uses electromagnetic signals and radio waves to transmit, collect, interpret, and display data from a unique receiver. It operates similarly to a QR or Barcode reader.

You may not know it, but you use RF Readers every day in toll booth passes automatic key and locks in hotels, and even passport readers. However, with the technology from Popshap’s digital kiosks, there are many more ways to interact with and improve the world.

The interactive kiosks with RF Readers can be utilized for tracking items in logistics and shipping. Before a boxed item is placed on a truck to be transported, you stick an RF tag onto the package and pass it by a Popshap kiosk. The kiosk would identify the unique code, display digital information like weight and dimensions, and provide a more streamlined solution to warehouse storage and item inventory. 

The reader combined with the kiosk could also be used as an improved method of counting and registering event attendees. While waiting in line to enter an event, you would be given a bracelet fitted with an RF tag. Once you reach the Popshap kiosk, you would scan the bracelet that has your unique code, making keeping track of guest attendance more optimized.

Furthermore, RF readers, in conjunction with Popshap’s customizable kiosks, could provide a number of interactive and engaging marketing ideas that will make your customers remember your product for weeks to come. If you have any custom ideas you would like to implement, contact us to let us know.

QR Reader

Similar to an RFID Reader, a QR Reader has a variety of functions that allows interactivity and engagement not just through the traditional form of using your phone, but also through a Popshap kiosk.

With the use of Popshap’s digital posters, you could scan the codes from your phone to present an engaging format to view and deliver captivating and informative advertisements. QR codes could provide more personalized content for your customers to interact with, creating a more user-friendly experience.   

Another way to utilize Popshap’s kiosks is by combining the functions of both the QR and RFID Reader to create a unique experience. Using the RFID’s proximity function, the kiosk could ping a free message to the bypasser’s smartphone displaying a QR Code. The message would outline that in order to see more, they would have to visit the kiosk. At the kiosk, the person would show the code, the sensors would pick it up, and deliver an advertisement or promotion through an engaging process.  


Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is an integral part of today’s modern life. It allows for individual biometric identification, which in the digital age is very important. Using Popshap’s digital interactive kiosks, there are dozens of applications for this type of technology. 

With the photo feature of Popshap’s kiosks, you could optimize event check-in by biometrically scanning the guest’s faces, rather than manually inputting an attendee’s name. This would leave an automatic and unique code in the system’s data banks, thereby streamlining the process, instead of creating long lines and using up your’s and your guest’s time.

 Another crucial service that facial recognition can be used for is security purposes. This would work the same way you would unlock your iPhone using facial recognition. You would look at the kiosk, it would scan your biometrics, recognize your unique code that is stored in its data banks, and grant you access. This efficient process could be utilized for building security as an added measure of safety. To take the idea a step further, you could add an RF Reader as a badge scanner for a two-point security system.