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Our kiosks are made for one reason. To capture the functionality of a smartphone but with the size of a large fridge. This concept opens a whole new assortment of possibilities of how you can engage your audience.

Touch Screen Utilization

  • It can give the audience a fun way to interact with the content of the company.
  • It provides a way to get information from new or existing clients in a clear, simple way.
  • At events, it can be used as a photo booth kiosk, to capture snapshots that can be sent directly to you.
  • Outdoor kiosks, for very large events, on-site digital signage. Providing people with a simple wayfinding.
  • Indoors a touch kiosk can be a vibrant and engaging display for consumers to see your brand.
  • Kiosks can be used at weddings, restaurants, fundraisers, and much more.

Touch Screen options


21″, 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″

Touch Capacitive

21″ ,32″, 43″, 49″

Infared Interactive Touchscreen


The famous infrared touchscreen uses lights beams sent from the perimeter of the screen using a simple grid, the point you touch creates a block in the light and it knows where you are. This works well but it does not allow for multiple touch technology.

Touch-capacitive Interactive Touchscreen

Touch Capacitive

The latest in screen technological advances have produced touch-capacitive. This screen works based on electrical conductors, so when it comes near any conductive material – like a human finger – it reacts.

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