Trade Show Organizers

Digital signage is a great way to make sure attendees and exhibitors remember your trade show. It allows you to provide wayfinding, a schedule of events, and more. And don't forget about the opportunities for sponsorships!

Make your next trade show unforgettable with Digital Signage!

Our attention is on people, partnership, and presentation. We want to do more than merely provide a trendy image; we want to partner with each client to come up with gratifying, value-driven solutions that will achieve your trade show goal.

Trade Show Touch Screen Solutions for Every Event

From the largest international trade shows to small networking events, and everything in between, Popshap provides a single solution for you to capture leads, wow attendees, and look more professional.

YES… First impressions matter.

Digital Signage Amplifies Trade Shows

Access to thousands of motivated prospects, all gathered in one place. That’s the appeal of trade shows, right? So take advantage of this concentrated source of leads with alluring visuals, fascinating narrative and interactive trade show kiosk technology.

touchscreen kiosk and touch table


We will work to focus on learning and understand your brand and what it represents.

Fully optimize your trade show displaysand touch screen technology to fit your brand. We weave your sales brochures, product specs, videos and other collateral into a powerful story about your brand, and present it on your digital kiosk using Popshap’s interactive trade show touch screen technology, and software.

trade show standing kiosk and touch table


We will deep dive into who your audience is, how to target them, and what their needs are.

By incorporating the proper trade show digital signage, you will empower attendees through self-directed journeys through your digital content. Quickly capture your targets attention with interactive trade show digital signage experiences that excite crowds!

standing kiosk


Once we learn about the brand and audience we will put together the best way to entertain and engage the audience.

Effortless User Experience

If you want a consistent and seamless solution for reps in and out of the booth then touch screen tables, or a trade show video wall works perfectly.

How impressive would it be to show up to events with your own trade show video wall, customized to meet your lead capture needs? With the speed, consistency, and visibility provided by Popshap, you will cut lead follow-up time from weeks to minutes and drive revenue.