Corporate Events

All you need to elevate your special event, to an extraordinary event.


Exceptional, dynamic events all have one thing in common: they begin with a great vision. Popshap has a comprehensive approach to integrating registration kiosk rentals into your event’s current production designs.

As the industry continues to progress and event production technology advances, Popshap’s ever-growing product lines provide limitless digital solutions for all of your creative needs

What interactive tools are you using to make sure that your event is captivating, engaging, and unforgettable for those in attendance? These interactive devices can be used to automate and simplify all of these necessary tasks for your next corporate event.


Our purpose is to bring your vision to life and make it the focal point of your event. Our LED displays will make you stand out from your competitors and connect with the crowd. We are here to empower your interactive environments that will extend your brand, tell your story, and leave a lasting impression.

Not only can it streamline the check-in process, but it also provides an efficient way of showcasing merchandise, event sponsors, wayfinding, interactive and engaging branded displays, and even take large group photos with our camera accessory!

Fascinating visuals have the power to make or break your show. With Popshap’s interactive kiosk rentals and software, you are given creative freedom to create the look and feel you want with little to no restrictions. The sky’s the limit!
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Personalized Brand Experiences

Having big corporate events are an excellent way to network and provide your brand with key exposure. However, there are some problems that arise; people might not leave a form of contact, people can be confused as to know where to go or what to look at, your product may not get the attention it deserves, you may lose track of reservations, etc.
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Corporate Guest Check-In Kiosks

Most often at corporate events, companies are trying to provide a means for networking and interacting with their guests or potential clients, therefore, setting up digital kiosks provides a great way of getting that conversation started. In addition, our kiosks provide companies with the opportunity to increase their brand awareness and affiliation; by providing a clear and simple way to connect with their audience

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Corporate Touch Kiosks

If you are really serious about investing in touch kiosk for corporate events and you want these events to be everything you imagined and more, let us help you to push the boundaries all the way. Our touch kiosk rentals for events give attendees an extraordinary experience.