Hardware Logistics

Logistics is as important as the services we offer.

Kiosk Hardware for Your Convenience

I know you may be worried about lugging around giant pieces of hardware. And maybe even doubt its performing abilities. The physical touchscreen kiosks that Popshap offers have a slick exterior and is both easy to set up and easy to move. The kiosk stand may seem large, but it's there for your support. The shell encases the physical hardware not only for aesthetics but also to make sure the processes won't become damaged. The kiosk as a whole will bring your brand into the future of tech-savviness.

Come in and check the machines out for yourself. They’re on display all the time here at Popshap, and our doors are open all the time.

At Popshap, our job is to protect your technology investments. We work carefully to monitor every phase of your hardware and shipment process and ensure your hardware arrives on time, every time. We consider ourselves as an addition of your team, managing your customized hardware and giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Every Step of The Way

At Popshap, we invest a lot of effort into forming strategic alliances with the top companies in the world so that we may use a variety of technologies, such as computer vision, mobile sensors, virtual reality, audience intelligence, and digital signage, in the real world.

Our services help you navigate each stage of your technology life cycle so you can plan a solution that meets your organization's current and future needs.

One Stop Shop Digital Solution

Our kiosks and accessories are specially adapted so that there is a totally personalized solution that meets your self-service needs.

Every digital sign can be a sensor, driving marketing and retail strategy. Popshap is adding significant insights on consumer and employee habits, patterns, and preferences in addition to bringing large-scale, secure digital display networks to market.

av technician

Expert Technical Craftsman

We bring together tech connoisseurs from strategic disciplines, including UX design, marketing, business growth, and systems integration, as well as your leadership, and focus them on the job at hand: building captivating, immersive, and unforgettable digital experiences for your target audience.

From remote support to onsite monitoring and real-time digital content updates, Popshap is with you even after your digital experience goes live and even once it ends.

custom touch kiosk manufacture

Custom Kiosk Hardware

Besides the measurable value of the hardware, new market circumstances or the technical change must be taken into thought. We can advise you and take care of the entire process. In addition to the safety of your hardware, which delivers a high image strength, our kiosk and touch table hardware and systems are available long-term.

We offer remote or on-site technical support throughout the entire product lifecycle, and even after your warranty finishes. Together, these activities will achieve customer satisfaction and company loyalty, factors for which companies are obliged to focus on logistics.

touch kiosk hardware

Keep Your Touchscreen Technology Protected

Under the direction of an experienced Popshap account manager, our multi-disciplinary crew works through the five stages of our process using an organized, collaborative style to deliver a winning touchscreen experience that is impactful and seamlessly aligned with your business.

All this highlights the importance of developing a good logistics system within the company through which benefits such as increased productivity will be obtained, ensuring the required quality levels, and increasing organizational competitiveness, with the consequent optimization of resources.