Consulting / Content Planning

Working with you and for you!

Consulting & Planning

Kiosk Consulting & Content Planning is where the fun begins. At Popshap, we care for our clients, making sure the planning process is simple and comprehensible. We’ll work together as partners to develop drafts and ideas in order to reach a mutually beneficial solution for you and your business.

Our self-service kiosk provides high-speed protected access and temperature verification abilities designed to help safeguard the health and the safety of both employees and guests. From idea to completion, our specialty is the software, design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, and support of touch screen kiosk solutions for our clients worldwide. We believe systems and functionality belong together. It’s why our digital signage kiosks are built from start to end by our own team of industry self-service experts, ensuring the right blend of appealing design and dependability. Ready to take your business to the next level? 

The #1 Touch Kiosk Consultants

There is no requirement to understand kiosk design, even though the majority of clients have general ideas and preferences.

Popshap specialists will work with you to develop your own kiosk components into a design that satisfies your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Take Your Brand to Another Level

Our excellent engineering team, which consists of mechanical engineers, industrial designers, and safety and compliance engineers, has created highly customized platforms for Fortune 100 clients.

Our kiosks and accessories are specially adapted so that there is a totally personalized solution that meets your self-service needs.

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Approach to Strategy

What look or style are you going for? Will it fit into your event budget? Are you looking for touch screen equipment that is not only functional but also sophisticated as well? These are the inquiries we like to ask, among a few others, to best discover what you want.

Then we propose a strategy based on the problems or weaknesses that have been found in the project, in order to design goals and objectives that are aimed at the resolution and improvement of these aspects. Schedule a live demo with one of our specialists when you're ready. Let us know your needs and we'll show you how we can elevate your brand.


What Happens Next

A critical part of that difference centers on how you present your brand and services. Are you customer-minded, thinking always about your target audience and what charms them most? Do you create value-adding marketing messages from your business resources?

Are you speaking, advertising, and looking like other brands in your industry, or do you tenaciously shake up the mold? It is about seeking new resources or improving those that already existed, modifying vices or bad habits, or finding more appropriate tools or materials according to the needs of our clients.

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Stand Out From the Rest

Trade shows and conferences today are extremely dynamic, inspiring some of the most widely accepted concepts traditional in marketing and branding. Don’t get passed by this year because of outdated booths and branding methods. Instantly amazed with the latest in interactive trade show technology.

We have the best qualified and suitable team to advise your team/company so that all the ideas you have in your mind can be crystallized. And make your event or workplace a space in which you can appreciate that in terms of technologies, there are no limits.