Event Organizers

An event kiosk can make a huge difference in the overall experience for your guests. By leveraging our award-winning event kiosk design, fabrication, and rental capabilities, you can take your event to the next level.

Event Organizers: Make your next event a success with Popshap's award-winning kiosks!

Elevate your next event while enhancing the entire experience. Our event kiosks come equipped with software for games, raffles, photo booths, and more. So no matter what type of event you're hosting, we can help you make it a success.

The Perfect Addition for Your Next Event

It would be extremely impressive to show up to your next event with an LED Wall or a touchscreen kiosk, customized with your Event name and including interactive features such as a picture booth or spin the wheel. With the expertise of Popshap your next event will outshine all the others!

Event Kiosks That Engage Audiences

We have this down to a science – touch screen tables, interactive video walls, and smart photo booth kiosks and that’s just the hardware. There is no doubt, we offer repeatable success and continuous optimization. No matter the goal, Popshap will get you there step-by-step.

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Events Built for Success

Transform the way you introduce your guests to your brand with the ultimate in digital sales presentation technology. Delivering unforgettable digital experiences and pitches is made easy with our interactive technology, serving as the perfect platform to impress your guests and outperform the competition.

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Custom Solutions

While we offer several interactive digital products, we also custom design tables, desks and furniture to meet a client's specific event requirements. We are always looking for new and exciting uses of our technology, working hand in hand with our clients to see how we can adapt our technology to best suit your needs.

Popshap works with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries, including but not limited to event organizers, architects, space planners, merchandisers, retailers, and more.

The Popshap playbook is a fully customizable interactive solution. From interactive photo booth kiosks to video walls and more, developed to cater to your project’s needs and precise challenges. With a comprehensive timeline of deliverables and progress indicators, we take your event from discovery through execution.

touchscreen kiosk with software

Customized Software to Help You Succeed

Popshap lets you alter the way you communicate across your business with digital signage and video walls transformed into beautiful opuses that inform, motivate and influence.

Whether you’re presenting just one screen, or to locations around the world, or to remote employees or students, our digital signage and customized software gives you tools to craft stunning visual communications for higher engagement, confidence and inspiration.

Are you using the digital technology that your customers expect from you?

Not only does the right interactive technology impress participants, but our modern digital solutions streamline communication and operations. And more efficient events mean success for you and your team. And we lay it all out for you in an easy-to-implement action plan.