Empower your brand with interactive technology

With Popshap’s hospitality kiosks and POS systems, you may increase revenue, order check size, order accuracy, increase customer satisfaction, and ease of use.

Popshap Is the Future of Restaurants and Retail.

Your guest will enjoy interacting with content that has been thoughtfully arranged particularly for them. They will value the mobile app's accessibility and Popshap's digital touch screen kiosk's ability to keep them in constant proximity to the most recent information.

In-house Digital Signage & Self Checkout

The immersive experiences offered by the Popshap Digital Signage module can give your company new and intriguing ways to engage customers. Our self-order kiosk goes beyond your typical checkout device. You may offer branded content, messages, films, and provide touchscreen points on this lovely high-brightness interactive display to further interact with customers through various applications and a self-checkout experience.

hotel video wall

Modern, Sleek, Hotel Video Walls

Give visitors access to a digital concierge that can recommend local eateries and sights or provide directions.

Want something more?

Our digital concierge kiosk keeps customers informed about facilities, nearby points of interest, and directions at the touch of a finger.

hotel video wall install

Digitize Your Lobby To Welcome and Inform Guests

Learn more about hospitality digital signs here. What about installing your own video wall or self-service kiosks?

Find out about the newest interactive display technology and software from one of our digital engagement experts.

hotel lobby touch table

The Benefits of a Digital Concierge

Useful registration kiosks that enable speedy check-in and offer pertinent information such as daily agendas, directions, and more can be used to warmly welcome attendees to an on-site meeting or event.

The focus is once again on the experience for a convention, cruise, and hotel customers thanks to self-service kiosks.

Easy check-in, concierge services, and more can help you provide better client service.