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Interactive Technology Solutions for Healthcare and Beyond

Popshap’s Patient Kiosk provides both the front desk and clinical personnel with significant time savings. There is no time lost in having a staff member manually enter the patient's health information again or scanning medical history forms into the patient chart.

Our healthcare touchscreen kiosk solutions enhance business processes and better serve your patients with anything from patient check-in systems to payment applications.The positioning of the digital medical kiosk will be discussed with you by Popshap specialists in order to facilitate a smooth patient check-in process.

The average check-in time is reduced by medical kiosks in the registration area from 10 minutes to 2 minutes, minimizing patient and staff interaction.

Interactive Healthcare Touchscreen Kiosks

Branded informational display ads In-Network announcement system Patient check-in system Interactive directory with auto search SMS messaging system Local News & Weather updates

Featured Medical Touch Kiosk Options

Automated Temperature Screening Medical-Grade Sensor Facial Recognition Fewer Lines and More Spacing Live Tele Customer system Powered by AnswerNet Managed completely remotely via the Popshap CMS

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Improve Overall Patient Experiences

Creative interactive experiences on touch kiosks can improve the time spent waiting for the doctor. The interactive healthcare touch kiosks can inform patients about news or educate them on what they may be dealing with.

Here at Popshap, our bespoke healthcare kiosk machines are unrivaled and our content management systems can be found at hospitals throughout America where we have deployed check-in kiosks, wayfinding kiosks, and body temperature scanners with kiosks, as well as a wide range of other self-service touchscreen solutions.

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Patient Touchscreen Self Check-in

Many healthcare facilities are looking to healthcare check-in kiosks to decrease the risk of illness transmission. The inclination is for patients or guests to interact with a medical kiosk rather than with staff at the front desk. Learn how a healthcare kiosk can help protect your facility.

These systems provide a bridge between healthcare providers and their patients. It could create an experience to help keep patients up to date on the latest technological advances and trends in the healthcare industry.

Patient Touchscreen Self Check-in

Say Goodbye to Old Medical Forms

Touch kiosks for medical practices can help improve the overall healthcare experience.

We may be one of the country’s top kiosk manufacturers but we pride ourselves on being responsive and useful enough to adapt to an assortment of different industries, as well as customers both large and small. It's this dedication to service that has helped us become one of the country’s top manufacturers of self-service kiosks.