Touch Screen Kiosk Technology

Much more just with the touch of your hand. Provide an unforgettable experience with Popshap interactive touchscreen technology.

Touchscreen Technologies

We must gain a comprehensive understanding of your objectives and problems in order to create an interactive experience that resonates. So, we pose inquiries. Lots of inquiries. We evaluate your objectives, talk about your target audience, research pertinent data, and explore your organization's design sensibilities in this phase because our goal is to fully comprehend your brand.

We offer many different touchscreen kiosk technological options such as infrared, multi-touch, and touch-capacitive. Each option provides advantages and disadvantages that set them apart.

In just about any setting, increase engagement and effectiveness. Interactive touch displays give users easy, direct engagement with their content in a variety of settings, including offices, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, image editing, and retail POS.

Innovative Touchscreen Technology

For more than two decades, Popshap has been a recognized global supplier of touch kiosks and LED video wall display solutions. We have a strong conviction that the goods and services we offer our clients can improve their operational effectiveness and lead to profitable expansion.

Combine Reality with the Digital World

Our touchscreen kiosk solutions are easy to use, easy to implement and let you digitize your business marketing, sales, and bottom line.

See why many of today’s leading international and domestic corporations use Popshap touch screen technology and digital signage to improve their brand.

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Cutting Edge Technology

The famous infrared touchscreen uses light beams sent from the perimeter of the screen using a simple grid, the point you touch creates a block in the light and it knows where you are. This works well but it does not allow for multiple touch technology.

All these various options with their subtle-but-not-small differences are available for purchase or rent from us. We want to cover the entire current technological spectrum. By providing each one and presenting them with all of their ups and downs, you can make an informed decision about what want for your event.

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Interactive Brand Experiences

Then we have multi-touch screens. These are the most commonly used. They offer what the infrared could not in that it allows for many points of contact. It does not work on a light beam grid, so it does not get interrupted when touched.

This is good and allows for multiple points of contact, but requires pressure and wetness will disrupt the connection. The screen is also sensitive and therefore can get damaged easily.

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Customized Touchscreen Technology

The latest in screen technological advances have produced touch-capacitive. This screen works based on electrical conductors, so when it comes near any conductive material - like a human finger - it reacts.

What this allows for is multiple touch points with much more sensitive responsiveness. Being that it is about conductivity, it doesn’t need to be in direct contact and therefore it can use a glass cover over the screen.

Glass is very easy to clean, pretty much everyone does it, often. It also creates a protective layer to avoid breaking the screen. Water would not disrupt the connection on a touch capacitive screen because water doesn’t disrupt glass.