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Real Estate

Technology has revolutionized the real estate industry. Enhance your employee and customer experience with touch screen and digital solutions.


In the field of real estate, people are often overwhelmed and feel pressured. To make the process easier, our interactive real estate kiosks offer a solution for agents and clients. Use Popshap’s digital interactive kiosks to improve the experience and make your customers feel as properly informed and comfortable as possible.       

What is happening in real estate?

One of the advantages of digital tools is that real estate companies have seen significant impacts on traditional ways of managing the business. Real estate agents can use this technology to present high-quality images, animations, and 3D displays to clients. Better presentation results in a better experience and higher satisfied clients.

What is happening in real estate?

Currently, the buying and selling process is not only easier and faster but the information is much more accessible than ever before. These displays are attention-grabbing and improve communication between agencies and clients. With interactive digital kiosks, real-time changes can be made through easily accessible admin control and a better overall experience.
Popshap Kiosks

Real Estate Kiosks

An area which people struggle in within the real estate industry is making an informed decision. Here at Popshap, we want to offer our services to optimize the process and leave the customer feeling more informed. Our interactive kiosks are easy to use and display all the necessary information a client may need to make the right decision.

Popshap Kiosks

Retail Kiosks Make Property Buying that Much Easier

Popshap’s kiosks could make the property buying experience more efficient for both you and your customer. This could be achieved by providing an interactive and comprehensive view of all the necessary information in order for the customer to make an informed and efficient choice, such as a side-by-side comparison of two different properties.

Popshap Kiosks

Interactive Experience

Additionally, if a client is unable to physically view the property in person, with the use of our digital touch screen video walls, you can give them an engaging and interactive experience by giving an in-depth view of the location without even needing to leave the agent’s office!