Beyond Interactive with Popshap Podcasts

Beyond Interactive with Popshap brings together technology leaders and industry experts with our own host Dahlia Lopez and CEO Eitan Magid to highlight the best of trade shows and events, brand activations, interactive technology and digital signage. Through interviews with Popshap partners and guests, the discussions offer insight into the challenges, innovations and trends across multiple industries that connect with their audiences using digital and interactive solutions. Tune in monthly to stay up-to-date with these businesses as they continually evolve.

Latest Episodes

What the Popshap? Get to know Popshap in 2023 with CEO Eitan Magid

As an interactive solutions provider, Popshap's technologies are in demand wherever people gather, from trade shows, meetings, and events to permanent installations in municipalities, healthcare, arenas & exhibits, and retail. For a company with a focus on in-person experiences, navigating the challenges of the pandemic is ongoing, but Popshap looks ahead to 2023 with a mix of experience from the previous years, exciting new technology innovations, and a Partners Program that brings added value to both clients and internal processes. In this first episode, Host Dahlia Lopez and CEO Eitan Magid introduce Popshap as it exists today, along with the exciting launch of the Beyond Interactive with Popshap podcast and upcoming discussions with key players across all the industries that makes this business so unique.

Designing for Digital Signage at Trade Shows with Mel White from Classic Exhibits

Digital and interactive technologies are a relatively new element on the exhibition floor, so how
should the industry approach designing for digital signage at trade shows? Popshap is honored
to be joined by Mel White, VP of Marketing/Business Development at Classic Exhibits, to share
our experiences in how trade show exhibit companies can successfully partner with technology
solutions providers to create impressive results for the exhibiting client. Classic Exhibits’
extensive network of distributors and long tenure in the trade show industry inform this
conversation that follows the progression of digital signage in exhibitor booths - from the
widespread use of passive video monitors, to the learning curve required to understand how to
make digital interactive and to create engagement at events. By understanding the unique
benefits digital offers exhibitors, the design of trade show booths can incorporate these
technologies to create a more engaging space, with greater opportunities to invite attendees
into conversation, regardless of the exhibition space or budget.