Trade Show Touch Screen Kiosks

You only have one chance to make a first impression, stand out with our trade show touch screen kiosks


Tradeshows and conferences have changed drastically in the past year. New procedures, smaller venues and crowds, and budget cuts are just a few of the many difficulties facing exhibitors. Popshap has gone beyond interactive when it comes to trade show touchscreen kiosks and solutions. Our standalone, plug-and-play, system gives a contemporary, sophisticated (and safe) look to your trade show booth and environment.

Stand out from the crowd at your next trade show, conference, or event. From idea to completion, our specialty is the software, design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, and support of touch screen kiosk solutions for our clients worldwide.

Interactive Trade Show Technology

Our services help you navigate each stage of your technology life cycle so you can plan a solution that meets your organization's current and future needs.

Touchscreen Kiosk Rentals & More

Our touch kiosk rental and accessories are specially adapted so that there is a totally personalized solution that meets your self-service needs.

touchscreen kiosk for trade shows

Digital Trade Show Display Experts

If we were to have to list the perfect environment to house a touchscreen kiosk or digital trade show display for it to be most effective, trade shows would be on the top.

The entire environment is supposed to catch the eye of potential investors from every angle. Trade show kiosks bring powerful imagery to broadcast your brand.

Trade show marketing, in general, is statistically proven to be a highly effective avenue for brand outreach. The room is filled with large signage and flashy products, engaging brand ambassadors. Why not optimize brand expression, and send out your message loud and clear while collecting client data.

touch screen kiosk for trade shows

Modern Touch Screen Kiosk Technology

We create a dynamic and visually arresting trade show booth experience — far more than the outdated setup of linear tables and curtained backdrops. Colorful, interactive, and creative, these touch screen displays showcase the exact graphics, text, and other visuals you’ve selected for your brand.

Combined with a well-strategized exhibit appearance and layout — plus solid goals surrounding your event attendance — and you’re set up to authentically attract, engage and convert colleagues and customers alike.

touch screen kiosk rental for trade shows

Trade Show Touch Screen Kiosks Expand Your Opportunities

Do you want to get creative and create some kind of trivia game, video, or photo booth to collect customer information?

It’s a great idea to give the audience something to interact with that will also intern give you the data you need. Kiosk marketing is a unique format for marketing where you get to bring something to your clients before they bring something to you.

Own the floor with integrated customized personal content on a touch screen kiosk we will bring to you and pick up for you.