Onsite Tech Services

Innovation distinguishes us.

Onsite Kiosk Support 

So you have gone through the whole consulting and planning process and now it’s showtime. Everything must flow smoothly, even if just to make you feel good about spending all those hours and hard-earned money to make this happen.

This is where onsite kiosk support steps in. Our technical team works with you to uncover your exact needs and develop the perfect interactive solution for whatever your project is. We help you maximize your digital signage displays or touch tables to help show off products, and testimonials, and be creative in your deployment. From start to finish, Popshap will lead you through every step of the process to ensure you are successful, your installation is seamless, and your operation is thoroughly explained.

With Popshap, all of your interactive technology arrives safe and sound, and on time, every time. For all of your purchase, event, shipping, logistics, and storage needs, we help shrink transportation costs and meet stringent budgets. Since 2017, the Popshap team has been an industry leader in event, conference, and trade show management support.

Experts in Touchscreen Support

Our services help you navigate each stage of your technology life cycle so you can plan a solution that meets your organization's current and future needs.

Never Worry About Technology

With a "marketing first" perspective, we're changing how customers interact with retail establishments, quick-service eateries, airports, banks, and office settings. We do this by connecting your project's vision with the strategy, experience, and delivery capacity.

Our kiosks and accessories are specially adapted so that there is a totally personalized solution that meets your self-service needs.

onsite touchscreen kiosk support

Experience You Can Trust

We have a broad experience working with all types of event organizers and clients including those that have no event design or builder, all the way up to working with clients just a few weeks out from their event. We can also work with your builder to effortlessly add touch kiosk rentals and purchases that add impact to make your environment and stand out from the competition.

Part of the Popshap experience includes onsite performance security and tech support. We send a brand ambassador to your event wherever it may be. He will be there to assist you with any problems or issues the kiosk may throw at you.

onsite touchscreen kiosk experts

Never Miss A Beat

Our technologist has widespread experience dealing with some of the largest venues and event companies. On-site we can help manage the full setup (which always changes depending on venue) and teardown, as well as help maximize your interactive technology for optimal chances to catch each potential person that walks by.

We believe though the real value of having onsite assistance is twofold. Firstly the technical aspect of problems. But more than that it’s the security of your event going as planned. It’s a step to help you focus on the other parts of your event that need more attention.

onsite touch kiosk Support

Support That Makes A Difference

Equal to the amount of attention and care you put into planning, is performing. And we like to think of ourselves as a white-glove service. That being the case we want to make sure everything goes as planned from start to finish. Touch Kiosk rental options are available so you can highlight your brand in a tremendously engaging approach.

Capture guests at your next event or innovative space. We’d love to meet with you and have the chance to earn your business! Give us a call to speak to a technologist immediately or send us an email and we usually respond within 10 minutes.