3 Good Reasons to Have a Touch Table At HIMSS 21

Today it is normal to find a touch table in exhibition areas, for instance in museums or galleries, or in educational establishments, as an aid to education. But you can also use them at trade shows and events such as HIMSS 21. [caption id="attachment_8211" align="alignnone" width="640"]touch table and digital screens Popshap digital touch screens reduce paper and a great green alternative for the trade show experience[/caption] Now Popshap does offer a wide variety of interactive screens and devices, the touch table occupies a special place, for a series of tangible advantages. We have recognized 3 main ones. It arouses interaction The spot in which it is most pleasant for us to read, write and draw is certainly sitting. When we read a book, or play a game, we are seated at a table. The interactive touch tables combine the ease of the position, its wide viewing angle, and the involvement of the touch interaction, which in most cases does not require instructions or teaching. Simple intuitive motions are enough to interact with the digital contents, stimulating participation and extending the stay. It improves surroundings In addition to being an exciting digital experience, the touch table also doubles as a wonderful piece of furniture: its minimal design and customization possibilities make it able to increase any trade show booth. Also, being intended for thorough use, it is generally built with tough and safe materials: it, consequently, offers a steady and resistant support surface, which can be used in many ways. For instance, in a trade show booth, we can keep cards, forms, and tools on the table while continuing to work on the table. It streamlines processes The quick spread of interactive tables at trade shows and events is due to the huge advantage they offer in terms of generalization and speeding up of the service. Instead of having to write down every new lead that comes by the booth. Use our touch tables to invite guests to play games and enter their information in themselves. To keep it plain and simple touch tables enhance your space. And build ways to easily target your key attendees. It inspires production and simplifies the lead generation process. It also increases the customer experience, engaging and charming attendees like never before.