3 Innovative Tradeshow Kiosk Content Ideas

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSOBn-_djP8[/embed] Investing in a tradeshow kiosk is an intelligent choice and it can be the difference that makes a brand stand out. There is an assortment of reasons to install a tradeshow kiosk, at your booth least of all to attract more folks, but what about the particular content you will display? Tradeshow kiosk easily outshines the competition but if you want to scale you need to capture content. With the right media and plan, you can be educational, exciting, and even highly competitive. Read on for three verified ways to showcase a company through a tradeshow kiosk.

Corporation Broadcasts

If your business relies on the data it gives to customers,  a tradeshow kiosk or digital signs can be a wonderful way to get anything across. Business broadcasts can range from naming an employee of the month or letting attendees know when there’s a special offer. One proven interactive way is to display videos and photos of the company having fun. This shows that the business values its members’ happiness. Boast About Customers and Personnel The best seller for any business is word of mouth and what prior customers say about them. Folks want to actively engage with a brand that has the right ethics and values, and even a lower-quality product does well with the right appearance. With testimonials, or better yet, video endorsements from former or current happy clients, a tradeshow kiosk can be used to create online social media content as well. If your brand has a very good following on Instagram, you can connect a live feed to the kiosk to display real-time commentary.


Let attendees know when the competition becomes available by displaying the details in a fun way. Make it more attractive with a countdown clock. The competition will only do as well as the number of entries, and the more individuals who know about it, the better. If you have more than one competition at your booth, display them all. Let attendees know they can win something nice or take part in a huge sale. Marketing material can be incorporated with contests so that all possible customers can take advantage of your specials or offers. Put the tradeshow kiosk where the most traffic flows around your booth to entice folks to walk by to see what specials might be available. Marketing Your Tradeshow kiosk

Fun Entertainment

Everyone loves a laugh. It’s good for our mental and physical well-being and can relieve tension on the worst of days. Make your digital signage fun and pleasant with videos of animals, viral clips, or cute babies. Better yet, have some jokes on the digital screen to have folks laughing out loud. Brands can benefit from not making the whole thing about money and the company. Attendees are more likely to go to a booth that draws their attention, and light-hearted entertainment is an easy and surefire way to go. For families, consider putting on more general content like cartoons or music videos for all ages. We could talk on and on about different digital signage content ideas for a tradeshow kiosk. The point is that these digital tradeshow displays are more versatile than out-of-date posters. They can be used numerous times, and display any number of items that a business wants its customers to see. These digital tradeshow signage content ideas can be used to increase attendee engagement and show the world what a corporation is all about.