The 3 Secrets to a Successful Contactless Customer Experience

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that retailers of all types must look at two significant and diverse facts. Both have to do with contactless customer experience. First, the existing situation may well be here to stay for the conceivable future—meaning that retail stores will not be functioning in the same way as they did pre-COVID. Second, the acceptance of new customer-centric technology as it relates to personalized engagement must be embraced to survive the existing economy and prosper regardless of what retail looks like moving forward. Here’s the good news. Retail stores can function and even thrive under existing health and safety procedures simply by engaging customers in new, contactless ways while covering services through other channels and distribution methods.

These new digital engagement techniques—ones that also permit for increased and more complete data collection—are also going to be a motivating force behind the next stage of the digital economy in the years to come.

It is often said that need is the mother of all invention, and COVID has certainly brought about the need for much new development as the necessity is now dire. Recent studies have shown that pre-pandemic, 70% of corporations had digital transformation tactics in place, or were at least working on one (Smarp, 2020). But with the arrival of COVID-19, establishments have now massively accelerated the timelines, scope, and even the implementation of their plans. In fact, many digital transformation plans have changed the focus on contactless customer experiences. [embed][/embed] Given this new reality, let’s look through this model a little more and take a look at the top Benefits of Contactless Customer Experience.


It is projected that contactless solutions like payments can be accomplished within 15 seconds and work twice as fast as normal methods. With less handing out and handling of cash happening, transactions are finalized at a faster rate, the turnover rate is likely to improve and queues are less likely to pile up. As pin numbers are no longer required and the transaction only needs a tap on a reader, the number of personal behind tills can be cut and consequently can be distributed out onto the shop floor to progress other regions of consumer service and shop experience.


Contactless solutions aren't limited to just cards. Everything from video walls, digital event kiosk, touch tables rental, and more.

Total customer experience

As a result of quicker, more secure, and effortless engagements and transactions, stores can see an upsurge in sales and a decrease in abandoned sales as people are able to move more quickly. This diminishes the time a customer spends at checkout. Got a Question About Contactless Customer Experience? Our staff is waiting to show you a world of opportunities.