4 Industries Exploding with Digital Signage in 2022

When it comes to digital signage, there isn’t really any industry on earth that can’t be served well by new digital technological advances. Whether it’s used for in-house purposes or for customer-facing marketing communications, digital signage offers a cost-effective way to increase productivity. Even though each of the following industries uses the technology in different ways, you can see how it significantly adds to resourceful operations. digital signage 2022


In the manufacturing business, digital signage is used in several ways. Sometimes production orders are placed on the digital signs and other times the signs announce a line that is disabled or parts that are running low. As an alternative to the line foreman taking a call and then talking to the team, they can be ready to be redistributed on another job or production line. It’s remarkably efficient, particularly when a rush job is pushed ahead of the next programmed product to be assembled.


Frequently warehousing digital signage is used to declare orders to be readied for shipping or pickup. These digital signs can be as simple as the order number which can be referenced on a warehouse CPU terminal and other times the complete order can be seen if the access lines don’t exceed the space on a single screen. Again, this is a resourceful way of communicating with employees who is ready to pull an order. Interactive terminals allow the employee to ‘tick off the order they are pulling, negating the need for a foreman to individually walk around seeking somebody who will be ready to do the next pull.


We’ve all been to an airport where arrival and departure times are displayed on digital signs. These are much more helpful than announcements being made over the intercom system because invariably a dozen folks couldn’t make out what was coming across the speakers through all the racket around them. They would then need to line up in a customer service line. The representative would need to look up what the announcement time is, for instance, which keeps them from other responsibilities such as ticketing customers ready to depart.


Most often you will see a marquee outside a bank publicizing such things as existing interest rates and new customer offers. Some banks and financial organizations will post business hours and bank holidays in which the organization will be closed. Inside interactive digital signage allows patrons entering the bank to queue up for the next customer service person. As an alternative to standing in a line or taking a number, they can enter a few details concerning the reason for their visit and when their turn comes up, they will be sent to the proper desk of the rep handling the precise type of account in question. It is simple to see that digital signage serves many purposes, but the vital purpose is for efficient communications. This diminishes the workload on your staff which in turn allows for quicker services and/or business operations.