4 Tips to Increase Retail Sales with Store Digital Signage

Are you trying to re-energize your retail store's sales come spring after a long, dreary winter? If that's the case, consider these strategies for attracting customers to your store and getting them to spend, spend, spend. Store Digital Signage

Retail Store Digital Signage Tips

Make it Clean Is the major exterior store digital signage for your business current, clean, and fresh? Check to determine if your sign is working properly or if it is lit up. A burned-out sign is one of the most effective ways to turn off potential clients. It delivers the message that the owners are unconcerned. Oh, Can You See? From a distance, how does your store's sign read? If your business has been open for a long, you may not have noticed how new businesses popping up nearby can steal the spotlight from a sign that used to be the center of attention. From all sides, drive and walk past your spot. Is your digital sign visible from a distance, or do people have to approach it up close to notice it? It's too late at that moment; they've already passed. Clarify Is it obvious what you sell on your store digital signage? It's nice to be witty, but if your store name alone doesn't convey your product mix, a "sub-title" beneath your primary sign may be required. In my neighborhood, for example, a new location has opened. I figured it was a medicinal marijuana dispensary (which is legal in California) based on its name and stayed away. I only came to a halt when they added "Chiropractic Services" as a sub-title to their primary store digital signage. Organize Traffic Use store digital signage to direct clients' shopping patterns once they've entered your store. Signage on shelves, hanging from the ceiling, or even decals on the flooring directing customers to "New Products," "Gift Ideas," "On Sale," or "Clearance" aisles or displays. Try pulling customers around the entire store by placing sale products towards the back, forcing them to travel through enticing digital displays of full-price merchandise in order to get to the bargains. Hanging vinyl banners on the front of your store can be a cost-effective method to promote seasonal events and sales. You'll be able to reuse the banners year after year if you keep the wording general ("Spring Sale Now!") rather than mentioning specific dates or prices. What retail store digital signage ideas have worked for you in attracting customers?