49 Inch Touch Screen Table

Popshap’s large interactive 49″ touch tables are perfect for large locations, such as education centers, new real estate developments, and commercial buildings.

The instinctual use, numerous integrations, and stress-free serviceability make our digital signage kiosk an ideal choice to engage with clients, automate tasks, and improve the overall customer experience. Take a look at a demo today to see first-hand how it works!

With the 49 inch interactive touchscreen table, you can have two users interacting with content at the same time.

Potential Kiosk Software Features: Automatic Lead Generator, Immediately Grab Attention, Create Dynamic Content, Fewer Lines and More Spacing, Simplify Your Marketing, Access Control API Integration, Become an Industry Leader In Technology

Best Usage: Retail Location, Large event spaces, Commercial buildings, Education Software.

49 Inch Touchscreen Table

Build Your Own Brand Activation with Touchscreen Table Technology

Regardless of what industry you are in, a 49 inch interactive touch table is a great promotional tool to stop traffic, add enthusiasm, and draw a gathering! People of all ages flock to the bright colors and remain mesmerized by the interactive strategies. You not only pull in lots of people to your event but also make them aware of your product and services. When you use promotional items on a 49-inch touch table you incorporate a high degree of brand awareness into the fun.

The sleek design of the 49 inch touch screen table makes it perfectly suitable for any professional environment. A few setups feature consist of time and date scheduling, ensuring that messaging, images, and videos run smoothly and on time. 

interactive touch screen table

Customized 49" Interactive Touch Table Rentals

Our interactive touchscreen tables feature changeable software templates so you can plan for future marketing events, and you can even select a customized game, and content that incorporates your logo and marketing message. They are portable and require very low maintenance, which makes them a fast, effective, user-friendly event marketing tool! At Popshap, we’re devoted to developing state-of-the-art self-service solutions and look forward to providing the support you need for a brighter and safer future.

Enhance your event and entertain your guests.

With the help of our excellent development team, these digital tables will blow your event away!