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Beyond Interactive, We Create Complete & Custom Digital Solutions!

What is Popshap?

Popshap was founded in late 2017 due to the growing need for digital touch solutions and the demand for touch screen kiosks in retail stores, at events, and other industries. From the start Popshap’s unique position was the fact that we provided a complete hardware and software solution, that gave us an industry advantage with so many brands looking for an all-in-one provider in the digital marketing space. In the beginning, most clients came from the conference and trade show world but as our line of products expanded so did the verticals and we began to work with healthcare facilities, hospitality, and lots of retail spaces. Popshap opens a small seed investment round, and we completed that round in 14 days raising over $600,000 in capital and resources. As we expand to new markets and with our multi-location warehouses (New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Orlando) we will look to hire more talent and grow our amazing team. In-House Work. Never Outsourced.

Popshap specializes in one of the hottest technological devices: Digital Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks! Using our interactive kiosks opens a whole world of possibilities for you and your business. We don’t just specialize in Touch Screen Kiosks, we also provide Touch Tables, Digital Signage, Outdoor Kiosks, and much more! One of the unique features about Popshap is that we don’t just rent out the physical touch screen kiosks, but we also create the back-end development as well. Our team takes the time to personalize your project based on your specific requests. We test our products and code as we develop them to ensure an optimal customer experience for you with endless capabilities

Popshap offers much more than just a plain interactive kiosk. We have a handful of additions to make your experience with our products that much better! We can add on a camera to create a photo booth to entertain your guests with, a QR Code, RFID Reader, or Hand Scanner to allow for easy event check-in or to interact cross-platform with your phone and the interactive kiosk, a credit card scanner so you can use the kiosk as a mobile store, charging station, and much more! The possibilities are endless!

So why Popshap?

When you are looking for a complete solution, we are the clear choice with so many other companies. Popshap is one of a few complete hardware and software solutions providers. From the factory to the end-user, we guide you through every step.

Who hires us?

Mostly large brands and marketing agencies but we also work and support lots of small businesses around the country , anyone that needs added marketing value is our potential client.

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Popshap's customer-centric, services-based approach to your brand upgrades your event and drives better business outcomes—and an enhanced connected experience for your target audience. We’ll renovate your marketing content into eye-popping experience attendees can’t get from reading a brochure or clicking through a catalog. Service, Support, Production, Shipping, and Installation – our expert technologist will help you stay on track during all aspects of the event or installation. Our team of technologists is excited to work with your company and bring unparalleled value to your brand at your next trade show, in your corporate offices, or your retail locations, Popshap will provide free consultation and lead the discussion to find the optimal hardware and software solution for your project.

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